Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry

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steel platform, one type of pallet racking system, also called attic shelf or multi layer racking system. 

It is suitable for limited space of warehouse and could have multi layers two or three.

The production adopts advanced roll forming technology and guarantee good quality and high precision. 



·         Ladder, hydraulic lift for upstair. 

·         Metal floor. 

·         For different goods. 

·         Frame suppor.




Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry

Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry

Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry





Loading Capacity

500KG/sqaure meter

Beam Space

3-5 meter





What is steel platform ?

Steel platform is used in factory for space usage, usually have 2-3 floors and have big loading capacity. Ladder is equipped for going upstairs.


How is quality guaranteed?

The production use professional  technology  and material of steel for production have strict test. 


How about the project installation?

We send engineers to users's spot to carry out installation.

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Q:The difference between an attic shelf and a steel platform
Steel structure platform, also called work platform. The structure of modern steel platform has various forms and functions. The biggest feature of the structure is the fully assembled structure, flexible design, and widely used in modern storage. An engineering structure made of steel, usually consisting of beams, columns, and plates, such as sections of steel, steel, etc., and welded together with welds, screws, or rivets.
Q:What is a pull out shelf?
Entry and exit type shelves, also known as the "shelf" or "corridor type shelf" which is a continuous channel, not to split the entire rack, in law guide, according to the depth direction storage tray, a suction with a powder, which makes it possible for high density storage. Forklift can be easily rolled up the middle shelf access goods. If only from the end of the shelf forklift directly into the aisle memory to take the goods.
Q:What are the advantages of the shuttle car shelves?
1, also called into the rack or corridor type shelf shelf.2 、 forklift can be opened into the roadway, the memory tray.3, access mode for advanced or out of the first out: from the same side of the import and export of advanced, from the side into the other side out of the first out.4, it can greatly improve the space utilization.
Q:What are the main shelves and sub frames of the shelves?
In the shelf industry, the shelves are usually divided into the main frame and the auxiliary rack according to the usual practice. Because the general post modern shelf can be shared, namely, such as two sets of shelves, together with each other, then the first shelf, both sides need to post, can be used independently, called the main frame, connected with the second shelves, one side columns do not need to use, directly installed in the first post on the shelves, only side pillars, called sub frame.
Q:What advantage does Guangzhou attic shelf have to become the first shelf of expanding storage space?
Shelf column specifications are dedicated heavy duty shelf column profiles. The cross beam adopts cold rolling P closed beam, which is a standard product for cold rolling industry. After repurchase, according to customer size down, welding shelves, connecting special column grasping, grinding, semi-finished products can be formed.All shelf parts after production, need to be the last shot blasting machine, shot blasting, degreasing, rust removal, surface spray treatment. Packing can be finished after delivery.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of pallet shelves and pallet pallets for narrow roadways
Narrow roadway shelves with forklift stacking to three, bottom ground with "three action to guide forklift stacking", named after the track is narrow, the space utilization rate is high, but the memory is more intensive, not applicable on the part of the enterprise.
Q:There is static wire on the iron shelf, have grounding, do the shelves need earthing?
If the required no additional ground, more detailed advice you can ask Shenzhen Yatong, our static grounding pile is what they do, should be more professional
Q:Shandong to buy good quality storage shelves to go where?
Buy quality storage shelves, you can consider the selection of brand shelves, large manufacturers of brand shelves.
Q:What is the difference between the through shelf and the through shelf?
On shelf: entrance and exit are the sameThrough type shelves: also known as through type shelves, you can straight in and out, both sides can pick up
Q:Which shelf to choose?
The pallet rack through the access mode, suitable for single species, large quantities of goods; compared with the tray shelf warehouse utilization rate can reach about 80%, the warehouse space utilization rate can be increased by more than 30%, is the highest efficiency of storage shelves. In support of the guide rail, the tray storage according to the depth direction, one after another, access to goods from the shelves of the same side and, after the first deposit, after the first deposit, the balance weight and forklift conveniently into the middle shelf access of goods. The investment cost is relatively low, suitable for lateral large size, fewer varieties, large quantity, used to store a large number of the same type of goods, because of its high storage density of floor space utilization rate is higher, the higher the cost of warehouse used in cold storage, food, tobacco and other storage space.

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