Straddle power stacker--CLH20-M

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PRODUCT NAME:Straddle power stacker--CLH20-M

●large tonnage and high lift stacker 
●good appearance, with pedal, barrier, easy to operate and safe 
●mast has broaden vision, double oil cylinders
●lifting height is over 4.5m, with straddle support, stable 
●control system MOS is high efficient, drive smoothly and steadily 
●low-energy, easy to maintain, brake is reliable, low nosie

Identification1.2Model CLH2045-MCLH2053-MCLH2055-MCLH2058-M
natural gas,manual)
1.4standing,Manner of operation:
1.5Load CapacityQ(kg)2000200020002000
1.6Load Centre distancec(mm)500500500500
1.8Distance between fork backrest
and frond wheel
Weight2.1Weight(including battery)kg1600163016401655
2.2Axle loading,laden front/rearkg1554/20461574/20561579/20611591/2064
2.3Axle loading,unladen front/rearkg1279/3211299/3311304/3361316/339
Wheels Types3.1Tyres(rubber, high-elastomer, pneumatic,polyurethane polyurehtanepolyurehtanepolyurehtanepolyurehtane
3.2Wheel size drive side φ250×80φ250×80φ250×80φ250×80
3.3Wheel size load side φ80×70φ80×70φ80×70φ80×70
3.4Castor wheels(dimensions) φ150×60φ150×60φ150×60φ150×60
3.5Wheels, number(x=drive wheel)drive side/ load side 1x+2/41x+2/41x+2/41x+2/4
3.6Track width(front)drive sideb10(mm)886886886886
3.7Track width(rear)load sideb11(mm)525525525525
Dimensions4.2Height,mast loweredh1(mm)2087233724072507
4.4Lifting heighth3(mm)4500530055005800
4.5Height,mast extendedh4(mm)5055582360336333
4.9Min/Max height of handleh14(mm)1057/13391057/13391057/13391057/1339
4.15The lowest height of forkh13(mm)90909090
4.19Overall lengthl1(mm)1955(2035)1955(2035)1955(2035)1955(2035)
4.2Overall fork lengthl2(mm)805805805805
4.21Overall widthb1(mm)1220.8-16301220.8-16301220.8-16301220.8-1630
4.25Overall fork widthb5(mm)695695695695
4.32Clearance between mast-base and groundm2(mm)21212121
4.33Working aisle with 800×1200 pallet(1200 across with fork)Ast(mm)2464246424642464
4.34Working aisle with 800×1200 pallet(1200 along with fork)Ast(mm)2401240124012401
4.35Turning radiusWa(mm)1629162916291629
Performance5.1Speed Load/without loadKm/h4.5/5.64.5/5.64.5/5.64.5/5.6
5.2Lifting speed Load/without loadm/s0.09/0.110.09/0.110.09/0.110.09/0.11
5.3Lowering speed Load/without loadm/s0.12/0.090.12/0.090.12/0.090.12/0.09
5.8Gradeability Load/without load%5-105-105-105-10
5.1Brakes electromagnetic
Motor6.1Drive motorkW0.
6.2Lifting motorkW3333
6.4Battery voltage,normal
capacity K5
6.5Battery weightKg268268268268
 Battery dimensionsmm968×206×505
Other8.4Noise level at operator’s earsdB(A)70707070

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Q:How do you remove the horizontal universal elevator milling cutter
Tie rod and the threaded part of the milling cutter is too short, removing cutter bar back a loose, threaded connections even fewer number of buttons, easily when tapping threads dozen hair, and make the cutter not screw down, or make the damage of tie rod.
Q:The hydraulic platform can't rise. Why?
You can see here. Understand how the hydraulic platform works. A lot of things will be clear
Q:How to use the ball screw platform?
A, before use, should read the instruction manual, elevator are pass strict inspection before they go out and debugging, the various technical indicators have reached the requirements of design, thus reading takes the manual carefully before using, strictly follow the steps.
Q:How does the elevator repair
For elevator maintenance the simplest way is to find the manufacturer directly to repair, after all, is their production, repair is good, also save time, our factory is the jinan day machinery, bought two or three years, rarely out of order, maintenance in time, high efficiency, under the baidu search them, you ask yourself, see how.
Q:Is the elevator moving faster or slower?
The speed is relative, but the best speed is not over half m/s.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:What about the platform of southworth?
Lift platform still is domestic the after-sales service is good, change the spare parts in time convenient.
Q:The home is decorated, make a tatami mat the platform should pay attention to what aspect?
The key to the tatami mat is the choice of the middle lift. Attention should be paid to several aspects: the control mode of the tatami platform, the safety clamping system, and the manufacturer and brand.
Q:Does the shear fork lift stand belong to special equipment?
In the light of the special equipment safety supervision regulations, hoisting machinery definition: refers to used for vertical lifting or vertical and horizontal moving heavy mechanical and electrical equipment, its range is rated lifting weight greater than or equal to 0.5 t lift.
Q:How to improve the oil leakage line
Adjust the work pressure so that it can satisfy the work while not causing high pressure on the pipe. The sealing design is not reasonable, not meet the work pressure requirement.
Q:There is no easy way to push the goods when the platform is loaded.
It's convenient to push forward when you need to, the load is 300, 500, the main view is that the main building needs, I know what I know, please take it... Hey hey.

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