Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Specification of Sterile Disposable Blood Collector:

1.High polymer material.


3.CE & ISO 13485 authentication.

4.Preset vacuum degree and all kinds of additive accurately, the largest tolerance is not more than ±10%, the accurate proportion of the blood sample and additive is guaranteed. 

5. The colore of the head cover an lable keep the unitive color identifying marking, the lable is fabricated with high quality material, not fallen off after dripping in water and hard to tear up.

6. Vacuum degree can be designed customized according to different zone altitude to meet various customers’ requests.

7. Product Application: Used together with disposable drawblood needle, for human body’s IV blood sample collecting in clinical examination.

Needle Holder:

Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

Blood-collecting needle:


Sterile Disposable Blood Collector


Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

Sterile Disposable Blood Collector

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Q:Chest closed drainage tube care routine
7.48 hours later, if the lungs have been re-Zhang, 24 hours less than 50ML drainage fluid, pus less than 10ML, X-ray showed complete lung complex, can extubation. 8. After extubation to observe whether the patient has difficulty breathing, incision leakage, exudate, bleeding, pneumothorax and subcutaneous emphysema.
Q:begging! "T" drainage tube when the precautions.
Inoculation 4. Method 0: intramuscular injection. 2. Location: Large z Leg anterolateral (neonatal v and infant r), upper y-arm lateral p-angular muscle (child sons, adolescent 2 years and adult y). Some scholars have found that hepatitis B liver vaccination site affect the body response. Because 1 buttocks adipose tissue, immune active cells less 7, buttocks can not be injected into the k-1 can be injected into the k muscle, after injection of antibody titer low and lower w speed. While the antibody titer in the h-armor muscle was 85 times higher than that of the buttocks inoculum. So the current adult r vaccination of hepatitis B hepatitis c are selected three c angular muscle parts, and the baby z and neonatal r can be in the large i-leg muscle before the lateral inoculation. Note [4]: ​​① in the whole process of inoculation 5, 3 can not use the same factory with the production of hepatitis B hepatitis B vaccine; ② if the first dose of y dose to 7, for some reason not on time Inoculation of the second b agent, it should be vaccinated as soon as possible, and the second m and the third party f between at least 4 to be separated by 2 k months 1; if only the third r is not inoculated on time should be vaccinated as soon as possible; Vaccine before 6 can not do y liver indicators liver test;
Q:Pelvic drainage tube is not pulled out but there is leakage out? What is the impact?
Hello, this shows a larger abdominal pressure, need to confirm whether the drainage tube is smooth, there is the need to do color Doppler ultrasound to confirm the location of drainage tube. Always exudate easily lead to tissue infection around the drainage tube.
Q:Laparoscopic surgery after drainage tube knife knife near the total pain, one by one with bubbles or blisters feeling
Third, the shoulder, the back of the neck pain: This is because the residual carbon dioxide gas, to stimulate the diaphragmatic nerve caused by radioactive pain, the use of analgesic pain and muscle relaxants can be effective, but for severe shoulder pain, the use of gas to The principle of climbing high, so that patients with low-foot posture, the buttocks to improve more than the chest, so that the abdomen of residual carbon dioxide moved to the lower body, so that most can effectively ease this shoulder, neck pain phenomenon. Fourth, sore throat: the current laparoscopic anesthesia, mostly using general anesthesia, general anesthesia will be given short-acting sedation, until the patient lost consciousness, the tracheal tube into the trachea, the patient's breathing and Given the gas anesthetic, so after surgery, the patient will feel the feeling of foreign body in the throat, this is because the throat tracheal tube oppression one or two hours after the occurrence of edema or congestion phenomenon, this phenomenon is usually in the twenty Four to thirty-six hours after the emergence of Fortunately, this phenomenon in forty-eight hours after the gradual disappearance, and therefore most do not need treatment. If the throat pain or cough, you can use some anti-inflammatory pain or cough medicine, reduce the cough caused by the wound discomfort.
Q:How can the wound of the drainage tube be so fast?
Drainage tube wound, the general pull out the drainage tube after 3-5 days to heal, I hope my solution can help you, discomfort timely referral.
Q:Please teach who knows biliary surgery T-type drainage tube model ah,
Which bile duct surgery need to put "T" -shaped drainage? Simple cholecystectomy is not required to put "T" -shaped drainage.
Q:Cholangiocarcinoma after biliary drainage after the introduction of flow tube why often inflammation
Before my mother had this disease is also inserted T tube drainage, a long time, drainage up to six months;
Q:3 weeks ago done a knee hematoma clear surgery, hung two days of drainage tube,
Yep! There may be no drainage of the effluent ... this is not so fast ...
Q:Stay in the chest, abdominal drainage tube care
Abdominal drainage tube care: : (1) restrictions on activities, semi-recumbent, to facilitate the drainage fluid drainage in the abdominal cavity. (2) to inform the patient turn over, down to walk, when the toilet to pay attention to the location of the drainage tube is lower than the puncture hole, need to go out to check, advance two hemostatic forceps clamp. (3) regularly squeeze the drainage tube to reduce the occurrence of blocking. Drainage tube drainage is not smooth, the suction and saline low pressure after the drainage to restore smooth, in the case of invalid, you can use the guide wire sparse mouth]. (4) pay attention to the amount of daily drainage, color, nature, found that the liquid was yellow, brown or yellow-green, accompanied by odor, to take into account the bile leakage, infection and so on. Such as bile leakage gradually increased, you need to re-place the drainage tube. (5) replacement drainage bag, pay attention to aseptic operation, in the color of the summer, to replace the drainage bag in time. (6) daily records of patients with blood, biochemical indicators, to observe whether the white blood cells, bilirubin increased skin sclera whether yellow dye
Q:Cervical spondylotic myelopathy drainage tube for several days
No fluid external three days after extubation. Otherwise, the accumulation of liquid will oppress arterial damage and nerve crisis life.
We mainly produce disposable vacuum blood collection tubes, disposable venous blood specimen collection needles, capillary blood collection tube, disposable lancet for blood specimen collection and other medical supplies. Our products have been approved by SFDA, and they are in line with the medical device access qualifications.

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Year Established 2000
Annual Output Value USD 10,000,000
Company Certifications CE,ISO13485:2003

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Nearest Port QINGDAO
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Factory Size: 300
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