Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry

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steel platform, one type of pallet racking system, also called attic shelf or multi layer racking system. 

It is suitable for limited space of warehouse and could have multi layers two or three.

The production adopts advanced roll forming technology and guarantee good quality and high precision. 



·         Ladder, hydraulic lift for upstair. 

·         Metal floor. 

·         For different goods. 

·         Frame suppor.




Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry

Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry

Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry





Loading Capacity

500KG/sqaure meter

Beam Space

3-5 meter





What is steel platform ?

Steel platform is used in factory for space usage, usually have 2-3 floors and have big loading capacity. Ladder is equipped for going upstairs.


How is quality guaranteed?

The production use professional  technology  and material of steel for production have strict test. 


How about the project installation?

We send engineers to users's spot to carry out installation.

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Q:What are the features and uses of heavy duty shelves?
Heavy duty rack usually refers to ordinary crossbeam shelf, which has the characteristics of low cost, safety and reliability. It is easy to assemble and disassemble
Q:What are the main materials on the shelf?
Paper shelves: usually disposable products, used in supermarkets more;
Q:The price tag on the shelf. Why does the printer not recognize the black label behind the label?
The following reasons can not identify possible, first suspected paper identification problems, such as black label damage can lead to failure or lack of recognition of black label blackness lead to the identification of failure.
Q:Intelligent shuttle car shelf performance, which is more reliable?
Technical parameters of the shuttle shelf load in 1000~1500kg; distribution of lithium manganese battery, rated voltage of 26 volts, can run for 8 hours; the shuttle rack under no load running speed is 0.7 to 0.9m/ second, in the case of full load is 0.6 to 0.8m/ seconds; wireless remote sensing range is 50m.
Q:How can the shelf industry carry out network promotion?
Find out where the potential customer groups are, what the search habits are, and what information they'll look for through the web.
Q:The supermarket shelves are rusty. What paint should I use?
Blast: the use of high-speed operation of machinery and equipment to a certain size of steel by centrifugal force throws out a method of shot and component was thrown out of the violent collision attack so as to achieve the purpose of removing surface corrosion of steel.
Q:What kind of rack and wide roadway are the forklift trucks of balanced type suitable for?
This is not what is not suitable for the purchase, mainly when the design of the shelf shelf installation, shelf design should be installed after these factors are taken into account before installation, to ensure the normal operation is not affected.
Q:What are the specifications of the heavy-duty shelves in general?
Of course, shelf size classification, and I size classification, but this applies only to plywood shelves, other shelves are not classified by this. Heavy wood shelves size common with 200*60*200CM and 200*50*200CM, the more common dimensions are 150*60*50CM and 150*50*50CM, generally smaller size is not, the most common light shelf 120CM in heavy shelves are rare.
Q:What color ceiling does the gray shelf match?
The color combination must be harmonious, natural, seeking unity in diversity (all things), not too big difference, gruff (of color have hard and soft warm cold weight feeling) and is like the difference between twill lines, symmetry and abnormal feeling, multiple and single vision, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa (like the non inverted inverted), Venus (Brokeback incomplete and perfect (Monalisa), a faint smile on one's face).
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of gravity shelves? What kind of product is suitable?
There are two major applications of gravity shelves: a large rack storage in large quantities, can be a large number of storage, is mainly to store shelves; another important application, namely light small gravity shelves is chosen as shelves generally applied to the distribution center, transport center, warehouse and store selection distribution operation. Can also be used in the production line parts supply line.

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