Submersible Crossflow Pump with High Quality

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Product Description:

Submersible Crossflow Pump

Basic Info. of Submersible Crossflow Pump

Model NO.:SLQ series

Pump Casing Combined:Horizontal Split Pumps


Working Pressure:Low Pressure Pump

Position of Pump Shaft:Horizontal Pump


Impeller Number:Single-Stage Pump

Influent Type of Impeller:Single Suction Pump

Mounting Height:Since Irrigation Centrifugal Pumps

Capacity:Less Than 108000m3/H

Head:Less Than 5.5m

Export Markets:Global

Product Description of Submersible Crossflow Pump

SLQGL series submersible crossflow pump is combined with the technology of submersible motor and crossflow pump,which keeps the advantages of crossflow pump and also uses the technology of submersible motor,overcoming the problems of cooling,heat dissipation,packing of traditional crossflow pump.It is much more excellent than traditional machine.
The pump is applicable for condition that is large capacity and low head.It is used to transport clean water without solid particles and other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water.The temperature of transported liquid can not exceed 40ºC.

Application Area of Submersible Crossflow Pump

The pump can be used in agricultural irrigation,industry&mining,dock,urban construction and water-supply&drainage of power plant,and it is especially applicable in urban flood control project,sewage project and drainage project,(Special requirements can be designed),and it is widely used.

Performance Range of Submersible Crossflow Pump

Capacity:≤ 108000m3/h

Structural Characteristics of Submersible Crossflow Pump

1,  Impeller
Impeller is based on the most advanced hydraulic model with good ,steady,mature performance.Much lower nD value is chosen with better anti-cavitation to make sure stead operation.
2,  Shaft seal
Two sets of separate mechanical seals are used to ensure the safety and reliability of sealing.
3,  Monitoring device
Submersible crossflow pump has several protection devices which lead the leading wire to electric control cabinet,and the protection devices are:stator temperature protection,protection of bearing temperature rise ,protection of motor water inlet,protection of oil cavity temperature rise .
4,Pump/motor shaft
Pump and motor are concentric with compact structure,and the shaft extension is shortened as much as possible,and the rigidity is improved.Deflection is controlled within the allowable range based on the design,and the vibration is lower when operating.Service life of sealing and bearing is much longer.
5,  Flow passage
CFD and experimental method are combined to confirm the flow line shape to ensure high efficiency when operating.
Motor casing passes the heat into the surrounding medium,and the heat is taken away by the surrounding water.High power high voltage motor uses inner air passage heat dissipation technology,which makes three-phase winding temperature rise lower with an even temperature field distribution.
High performance squirrel cage induction motor is specially designed for submersible pump according to GB/T755 standard.Thermal classification is F,and 380V,660V,6KV,10KV etc. voltage classes are used.Two VPI insulation processes are used to ensure the reliable insulation of motor.
As for horizontal structure,large common structure finite element analysis software is used to analyze rotating components dynamically,researching its deflection,vibration,inner stress,support counter-force,characteristic frequency.And the design of structure,bearing arrangement,bearing choosing are all based on this foundation.Rolling bearing is used to bear all the axial and radial loading,totally separated from the transported medium.


Q: How can I get trained on CNBM products?

A: Yes, we provide training courses in our factory (products, general and specific pump technology, hydraulics, and practical applications). Please consult your sales manager or get in touch with our headquarters for more information.

Q: Are your pumps cheaper than those of your competitors?

A: CNBM aims to give its customers the highest standards of quality and service and delivery times, all at a reasonable price.

Q: Do you have self-priming pumps?

A: Yes, our product portfolio also includes two ranges of self-priming pumps: self-priming electric pumps and self-priming side channel pumps.

Q: Is it really necessary to fit a bleed valve for the boxes?

A: It is always best to have a bleed valve as the gas produced by the fermenting sewage is potentially hazardous.

Q: If I increase the power of the motor, must I also increase the power of the inverter?

