Submersible Screw Centrifugal Pump

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Submersible Screw Centrifugal Pump

Screw centrifugal pump auto pump is through special 3D helical blade, blade centrifugalreasoning function and volume effect of organic combination of spiral, the medium for energy.So it is with volume pump and vane pump characteristics, is the mutual combination of the two.Compared with the common impurity pump and vortex pump, has the following advantages: non blocking performance; nondestructive performance is good; the efficiency is high, and efficient wide area; flat power curve; good regulation performance; the pump suction performance; has good anti cavitation performance; but also transport of oil-water mixture without emulsion. Screw centrifugal pump is a kind of non clogging pump model, in the paper industry (delivery of high concentrations of pulp), Fisheries (transporting live fish, shrimp), sugar, food (transportingpotatoes, sugar beet massive vegetables such as), metallurgy, environmental protection(dredging silt, sand: delivery), application prospect a very wide range of chemical industry and other industries and sewage treatment operation.

Characteristics of screw centrifugal pump

1 non clog performance real: non blocking performance of screw centrifugal pump has the extraordinary. Open channel pump with high efficiency, no blocking features, conveying bulkysolid and long fiber material is more easily. Ordinary so-called non clogging pump, often in thelong fiber and solid into the channel be hooked edge blade or stranded, plugging in the import and export between, resulting in mechanical failure. A screw centrifugal impeller is not the existence of these problems. The spiral impeller itself is screwed into the soft solid, so that the filling material can not be blocked at the entrance, and the inner wall of the suction port and the impeller back design can prevent reverse thread groove fiber accumulation.

2 soft conveying medium: another advantage of spiral design is: "soft transport", namely thesolid material and with the flow, do not hit any part of the pump. The advantages in the following fields: conveying bulk material activity, can maintain its original physical state, loose material will not be torn, broken. The emulsion of oil, can maintain the state of its specific features. The suspension of the fiber, will not be twisted or winding. Fragile (weak) items such as tomatoes,fish and so on, can not be damaged.

Running curve of 3 outstanding: high efficiency = low operation cost; performance curve = steepand steady operation; low suction head = high self suction capability; power curve = smooth non overload region; structure of high speed = small

4 high solid content medium processing ability

5 the use of adjustable wearresisting lining: in the serious wear of the application case is an ideal choice, when wear after, only need to replace a lining can be, without replacing the entire shell, which is convenient and economic

Advantages of screw centrifugal pump

1, the Q-H curve is steep, the smooth operation of pump area wide, in pump complex medium condition curve of small amount of drift;

2, high efficiency, wide high efficiency area, operation, low maintenance cost;

3, the net absorption of low pressure, anti cavitation ability; stop the water level is low, the investment cost is greatly reduced;

4, the power curve smoothing ptosis, no overload region;

5, the real no jam, no winding;

6, the gentle conveying, transporting live fish can be intact, fruit, vegetables and other fragilematerial; in the activated sludge recirculation process of the sewage plant, the zoogloeadestruction only for other forms of pump 1/10;

7, can be transported with media of high solid rate, for example, can be transported with up to 18% of the rate of mud solid.

Application of screw centrifugal pump is expanding, in addition to used for the conveyance ofsolid-liquid two-phase fluid can also be used for conveying viscous fluid, experiments show that,the Reynolds number in the range of 3 * 103<Re<3.4 * 104, screw centrifugal pump andcentrifugal pump with the same efficiency, as the Reynolds number decreases, the spiral fromcompared heart pump and centrifugal pump fraction increased trend.

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