Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Specification of Sterile Disposable Blood Collector:

1.High polymer material.


3.CE & ISO 13485 authentication.

4.Preset vacuum degree and all kinds of additive accurately, the largest tolerance is not more than ±10%, the accurate proportion of the blood sample and additive is guaranteed. 

5. The colore of the head cover an lable keep the unitive color identifying marking, the lable is fabricated with high quality material, not fallen off after dripping in water and hard to tear up.

6. Vacuum degree can be designed customized according to different zone altitude to meet various customers’ requests.

7. Product Application: Used together with disposable drawblood needle, for human body’s IV blood sample collecting in clinical examination.

Needle Holder:

Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

Blood-collecting needle:


Sterile Disposable Blood Collector


Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

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Q:Can the abdominal drainage tube eat soft food?
7, intraperitoneal drainage tube, such as 2-3 days can not be removed, then every 2 to 3 days should turn the hose once, so as to avoid long-term fixed oppression caused by secondary injury 8, if you need to use the drainage tube and other drugs or laryngeal irrigation, should be strictly implemented aseptic principle of operation 9, observe the drainage may cause complications such as oppression of tissue necrosis, intestinal fistula, follow the law of infection, pain, etc. should be promptly removed or tube, to deal with complications. 10, if the use of T-shaped drainage tube after gallbladder, need to pull out after 14 days to avoid bile into the abdominal cavity caused by peritoneal irritation or infection.
Q:Rectal cancer resection of the original anus at the insertion of the drainage tube at the beginning of the polyp,
In the treatment of recovery during the regular review to see. Do not eat spicy food to stimulate food, fishy smell of food and cold food do not eat. Eat more vegetables and fruits.
Q:How to determine breast cancer patients with thoracic and axillary drainage tube is correct
Breast cancer resection 12 days after the drainage tube is not pulled out every day there is blood outflow, which is a normal situation, because the breast cancer resection incision, the wound is relatively large, subcutaneous bleeding more, so you do not have to worry too much.
Q:How many number of central venous catheters are ventilated with catheter
The right hand along the tail into the guide wire will be inserted into the abdominal cavity, Fixed guide wire, Exit puncture needle, If necessary, the skin can be guided Into the expansion of skin and subcutaneous tissue 1 ~ 2 Times Exit the skinned needle, The central venous catheter along the guide wire into, And determine the catheter in the abdomen The length of the cavity is about 5 ~ 8 Cm
Q:Stay in the chest, abdominal drainage tube care
Nursing of closed thoracic drainage ① drainage tube properly fixed, leaving enough length and fixed on the bed edge, so as to avoid turning, pulling and so cause pain or prolapse. ② move the patient or replace the drainage bottle with two vascular clamp to the drainage tube clamp to prevent the catheter off, leak or liquid countercurrent, a day to replace the disposable pleural drainage device 1. Bedside spare 2 vascular clamp, for emergency use]. ③ observe the water bottle is smooth, drainage can be seen when the drainage tube in the drainage tube with the breathing fluctuations; if there is no fluctuations, allowing patients to take a deep breath, there is no fluctuations, that drainage tube barrier, check the reasons for timely processing, Drainage tube to make it smooth, so the regular squeeze drainage tube, to prevent blood clots, fiber blocks block the pipeline. ④ observe the amount of drainage fluid, nature. If the amount of bleeding per hour> 100 mL should promptly notify the doctor, close observation of blood pressure, pulse changes, pay attention to whether the occurrence of hemorrhagic shock].
Q:Colon cancer 4 days after abdominal drainage tube accident how to do off how to do
if the body temperature, indicating the presence of infection, Anastomotic fistula occurs about a week or so, so a week to ten days when the time should be closely observed, if necessary, auxiliary B ultrasound examination. Do not worry too much.
Q:Several common surgical postoperative drainage tube care
Drainage tube can be human blood, product gas, effusion and so on from the body, the drainage of the volume, color and nature of the observation can determine whether the postoperative bleeding and recovery of patients, is an important guarantee for postoperative success.
Q:What is the effect of placing a variety of drainage tubes after surgery?
According to the condition and need to do the surgical decision, can not be generalized Such as some abdominal surgery requires drainage, the main drainage fluid, blood, and secretions
Q:3 weeks ago done a knee hematoma clear surgery, hung two days of drainage tube,
If the surgery after the general need at least half a month to exercise, to avoid premature exacerbations exacerbated.
Q:Surgical drainage tube care
2.1 The purpose of surgical drainage The purpose of surgical drainage is for the accumulation of fluid, including blood, pus, inflammatory exudate, bile, secretion, etc., in the body cavity, in the joint, organ or tissue, from the original site and excreted to prevent the body cavity or Surgical field accumulation, secondary compression symptoms, infection or tissue damage. By observing the drainage situation can also early detection of changes in condition. Through the drainage, you can achieve the purpose of reducing stress, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, prevent the spread of inflammation, is conducive to the purpose of inflammation subsided. Blood, exudate and tissue secretion, etc., through the drainage, you can achieve to reduce local pressure, reduce the damage to the surrounding tissue, reduce the possibility of infection, is conducive to wound healing and other purposes. 2.2 Notes on drainage tube care After surgery to achieve the exclusion of exudate, observe whether the bleeding, to prevent the accumulation of digestive juice, reduce the anastomotic tension and other purposes, often need to place a variety of drainage tube. Generally have a tube, catheter; placed in the body cavity with chest, abdominal drainage tube or drainage. ① must be familiar with the role of various drainage tube and lead, not wrong ② fixed properly, so as not to fall off or slide into the body cavity ③ observe, record the color of drainage fluid, traits and the amount ④ avoid oppression or distort the drainage tube, to keep the drainage smooth, if necessary, use negative pressure to attract ⑤ maintain the sterile state of the drainage device to prevent contamination, drainage tube skin outlet must be sterile technology dressing, daily replacement drainage bag ⑥ master all kinds of drainage tube extubation indications, extubation time and extubation method
We mainly produce disposable vacuum blood collection tubes, disposable venous blood specimen collection needles, capillary blood collection tube, disposable lancet for blood specimen collection and other medical supplies. Our products have been approved by SFDA, and they are in line with the medical device access qualifications.

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Year Established 2000
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