Student Sicssors, Children Scissors, Office Scissors Made in China

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Product Description:

Student Sicssors, Children Scissors, Office Scissors Made in China

Product Specification:

Item No.:S002                                           
Discription:Student Scissors
Size(mm): 133
Material:Stainless steel 2CR14,Blade 1.5mm,PP+TPR handle
Packing:Each pc in a polybag
FOB Port:Shenzhen
Sample Time:7 days
Lead Time:40 days after the confirmation of the order
Payment Term:T/T,L/C
Price Validity:30 days

Student Sicssors, Children Scissors, Office Scissors Made in China


  1. Office scissors Perfect for shredding paper,bills,private documents,etc.

  2. Kitchen scissors Can be used in kitchen for vegetables,salads,herbs,and even for shredding pasta

  3. Tailor scissor perfect for cutting various cloth.

  4. Hair scissors used for cutting hair

  5. Garden scissors can be used in garden for tree ,leaf,weeds etc.

  6. Candle scissor can be use for cutting the candle.

  7. Simple and fast

Student Sicssors, Children Scissors, Office Scissors Made in China


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Student Sicssors, Children Scissors, Office Scissors Made in China

How to Care:

1.Sharpen little and often to retain the sharpness of the blade.

2.Hand washing is advised using warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

3.Handle with care.

4.Cut on wooden or plastic chopping boards to avoid blunting the knife edge.

4.Best stored in a block, on a magnetic knife rack or in a canvas roll where the blades are prevented from knocking against one another and causing damage.

5.Tip are sharp, store out of the reach of children

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Student Sicssors, Children Scissors, Office Scissors Made in China

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Q:What's the air cut for?
The air shear is made of tough alloy steel blade, suitable for cutting iron sheet, aluminum skin, plastic and so on.
Q:How do you describe paper cutting?
Folk paper-cut is a cut out on paper painting, paper-cut, also known as the "flower" and "window". Design based on more characters, animal, scene, festive celebrations, folk opera, story, a bumper grain harvest, both beautiful and interesting. People will cut a good logo affixed to the door, wall, window, room and pillar, mirrors, lamps and lanterns, to express their joy and life experience, to show auspicious.
Q:The characteristics of Chinese paper cutting
The paper-cut art features: because of its simple materials, low cost, effect Tatemi, wide adaptability, style in different poses and with different expressions, vivid image of the universal popularity; even more because it is the most suitable for rural women of leisure, not only for practical things, but also beautify the life. Paper cuts can be seen all over the country, and even different styles and schools have been formed.
Q:Which brand of PPR scissors is best used?
Bought a lot of PPR scissors, whether expensive or cheap, I think it's really not too big difference
Q:What if the scissors are stuck with 502 glue?
The most professional way: soak with acetone solution for 5 minutes, the glue will be softened, fall off, labor-saving, and the appearance of scissors, no impact on performance.
Q:The more you use the scissors, the tighter. What do you do?
Methods: to find a more formal hole of a middle iron (e.g., nut) requirements of the middle hole of two pieces of iron scissors connecting parts rivets slightly larger, scissors connected with the rivet iron ring on the ground (or hard place) and knock on the head rivet without trapping with a hammer, it the problem can be solved.
Q:What are the structures of the scissors? What are the names of the scissors?
Great improvement. But from the extant relics, the scissors used by the people in the Song Dynasty are almost close to modern. There is a museum of ancient tombs in Luoyang from the Northern Song Dynasty Xining five years (AD 1072) unearthed in the tombs of the scissors, scissors have very similar appearance and modern. This shows that China's scissors model has been used for at least 1000 years now.
Q:What about the ratio of the shear bearing capacity of the interlayer to 0.65?
If the vertical structure is regular, when the first trial can only build a standard layer structure, to the structure of the cycle ratio, displacement ratio shearweight ratio stiffness ratio after meet to add other standards; it can reduce the repeated changes in the process of modeling, accelerate the speed of modeling.The parameter adjustment involves member section, stiffness and plane position change may be interrelated in the adjustment process, should be careful not to care for this and lose that.
Q:The scissors are stuck with 502 glue. What should I do?
You can use wet hot towels at sticky 502. After ten minutes, the cured 502 will become soft, and then it can be removed. Also, you can drop a drop of 502 in 502 of the place, and 502 of the cured will become soft, so you can remove it with a towel.
Q:How to store medical scissors and forceps?
With the Buddha Dharma to disinfect, general disinfectant has seven days change, fourteen days change, depends on the specific varieties.

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