Stripe Design Polyester Hand Tufted Rugs

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Carpet Name: Handmade Carpet / Rug

Carpet Material: 100%  Polyester

Carpet Pile Weight:1500g/sqm---2200g/sqm available;

Carpet Pile Height: 0.7cm------2.0cm availabe;

Carpet Size : any size as your requirement;

Carpet Color : any color as your requirement;

Carpet Backing : 100% Cotton Canvas backing attached with synthetic latex adhesive;

Carpet Packaging: be rolled up;each piece of rug be rolled in an individual plastic bag.

Remark: For handmade technique we could use acrylic, wool, polyester and polypropylene materials. All the carpets are good quality with

attractive price


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Q:How do you repair a berber carpet?
Yes with care and time and determination you can re-burl the berber carpet. You can use waterproof carpenters glue. A carpet installer will use seaming adhesive, purchased from a carpet supplier. But, water proof glue that's like Elmer's glue but water proof will work. Use an ice pick or a darning needle to push the yarn back in the carpet backing.
Q:Carpet protectors for heavy recliner sofas?
Hi, I am a carpet fitter and have been for 7 years. One of the biggest parts of my job is moving furniture for the eldery customers so I can fit the carpet. You do see coaster type things under chairs and sofa's etc. This seems to make very little if any difference at all. The only advice I can give you is to avoid underlay and go for a thin pile carpet as that does help with preventing an indentation. If the sofa or chairs way a lot you will get a slight indentation anyway. Although avoiding underlay will not feel nearly as nice to walk on. You may be able to buy specialist one's but if you put enough pressure on a particular area/area's of a carpet you will get an indentation. Please message me for further help and I will be more than willing to do so. Joe Kingsland Floors
Q:Does a rug NEED to have a shoulder gusset?
I dont know this rug but shoulder gussets are not needed to be a great fitting rug. I have lots that dont have the gussets and they fit better than some that I own that do have the gusset.
Q:Invisibility or magic carpet?
of course the magic carpet if it saves me from walking. Nothing should be permanent unless you want it to be.
Q:New carpet buying process?
Long lasting carpet, over all is 100% nylon. Whether its a berber, plush , textured or a frieze. Watch out for free labor ( I never worked for free do you?) I have all the faith in Mohawk they covered their warranties. Very important, don t skimp on pad. Get the best you can afford. And have it in writing the pad will cover the manufactures warranty. Some sales and advertised sales will include a cheap pad. Pads support the carpet and prevent the carpet backing from breaking down premature. Vacuum every few days. Carpet makers say to do it every day. Have carpet clean professionally by a certified cleaner. Have it done on a regular basis. Have every thing in writing. This will include the type, color style what weight pad, whos doing the rip out and disposal of the old. Whos moving the furniture ( in and out) Take advantage of 90/180 12 month same as cash but do it the proper way and don t miss a thing. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL Most of what I can think about.
Q:Installing New Baseboards and Carpet?
Capet goes first, cuz if you ( or some body else ) instals baseboards fisrt and they are to close to the floor, then the carpet will not go under it as it should. Once the carpet is in place, then you come with the baseboard, pine, oak, plastic ( which is one of the newest materials for baseboard ) then sinply go on top of the carpet, not worring about the high, ( thickness of the carpet ) then finish it with a nice line of caulking. Even netter if you plan to paint the walls after, but if not, just make sure you clean nice the caulking whit a wet clean rag ti leave a nice finish. make sure the caulking it's NOT silicon, as silicon it's more dificult to clean, unless you know about it; then you know you can clean silicon with a damped rag in mineral spirits, but if you are not familiar with this, don't even try, specillay with you'r new carpet in place. At least this is the best way works for my, and I have had doing it many times.
Q:Is professionally cleaning a FILTHY carpet enough or should it just be replaced?
Cleaning may get the carpet cleaned... but, most likely the smell has made it's way into the padding if not the floor-boards. Replace.
Q:Need help painting carpeted stairwell.?
I don't see any mention in your Q about a TARP, but certainly the carpet needs to be masked, and covered with drops. You can use shielding, but it's a tedious, often one step at a time process. In your case a lot of prep will give you the better job. I might use thin plexi. or even a wide blade MUD knife, to press back the carpet, then with something substantial like gaffing tape, or even Duct tape pressed into the carpet to keep the fibers off the area to be painted. In any case cutting will be the major issue, and caution the keyword. The prep alone will take longer than the painting, but worth the effort,and seemingly your better option. NO I might not pull the carpet, but then again, I don't have an idea of how the carpet has been installed? Tack Strips? Nailed/stapled to the wall butting? Glued? Steven Wolf Just my two sense
Q:How to get carpet replace in rental.?
I think it's time for you to move. If you've been renting this home for 2 years and the owner hasn't replaced the carpet in 10 years it's obvious that the owner isn't escrowing money for maintenance and repairs. What's going to happen if one of the mechanical systems (plumbing, heating, etc.) fails? Save up your money until you have the enough for the first month's rent and deposit for a new place, then get out as soon as your lease allows. I would definitely keep a record of what the carpet cleaner said and take pictures because chances are this kind of landlord will try to keep your deposit.
Q:What rugs do i need for my new horse?
Hi The type of rugs you buy depends on your climate, whether she is clipped and whether she will live in or out. A full neck turnout rug is ideal particularly if she's clipped. I usually start to rug up on 1st October. A light fleece if stabled is ideal to begin with. As it gets colder a slightly heavier quilted rug is ideal. A few lighter layers are often better than one heavy rug, that way you can remove or add layers. For outdoors you will need to make sure you always have replacements to ensure she always has a dry turnout rug. I like the weatherbeeta range. To prevent any rubbing on her chest, always put a vest on under her rugs. A tip... arabs don't particularly get a heavy winter coat, but if she's not to be clipped but worked in winter, rug her up well to keep her warm (not too warm). The extra layers will prevent too much winter hair growth. My irish draft did not like being clipped and his rugs kept his winter growth to a minimum so he was still able to work comfortably in winter without undue sweating. I hope this helps you. Avis Riding Instructor and Trainer.

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