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  • What is the product?


High Quality Structural Carbon Steel H Beam 

OKorder is proud to be offering hot rolled High Quality Structural Carbon Steel H Beams. Our Steel Beams meet all GB, JIS, and ASTM ST standards; available in Q235, Q345, SS400, S235JR, S275JR, S355JR grades. We are able to meet all client requirements as well as offer standard sizes of 5.8-12m - all either painted, galvanized or punch holed.


  • What is the intended use of the product?


     The intended use of High Quality Structural Carbon Steel H Beam



     Our H Beams are ideal for:

  • Construction support beams for commercial and residential construction

  • Mezzanines and platforms

  • Bridges

  • Trailer and truck bed framing

  • Machine bases


  • What is the product’s advantage?


The advantage of High Quality Structural Carbon Steel H Beam


OKorder is able to quickly ship orders within 20 days of receiving a deposit or original L/C. All products are shipped with ISO, SGS, BV, and CIQ certification as well as additional standards.


Main features of the product


Main features of High Quality Structural Carbon Steel H Beams

-            ISO, SGS, BV and CIQ Certified

-            Custom Sizes Available

-            Shipped within 20 Days




-     3 FAQ’s minimum per product (use of single and phrase keywords in the question  and answer of the FAQ’s)


Q1: Why you buy Materials & Equipment from ?

A:  All products on are carefully selected from China's quality manufacturing enterprises. Through its ISO certifications, adheres to the highest standards and commitment toward supply chain safety and customer satisfaction.   

Q2: What is Carbon Steel ?

A: Modern steels are made with varying combinations of alloy metals to fulfill many purposes. Carbon steel, composed simply of iron and carbon, accounts for 90% of steel production.






Specifications of High Quality Structural Carbon Steel H Beam


Place of Origin:

 China (Mainland)




Hot Rolled







Flange Width:


Flange Thickness:


Web Width:


Web Thickness:


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Model Number:




  • Standard: GB, JIS, ASTM ST

  • Material: Q235, Q345, SS400, S235JR, S275JR, S355JR

  • Length: 5.8-12m or according to our clients' requirements

  • Origin: Tangshan, China

  • Package: load on 20 feet/40 feet container or by bulk according to the quantity and our client's requirement

  • Delivery time: within 20 days after receiving deposit or original L/C

  • Certificate: ISO, SGS, BV, CIQ or other test

  • Technic: Hot rolled

  • Surface: painted, galvanized or punch holes

  • Main market: East-south Asia, Mid-east, South American

  • Usage: Construction structure and Frame use

  • Other Main products: Angle steel, I beam and Channel steel



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Q:What does "I-beam 600*200*8*12" mean?
I-beam is also called steel girder (English name Universal Beam). It is a strip of steel with an I-shaped section. I-beam is made of ordinary I-beam and light i-beam. It is a section steel whose shape is trough.
Q:What's the difference between I-beam and H steel? What's the weight of the same size?
The section modulus of the two section, close to H type steel section modulus meters heavy, better mechanical properties, but the price is high and less, H steel are regular factory production, stability index.
Q:No. 20 I-beam, span 9 meters, can support the concrete roof?
Give you some suggestions for improvement:The 3 steel girders are spaced at a distance of 3 meters, so you'll have to weld several beams! Increase overall stiffness and prevent deformation.After adding the beam, place the checkered plate, at least 3mm, the plate is welded with the beam and the longitudinal beam, so that the plate will not deform.There is also a border, the border can be 75 angle iron can, so that the overall structure strength, support integrity.
Q:Demolition of rural cottage bearing wall, take reinforced beam OK?
It's more feasible to make reinforced concrete beams. When the bottom formwork, the tie bar, the vertical measuring die, the pouring funnel of the inclined funnel and the concrete are poured, when the concrete strength reaches a certain strength, the funnel concrete is timely removed, the design age is disassembled, the bottom mold is taken, the safety measures are carried out, and the bearing wall is disassembled, and the work is done.To remind you whether or steel reinforced concrete beam, to ask a professional architectural design consulting and design personnel to the scene, not to engage in their own, you live than the new building is complex, cumbersome, safety risk, be careful! Earnestly!
Q:Elevator room in the cement blocks is what to do for?
The cement block is used to install lift beam, installation height of lift beam elevation, to provide space for the installation of rollers, traction rope accessories, to ensure that the elevator to the top in the bottom and the top box when the elevator is parallel to the ground.
Q:Is the track T or I-beam?
If >13% is added to manganese and made into high manganese steel, it becomes hard and tough. So people use manganese steel to make wear-resistant machine parts and rails, bridges and so on.
Q:Are I-beam and H steel the same thing?
I-beam and H steel are not the same thing, there is a difference.
Q:Why are the rails made of I-beam
The rails are made of type H steel, one of i-beam.H section steel is a kind of economical and economical surface profile (other cold bending thin wall steel, pressed steel plate, etc.). Because of the reasonable cross-section shape, they can make steel more effective and improve the bearing capacity. Unlike ordinary I-beam, the flange of H steel is widened, and the inner and outer surfaces are usually parallel so that it is easy to connect with high strength bolts and other components. The size of the series is reasonable, the model is complete, easy to design and use.
Q:Can I use butt welding to weld steel? What are you asking for? What specifications are you looking for?
This is not a targeted specification, but there are welding specifications for ships, bridges, roof trusses, and load-bearing composite steel frames. You can compare it.If you can't find the standard, these things have a general specification. For example: welding personnel must have the corresponding operation license, if we find that the conditions of the people, will naturally find the specification; the other is not to say, what a groove, welding rod, argon arc welding backing drying overlay, interlayer grinding, the process of welders understand, do not know if you don't with the.
Q:What are the load-bearing capacity of rectangular and I-beam steel sections of the same size?
You check the steel form to see a Wx value in it, which represents the most important load condition.There are two general force formulas:F/A: force / areaM/Wx: bending moment / flexural modulusThere are other instability calculations.

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