Submersible pump high-performance cheap portable engine driven domestic use

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Model: tp-1 Output Power: 25000W Rated Flow: 3900

Product Description:

CPM Series Centrifugal Pump


.Centrifugal pumps with single impeller are able to offer high flow rates,provide smooth,non-pulsating delivery,and regulate the flow rate over a wide range without damaging the pump.

.For the correct functioning of the pump,use clean water,or non-aggressive liquids charged with small solid impurities.

.To be used in flow irrigation system in gardening,agriculture and industrial fittings.





.Liquid temperature up to 60°C

.Ambient temperature up to 40°C

.Total suction lift up to 9m

.Continuous duty






Pump Body:Cast Iron

Impeller:Brass/ Stainless steel/ Techno-polymer (P.P.O)

Mechanical Seal:Carbon /Ceramic/ Stainless Steel


Single Phase

Heavy Duty Continuous Work

Motor Housing:Aluminum

Shaft:Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel

Insulation:Class B/Class F


Cooling:External Ventilation

Performance Chart





MODELP2DELIVERY       n≈2850 r/min





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Submersible pump high-performance cheap portable engine driven domestic use




Submersible pump high-performance cheap portable engine driven domestic use











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Q:The wiper pump is broken. How much will it cost to fix it?
Hello, the wiper motor is broken, can only be replaced to solve the problem, different models of price difference is too large, general average car about 60-80. You can go to a few repair shop to ask, OK, you can also match the city or Taobao purchase.
Q:What does water pump mean?
A device that applies power to a liquid and transfers it to where it is needed.
Q:how to change water pump on a 4 cylinder 96 plymouth voyager?
This is the 2.4L dual cam 4 cyl. The water pump is spun by the timing belt. Get a manual and follow the instructions to change the timing belt and pump. Plan on taking several hours.
Q:where is temperture sensor of water pump?
Look near or one the thermostat housing on Ford products for the temperature sensor.
Q:Water pump Decision : NAPA $42 or GM $165. Labor about 4 hrs plan to keep the car.?
I would go with the NAPA one, the GM one that is on the car now did not last forever either, I have had very good luck with after market water pumps for GM vehicles. 4 hours seems a little steep though......Good luck
Q:are high volume water pumps better on a engine or will it cause damage?
maybe the fan is too far away from the radiator to efficiency pull the air at slow speed. They sell spacers.
Q:my toilets are flushing dirty water and pump sounds not normal?
Marilyn, Your problem is that your main sewer line that runs from your house to you septic tank is blocked up somewhere not running. That is why you have really dirty water in your toilet AND the fact that your sewer ejector pump will not shut off. What will take care of your problem is that you need to get a good, local, competent, reputable sewer drain service to come over and snake your sewer line from your house, out towards you septic tank. That will fix your problem. Good luck.
Q:water pump bolt broke. what can i do to fix it ?
Well if the bolts are sticking out of the engine enough you can try screw extractors you can buy a set at your local store hammer that on then use a wrench or socket Extension to remove it. When you install the new bolts use a little anti-seeze and use a torque wrench.
Q:Water pump 50HZ impeller and 60HZ what is different, why not the same?
50HZ motors are usually not damaged if they run on a 60HZ circuit, but the speed will increaseConversely, the 60HZ device runs on the 50HZ circuit, and the speed drops.Because of their different frequency, make them synchronous speed rotating magnetic field winding is different, so the rotor induction (induction motor) speed will be different, the pump will naturally lift Gao Shaoxu, and often will not cause damage to the equipment, because many things are in the 50HZ 60HZ.Second, for synchronous motors, the increase and decrease of speed is much more obvious than that of induction motors, because their rotor and motor are synchronous and keep synchronous speed
Q:Already changed water pump and still leaking???
hoses that go to the water pump are common parts to leak also or the water outlet gasket/or even the thermostat housing

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