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Item: Metal Decking Sheet

Model: 75-293-880

Available thickness: 0.7-1.4mm

Material: hot dipped galvanized steel or Zincalume sheet

Zinc coating: 60-275g/m2

Steel grade: Q235, Q345


Our decking sheets, which have been cold rolled into various wavepatterns from galvanized sheet or zincalume sheet.

are application for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses,special buildings, large-span houses, wall surfaces and interior& exterior wall decorations etc

Main features:

1. Light in weight, high intensity, huge loading capacity as wellas good anti-earthquake capability;

2. Simple in construction operation, easy to assemble;

3. Take the place of conventional templates and eliminate thedisadvantage of the traditional one;

4. Act as a part of the whole structure, to reduce the cost ofmaterial;

5. Easy to reinforcement, wiring, piping etc.


Sheet thickness (mm)

Sheet weight    (kg/m2)

Moment of Inertia (cm4/m)

Positive Resistance (cm3/m)

















Competitive Advantage:

1. Excellent fire performance
The ribs of slab are completely encased in concrete, just like thecast-in reinforcement. Closed built-up slabs can completely replacethe positive

moment tensile reinforcement in the floor slabs, and an 1.5-hourrefractory power can be achieved without need to brushfire-resistant coating

2. Simple, rapid construction
It does not require any plug, with no leakage of mortar, availableto shorten the construction cycle.

3. Low cost
The reinforcements bearing the positive moment of the closedbuilt-up slabs are replaced by the profiled steel plates, withoutneed to brush fire-resistant coating,

thus reducing the usage of reinforcements and cutting down thecosts.


Corrugated Roofing Sheet, Corrugated Steel Roofing Sheet,Corrugated Roofing Tile,Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet

Product  Description

The thickness ranges from 0.7mm to 1.4mm, and the material can beQ235, Q345, Q410

as for the steel floor deckings, we have three kinds:

1 basic type

2 dovail-type steel deckings

3 closed type deckings

in the picture :you can see the steel deckings, they arefamous with the customer all over the world. because they have manygood characters:

1. more effective size in the building. you can reduce your costfor material. it is made by 1200mm steel sheets

2 light self-weight, it can replace the conventional templet. itcan save you the time for building

3 can loading more cement per square meter.

4 it be of bigger wind- loading capercity.

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Q:What are the methods of steel structure rust removal, which method is good?
Three kinds of rust removal methods are different, the first two kinds of rust thoroughly, the third methods used for small area, no rust removal equipment; fourth methods are used only, that is, there is no equipment, and the requirements are not high.
Q:What is the ultimate capacity of steel structures?
A condition in which a structure or component reaches a specified limit for normal use or durability, referred to as the serviceability limitSuch as (1) affecting the normal use or appearance of deformation;(2) local damage (including cracks) that affects normal use or durability;(3) vibration affecting normal use;(4) other specific conditions that affect normal use;
Q:How is the roof of the steel structure closed?
It is usually made with a plate 1 meters wide, depending on the length of the field. Press three knives, the first side is advisable 80mm, the second side takes 420mm, the third side takes 420mm, the fourth side takes 80mm, and the total length is 1 meters. The first angle is 120 degrees, and the second angles should be calculated according to the slope of the roof, that is, when the roof is mounted, the second side slope is the roof slope, and the third angles are the same as the first corner.
Q:What does "pre assembled" of steel structure mean?
Structure of steel (pre-assembly)The block manufacturing of large span beam column, truss, supporting steel and steel frame structures, especially in connection with high strength bolt with large steel structure, block production and supply of steel shell structure, the whole process or separate temporary assembly operations in the factory. Pre assembly is an effective measure to control the quality and ensure the installation of components in the field.
Q:What documents do steel installers need to have?
Steel structure installation work requirements: structure; material, surface roughness, tolerances, surface treatment, straightness (or arc) connection; hole deviation, bolt grade; welding method, welding standard, welding materials; tightness requirements
Q:What is the two steel structure?
Two definition: in the steel structure frame, shear wall, frame some non bearing masonry, shear in engineering structural column, some need to be completed in the lintel decoration before the steel structure, known as the two steel structure.
Q:What kind of steel is used in steel structure?
In general, Q235 is the most commonly used plant, followed by Q345., Q490 and other high strength steel, but not commonly used.I do steel structure design, often use Q235, and Q345.
Q:What is the difference between steel structure and iron art?
The traditional iron mainly used in construction, Home Furnishing, garden decoration, traditional art deco style iron art, note to the new content and life, is widely used in indoor decoration, building exterior decoration, decoration and furniture decoration of the environment, because of the distinctive characteristics, style simple, economical and practical technology is simple, share a space for one person in modern decoration.
Q:How to determine the thickness of anticorrosive paint for steel structure?
Test method: check with dry film thickness tester. Each component detection 5, each value is the average of the 3 measuring points are 50mm coating dry film thickness.
Q:Steel structure workshop column and top beam how to use materials?
When the load is relatively small, steel section is preferred, such as H steel. When the load is large, the welded I-beam can be selected;

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