Street Light (Square type) C0820-BR

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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP65 Color Temperature: 4000k/5000k Lamp luminous flux(lm): 4000-36000
Body material: high quality aluminum Power(W): 60-480 Certification: other,ETL,CQC,CE
Working Temperature(℃): -40~+55 PF: ≥0.95 Input voltage(V): AC 90-264
CRI (Ra>): Ra70(4000K)/Ra65(5000k) Warranty: three years

Product Description:

Product Features

●Composed of high quality aluminum

●Efficient heat dissipation,adjustable mounting elevation angle

●Various light distributions,meets different road lighting requirements

●AC90~264V wide input voltage range 

●Operating Temp -40℃~+55℃

Street Light      (Square type)    C0820-BR

Technical Parameters

     Model  Power WattageLuminous Flux       CCT  CRI  IP Dimension(mm)Net Weight
C0820-BR-40W         40W
       4000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L386×W402×H222    6.7KG
C0820-BR-50W         50W
       5000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L406×W402×H222    6.8KG
C0820-BR-60W         60W
       6000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L406×W402×H222    7.0KG
C0820-BR-70W         70W
       7000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L432×W402×H222    7.3KG
C0820-BR-80W         80W
       8000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L432×W402×H222    7.4KG
C0820-BR-90W         90W
       9000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L432×W402×H222    7.6KG
C0820-BR-100W         100W
       10000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L432×W402×H222    7.7KG
C0820-BR-110W         110W
       11000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L432×W402×H222    7.9KG
C0820-BR-120W         120W
       12000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L432×W402×H222    8.0KG
C0820-BR-130W         130W
       13000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L466×W402×H222    8.4KG
C0820-BR-140W         140W
       14000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L466×W402×H222    8.5KG
C0820-BR-150W         150W
       15000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L501×W402×H222    8.9KG
C0820-BR-160W         160W
       16000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L501×W402×H222    9.0KG
C0820-BR-170W         170W
       17000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L510×W402×H222    9.4KG
C0820-BR-180W         180W
       18000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L510×W402×H222    9.5KG
C0820-BR-190W         190W
       19000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L545×W402×H222    9.9KG
C0820-BR-200W         200W       20000lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L545×W402×H222    10.0KG
C0820-BR-210W         210W
       21000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L580×W402×H222    10.4KG
C0820-BR-220W         220W
       22000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L580×W402×H222    10.5KG
C0820-BR-230W         230W
       23000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L615×W402×H222    10.9KG
C0820-BR-240W         240W
       24000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L615×W402×H222    11.0KG
C0820-BR-250W         250W
       25000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L650×W402×H222    11.4KG
C0820-BR-260W         260W
       26000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L650×W402×H222    11.5KG
C0820-BR-270W         270W
       27000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L685×W402×H222    11.9KG
C0820-BR-280W         280W
       28000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L685×W402×H222    12.0KG
C0820-BR-290W         290W
       29000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L720×W402×H222    12.4KG
C0820-BR-300W         300W
       30000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L720×W402×H222    12.5KG
C0820-BR-310W         310W
       31000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L755×W402×H222    12.9KG
C0820-BR-320W         320W
       32000lm 4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L755×W402×H222    13.0KG
C0820-BR-330W         330W
       33000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L790×W402×H222    13.4KG
C0820-BR-340W         340W
       34000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L790×W402×H222    13.5KG
C0820-BR-350W         350W
       35000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L825×W402×H222    13.9KG
C0820-BR-360W         360W
       36000lm4000K/5000K ≥65IP65L825×W402×H222    14.0KG

Size Chart(mm)       C0820-BR

Street Light      (Square type)    C0820-BR

Light Distribution Curve   C0820-BR

Street Light      (Square type)    C0820-BR

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Q:What are the 6 main disadvantages of LED street lights? What are the 6 major disadvantages?
Facula。Because of the defect of the manufacturing process of white LED, and the matching error with the reflecting cup or lens, it is easy to cause the "yellow circle" problem.
Q:Materials required for LED street lamp installation
The lamp holder, the lamp pole, the controller, the battery, and the solar panel
Q:How much is the price of the LED street lamp?
Tens to hundreds of dollars range, this depends on what you focus on the LED street lights? Guoqiang photoelectric cost-effective lamps
Q:What is the LED lamp light?
LED (Light, Emitting, Diode) light emitting diode is a solid-state semiconductor device that converts electrical energy into visible light. It can directly convert electricity into light. The heart of LED is a semiconductor wafer, one end of which is attached to a bracket, one end is negative, and the other is connected to the positive electrode of the power to encapsulate the entire wafer with epoxy resin.
Q:Who knows LED street lamp warm white light and positive white light have what difference, how should choose?
If the power is the same, the brightness of the white and warm white light should be the same.
Q:How much is a full set of solar street lamps?
Independent research and development, production of solar LED street lamps, solar street lamps, solar energy, wind energy complementary street lamps. In the design, R & D - production of solar LED street lamp broke the three big problems of solar streetlight common (high power, LED decay quickly, no power output) seriously affect the cost and efficiency of the lamp. The cost is greatly reduced and the service life is increased. More distant after-sales service and quality guarantee, so that the promotion of solar street lamps, energy-saving work further. The following is the design of solar street side of the company: the overall design basically takes into account all aspects; the design method is currently the most common photovoltaic component peak wattage selection design and battery capacity selection design by the design idea of comparative science; wind resistant design from the battery assembly support and pole two to do the analysis, comparison and analysis comprehensive; surface treatment technology is the most advanced by the whole structure is simple and beautiful; street lamp; after the actual operation proves that the link between good matching.
Q:How much is the rated voltage of the LED street lamp? Is it direct current?
That is, the whole road lamp holder? It must be a constant current driving circuit! So it should be AC input, but the voltage is different.
Q:What is the design height and illuminance of LED street lamps?
1, the first screenshot of table 5.1.3, Weff means: effective width of the road.2, the above lamps refer to conventional lighting, the so-called regular lighting is the lamp installation height of 15 meters below the lamppost.3, light cut type refers to: the maximum light intensity direction of the lamp and the vertical axis of the lamp included angle between 0-65 degrees.4, half light type refers to: the maximum light intensity direction of the lamp and the vertical axis of the lamp included angle between 0-75 degrees.
Q:What are the types of LED street lights?
Gaoyou City long street lamps and lanterns factory, the production of various road lamp poles and high-power LED lamps.Rural generally consider using 20~50W between the line. Rural road width 3~5MI hope to cooperate with you in the street light project
Q:What is the difference between solar LED street lamp and ordinary energy-saving street lamp?
LED solar street lamps use solar photovoltaic cells to provide electricity, solar energy as a new green energy, "inexhaustible" and "endless"".

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