Steel Wire Carbon Steel Wire And Non Oil Steel Wire

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1.Product Quick Details

Carbon steel is carbon content lower than 2%, and a small amount of iron carbon alloy, silicon manganese and phosphorus, sulfur and other impurities. Industrial application of carbon steel carbon content is generally not more than 1.4%.

Steel Grade:  Q195,Q235,SAE1008-1018

Standard:  GB

Wire Gauge:  5.5-16mm

Type:  Drawn Wire

Application:  Construction

Alloy Or Not:  Is Alloy

Special Use:  Free Cutting Steel

Chemical Composition:  Carbon

Shape:  Round

Secondary Or Not:  Non-secondary

 Coil weight:  2mt

2.Product Characteristic

Carbon steel is a kind of carbon quality carbon structural steel, low price, general as machinery and equipment in some parts of the structure, heat treatment has high strength and good plasticity and toughness. For example, you can gear manufacturing \ shaft \ crank, connecting rod and so on. But the obvious drawback of carbon steel is: lower hardenability, for important parts of section properties consistent with large size requirements can not meet; poor corrosion resistance; resistance to tempering stability bad (tempering temperature increasing, the strength decreased faster).


GB/T699-88  30  850-900

empty cold   N  294  490  21  50  78    
GB/T699-88  45  820-870

empty cold  N  353  589  16  40  49     
JISG4051-79(94)  S30C    850-900
550-650  H 
333  539  23  57  108  152-212 
JISG4051-79(94)  S45C     820-870
550-650  H 
490  686  17  45  78  201-269 

4.Reference Picture

Steel Wire Carbon Steel Wire And Non Oil Steel Wire

Steel Wire Carbon Steel Wire And Non Oil Steel Wire

Steel Wire Carbon Steel Wire And Non Oil Steel Wire


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