A: You must select the size of converter that allows maximum absorption of the electric motor.

Q: Do you have pumps with grinders?

A: Yes, the WQ models.

Submersible Crossflow Pump with High Quality

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Q:Why should the water inlet of water pump be fitted with reducer?
Is the water in the end sealing (Shaqi) under the condition of satisfying the original design of the pumping pipe flow.Water injection; height of the larger, more sacred,
Q:Sewage treatment plant design how many pumps should be selected, head how to calculate the maximum design flow is 833M3/h
Maximum design flow of sewage treatment plant is 833m^3/h, water pump can choose 2 or three units, the flow rate is 1000m^3/h. The amount of information in the head according to the problem can not be determined.Sewage treatment plants, water plants and other pumps are the key equipment, usually 1~2 units standby. Therefore, to choose 2 or three units of the same type of pump, each pump flow should be able to meet the use requirements. General pump selection, the pump rated flow should be 1.1 times the design flow of sewage treatment plants, that is, 833x1.1=916 (m^3/h), round 1000 (m^3/h).Pump head should be based on the actual work lift h determined. When calculating the actual lift, we should not only consider the actual geometric elevation difference of the pump installation, but also consider the factors such as pipe water loss and elbow water loss. The rated lift of water pump must have a certain margin, generally choose 1.1h, h for the actual required lift.
Q:coolant over flow signs of blown head gasket, or water pump?
Its gonna' take some doin' === Drain the radiator..remove the thermostat..fill the radiator with water and radiator flush the motor..until hot..either with the Radiator Cap--ON or OFF.. If you left the radiator cap installed..the engine will need to cool down--to remove it.. Flushing your motor with the radiator cap removed offers time savings.. === Yet..the radiator might over-flow during the flushing..procedure.. === Stand away from the car..and be ready to turn off the motor.. ..safely drain all the flushed material..refill with fresh water and drain out(no need to start thre motor).. === Now..look at your thermostat..does it have a tiny little hole in the flange area.. The flange is the flat portion that supports the opening and allows a place to seal the gasket--there should be a tiny bleeder hole..that's not in the gasket portion.. It allows some coolant to flow--freely.. I once bought a thermostat that was missing the bleeder hole.. I used a tiny drill to replace that item..tiny hole like THIN Spagetti/ fluid can escape thru thre system.. === With that in mind--get the system back together..check for leaks..//[end]
Q:What do water pumps do on a car?
Water pumps helps cool down the engine. Without the water the engine will overheat and die.
Q:I have a mercury 60 hp 4 stroke about 6y old and the water pump was working fine then just stop pumping water?
well, if the water pump isn't pumping water, then the water pump is faulty. only way to know what's wrong with it is to open it up and look at it. one thing you might not be aware of, is that a few seconds of dry running is all it takes to damage the impeller, so if you've been in the habit of starting your motor without supplying water to the lower unit, then that's what happened. Another thing is, the pump sucks in sand and silt, those take a toll on the water pump; the more you run shallow water, the more damage is done.
Q:How much 4 water pump,spark plug replacement for 1998 BMW328i 90kserivce?
You will be lucky if you pay only $500. Plan on a GRAND...
Q:Well water pump runs constantly?
yes, call a service man to check and estimate repair cost.
Q:Water Pump Problem?
On any pump i have seen, there is a small hole in the back of it. Water/antifreeze will run or spew out of that hole when the engine is running. This is a safety precaution from the manufacturer. Don't know about installation in your vehicle, but it is relatively easy in mine. Everything should be right up front.
Q:What is the function of the pump?
Drainage or irrigation
Q:how many water pumps are needed in a country like... africa or pakistan?
LIKE A BAJILLION!!! You can never have too many water pumps. You buy them from the water pump store on the corner of 85th and Broadway, next to the Wachovia Bank branch across the street. P.S.: Africa is NOT a country. LMAO!!!

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