Stone Jaw Crusher Professional for Mining Machine

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Product Description:

Structure of PE900×1200 Jaw crusher

Type: Jaw Crusher

Mode: PE900*1200

Condition: New

Application: Rock Crushing

Brand: CMAX

Certificate: ISO, CE, GOST


Packaging & Delivery of PE900×1200 Jaw crusher

Packaging Detail: Nude package for main machine, motors and small parts are packed in wooden cases.       

Delivery Detail: 25-30days


Main Feature of PE900×1200 Jaw crusher

1) simple structure, easy maintenance;

2) stable performance;

3) even final particles and high crushing ratio.

4) Save 15~30% energy 


Application of PE900×1200 Jaw crusher

This series of jaw crusher can reach the crushing ratio of 4-6 and the shape of final product is even. They are widely applied to crush high hardness, mid hardness and soft rocks and ores such as slags, construction materials, marble, etc. The pressure resistance strength is under 200Mpa, that is, suitable for primary crush.They can be used in mining, metallurgical industry, construction, road and railwaybuilding, conversancy, chemistry, etc.


Working Principle of PE900×1200 Jaw crusher

The motor transmits through belt,driving the moving jaw to do periodic motion towards the fixed jaw by the eccentric shaft.The angle between toggle plate and moving jaw plate increases when mobile jaw moves.So the mobile jaw moves towards the fixed jaw.The stuff will be crushed in this process.The angle between toggle plate and moving jaw decreases when moving jaw moves down,the moving jaw moves leaves fixed jaw by pulling rod and spring,the final crushed stuff will be discharged from the outlet


Specifiation of PE900×1200 Jaw crusher

ModelFeed Inlet Size(mm)Max Inlet Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Electric Power(kw)Overall Size L*W*H(mm)Weight(t)


Images of PE900×1200 Jaw crusher

Stone Jaw Crusher Professional for Mining Machine

PE/PEX Series Stone Jaw crusher 

PE/PEX Series Stone Jaw crusher


FAQ of PE900×1200 Jaw crusher

A: Which kind of material you are going to crush?

Q:Soft stone (dolomite, limestone) or hard stone (granite, basalt, river pebble)

A:What's the max input size of the material?

Q:In inch,centimeter or milimeter

A:What's the granularity of the final products you need?

Q:in milimeter, micron or mesh 

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Q:what department stores sell aluminum can crushers?
I bought mine at Target.
Q:How does density relate to the can crusher expirement?
The density of the hot air inside the can prior to you putting it into the cold water is much lower than the density of cold air. As their air cools (which happens very quickly when immersed in cold water) the volume of the air decreases rapidly and the density increases.
Q:When you do skull crushers are your elbows supposed to hurt afterwards?
That's the problem with tricep isolation exercises. They can be tough on the elbow joint. Some folks can tolerate them without any apparent trouble, but not everyone and you don't want to mess up your elbows. I've never had trouble with the lying tricep press (skullcrusher)but tricep pushdowns are murder on my elbows. I suggest you experiment with other tricep moves. Dips are great. If seated or standing overhead tricep presses also cause you discomfort, try using one solid dumbbell held with both hands and let your elbows point out to the sides instead of forward. Close grip bench presses are another good tricep movement. Protect your elbows. You'll need them for a long time.
Q:How do I make a can crusher? HELP! :)?
Hi..not Canadian, but hope this helps. :) As far as not having a saw..if you purchase the wood at a home improvement store or a lumber yard, sometimes they will cut the wood to specifications. Things You’ll Need: 2 x 4 inch board Strap hinge kit Jar lids Two 1-inch screws Screen door handle Step 1 Cut the 2 x 4 board into two pieces that are 16 inches long. Step 2 Attach the hinge to the ends of the two boards with the screws included in the hinge kit. You want to two boards to fold inward until they are stacked flat on top of each other. Step 3 Use the two 1-inch screws attach the two jar lids to the inside ends of the 2 x 4 on the opposite end of the hinge. The jars should be directly on top each other when the two 2 x 4s are folded on top of each other. Make sure that the two jar tops that are slightly larger in size than the average can. Step 4 Attach the door handle to the board that is going to form the top of the can crusher. Attach it at the end opposite of the hinge, above the jar lid. Step 5 Place a can in the jar lid of the bottom board of the can crusher. Using the door handle, bring the top board down on top of the can. The two jar lids will keep the can in place as you use the door handle and force to crush the can flat.
Q:What tricep dips and skull crushers?
tricep dips need to be done on a Dip stand [lol] in a gym, something around the house can be hard to find. pretty much its 2 bars that run along side your body at about the hip. you grab on and go up and down until you fail. then have someone grab your feet to help you finish your set. skull crushers are done with a regular bar, like for benching. lay on your back with your hands faceing outward while holding the bar [ you should see the back of your hands] bring the bar down to your forhead by just pivoting at the elbows. you MUST keep your elbows and arms straight out in from of you. if your elbows go out at all it will become like benching and you will no longer be working your tri's =D hope this helps
Q:What does the crusher mean?
Jaw crusher:The crusher mainly tracks the jaw plate periodically by swinging the jaw plate, crushing the material sandwiched in the middle to complete the task of crushing the ore.
Q:Good Quality Headphones with Good Bass around $100?
and don't overlook the Audio Technica ATH-M50 which could be got here upon on line for roughly $150. This headphone makes an surprising improve for the suckers who offered Beats Studios for $350....
Q:What are the differences between cone crushers, PYZ, PYB, and PYD?
Cone crusher is mainly composed of frame, horizontal shaft, moving cone, balance wheel, eccentric sleeve, upper crushing wall (fixed cone), lower crushing wall (moving cone), hydraulic coupling, lubrication system and hydraulic system.
Q:how do we stop crazy crushers?
I would explain it exactly like you just did. No one is entitled to my affection without my permission...
Q:How much can the fineness modulus of the sand machine produce in the mechanism of the crusher production? Which manufacturer has a good grain shape?
Fineness modulus in 3.7-3.1 is coarse sand, in 3.0-2.3 is medium sand, in 2.2-1.6 isFine sand. The fineness modulus range of ordinary concrete sand is 3.7-1.6, and medium sand is appropriate.

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