Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Specification of Sterile Disposable Blood Collector:

1.High polymer material.


3.CE & ISO 13485 authentication.

4.Preset vacuum degree and all kinds of additive accurately, the largest tolerance is not more than ±10%, the accurate proportion of the blood sample and additive is guaranteed. 

5. The colore of the head cover an lable keep the unitive color identifying marking, the lable is fabricated with high quality material, not fallen off after dripping in water and hard to tear up.

6. Vacuum degree can be designed customized according to different zone altitude to meet various customers’ requests.

7. Product Application: Used together with disposable drawblood needle, for human body’s IV blood sample collecting in clinical examination.

Needle Holder:

Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

Blood-collecting needle:


Sterile Disposable Blood Collector


Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

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Q:Foreskin drains do not take any hindrance?
Drainage tube does not take this wound can not be long if there is no secretions of the recommendations you are still in time to take it all out
Q:Cholangiocarcinoma after biliary drainage after the introduction of flow tube why often inflammation
in order to reduce inflammation only every day with iodophor cleaning drainage mouth, for Ray Fernando gauze, and then covered with medical gauze, Perseverance so that it can. We used to do this for my mother every day.
Q:What type of drainage tube? In addition to their respective dial indication of what is
Liver resection of the liver after the drainage tube is generally placed 3 to 5 days, exudate significantly reduced drainage should be promptly removed. Liver abscess drainage, should be improved in general, body temperature and blood normal, drainage pus thin and less than 10ml per day, or by drainage tube angiography see abscess volume less than 10ml, the removal of drainage tube. Subcutaneous drainage: Gastric tube: Urine:
Q:Laparoscopic surgery after drainage tube knife knife near the total pain, one by one with bubbles or blisters feeling
In view of this, laparoscopic surgery discomfort, compared to open surgery discomfort, really is much less, the degree is also a lot of light, in the preoperative selection of endoscopic specialist, in surgery can be more Effectively avoid the patient may cause postoperative discomfort of the various steps, so the patient's flaws can be minimized, if coupled with the patient itself to understand the most advanced surgery, then the laparoscopic surgery should be all Surgery, the safest, most perfect and most comfortable surgical treatment. At present, modern women widely used in the entire process of painless technology and related adjuvant therapy, making the patient in the case of painless completion of treatment, welcomed by the majority of patients.
Q:How to determine breast cancer patients with thoracic and axillary drainage tube is correct
Breast cancer resection 12 days after the drainage tube is not pulled out every day there is blood outflow, which is a normal situation, because the breast cancer resection incision, the wound is relatively large, subcutaneous bleeding more, so you do not have to worry too much.
Q:Pleural effusion drainage end, how long can pull drainage tube, should pay attention to what
Hello! If you do not need repeated thoracic rinse and drug treatment, thoracic closed drainage tube in the pleural effusion drainage, the tube to observe 1-2 days, no chest tightness, shortness of breath and other discomfort, pleural effusion can not increase the case can Extubation.
Q:Ventricle drainage tube
Do you mean the ventricle drainage tube? If it is ventricle drainage tube, then, are generally during hospitalization, generally do not need special treatment of family members, are handled by nurses and doctors
Q:Esophageal cancer after surgery drainage tube does not mean that the anastomosis has been connected?
Hello; your situation after the treatment of the main treatment of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and Chinese medicine treatment, and the combination of Chinese and Western medicine for the treatment of principles.
Q:Why the stomach of the drainage tube discharge of the liquid smell?
It is likely to have been infected, need to go to the hospital in a timely manner, so as not to continue to spread the wound, serious. It is recommended to go to the hospital to do debridement treatment, the pus row clean, disinfection, diet to light digestible food-based, avoid irritating food.
Q:Pelvic drainage tube is not pulled out but there is leakage out? What is the impact?
Hello, this shows a larger abdominal pressure, need to confirm whether the drainage tube is smooth, there is the need to do color Doppler ultrasound to confirm the location of drainage tube. Always exudate easily lead to tissue infection around the drainage tube.
We mainly produce disposable vacuum blood collection tubes, disposable venous blood specimen collection needles, capillary blood collection tube, disposable lancet for blood specimen collection and other medical supplies. Our products have been approved by SFDA, and they are in line with the medical device access qualifications.

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Year Established 2000
Annual Output Value USD 10,000,000
Company Certifications CE,ISO13485:2003

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Nearest Port QINGDAO
Export Percentage 80%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 10
Language Spoken: ENGLISH/CHINESE
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Factory Size: 300
No. of Production Lines 5
Contract Manufacturing
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