Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry

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steel platform, one type of pallet racking system, also called attic shelf or multi layer racking system. 

It is suitable for limited space of warehouse and could have multi layers two or three.

The production adopts advanced roll forming technology and guarantee good quality and high precision. 



·         Ladder, hydraulic lift for upstair. 

·         Metal floor. 

·         For different goods. 

·         Frame suppor.




Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry

Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry

Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry





Loading Capacity

500KG/sqaure meter

Beam Space

3-5 meter





What is steel platform ?

Steel platform is used in factory for space usage, usually have 2-3 floors and have big loading capacity. Ladder is equipped for going upstairs.


How is quality guaranteed?

The production use professional  technology  and material of steel for production have strict test. 


How about the project installation?

We send engineers to users's spot to carry out installation.

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Q:How much is the supermarket shelf price?
There is the head end, and back net type hanging board, because the supermarket shelves are custom-made, so the price is high and low, in addition to remind businesses supermarket shelves prices are considered transportation costs and installation costs, some manufacturers will be tax
Q:How do you use the back shelf of this mountain bike?
The shelf is larger than the functionI have seen some of the car's rear shelf use as followsPut some light goods, such as an air pump, a kettle and other simple toolsBut you don't have a clip or anything like this. It can be fixed with a tieIf you want to carry a pack, you'd better have a small oneIn a word, everything must be taken into account first because the weight of the car depends on the saddle, the pipe and the shelfThe joints, and only one point, are not welded enough to hold a personFor the bag, you can reform your bag, plus a fixed clip or tie belt, the rope can also be used, the same can also be modified shelves
Q:What are the commonly used shelf sizes?
Most of the shelf size is based on the actual situation of custom-made, but there are a few are relatively uniform: the top and bottom of the adjustment of the minimum spacing for more than 50mm, the depth of the general direction of 300, 400, 500, 600, 800mm
Q:When designing the shelf, what is the safe distance between the tray and the upright post?
This is first of all to see you there is over the board if not usually 100mm two position even in the spacing with it is the 200mm that will save more space for forklift shelves often cause too much impact on their own board at it
Q:How many kinds of stacking are there in the warehouse?
For packaged goods and bare piece goods, piling method is usually adopted. Specific methods include: stacked type, seam type, criss cross type, ventilation type, planting column, pitching, interphase and so on. The selection of goods stacking depends mainly on the nature, shape, size and packing of the goods themselves. The general flat (lying), a lower center of gravity, the maximum contact oriented, easy stacking, stable goods. Here are some commonly used stacking methods.
Q:What are the specifications and weight of the warehouse shelves?
First of all warehouse shelves is divided into many functions, such as tray shelf, platform shelves, attic shelves, shelf, shelves, gravity into the style shelves, cantilevered shelves, shelves, shelves, shuttle in automated warehouse shelves...... It can be divided into light shelves, medium shelves and heavy-duty shelves.
Q:Medium-sized shelves generally a layer of weight bearing ah?
Generally, the weight of medium-sized shelves is about 300-500 kilograms. Is your goods really that heavy or light? If it's lighter, it will probably weigh about more than 200 kilograms.
Q:How can the florist shelves be discharged?
From the customer's point of view, on the shelves of the concern is not the same, which is caused by people's visual habits, head up, eyes will move between the height of the head and chest, which is from the boresight axis into 30 degrees or less hungry things most acceptable. People are not in each shelf squat down below, or stand on tiptoe to view is higher than that of the sight head, perspective will lead to different flowers at different levels on the shelf of the display mode and the number of. The shop should make full use of shelf space, the rack is the most noticeable economic value placed flower varieties most easily sold, this can be regarded as the position of shelf promotion area, try to expand the display number, to increase sales. The customer can head up position, Chen Lieman best customers attention, to go up, resulting in elevation, in this gallery a best adaptation sight placed, which can form three-dimensional beauty. For the shelves below the location, customers generally do not squat down to see, so this layer should not pile too much, will fill the space inside.
Q:What shelves are there in the logistics equipment?
Shelves are divided into traditional shelves and new shelves according to the development of shelves. The traditional rack includes: cross shelf, format shelf, drawer type shelf, cabinet shelf, U frame, cantilever frame, grid, saddle, gas steel cylinder frame, tire special shelves. The new shelves include: rotary shelves, mobile shelves, assembled shelves, adjustable shelves, pallet shelves, in car shelves, high-rise shelves, attic shelves, gravity shelves, screen shelves, etc..
Q:The stevedores hired the stevedores to unload the goods at the factory because of the shelves
About the factory's fault, if the loading and unloading team does not have the qualification and the safe production condition, the factory has not been able to verify, in this case will assign the work to the loading and unloading team, the factory must undertake the joint and several liability. The landlord can also sue the factory and the loading and unloading team. However, if the loading and unloading team has qualified and safety production conditions, the factory is not liable for compensation, then the landlord can only sue the loading and unloading team leader.

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