Steel Cut Wire Ball, Steel Balls, Stainless Steel Balls, Steel Shot

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Product Description


Steel cut wire shot is made with the process of drawing, cutting and conditioned etc. rigidly according to the standards of VDFI 8001/1994 and USA SAE2431. The particles of shot are uniformly size with the respective hardness of HV400-500, HV500-555, HV555-605, HV610-670, HV670-740 and more. And the granularity is distributed from 0.2mm to 3.0mm. The shapes of them are columnar and spherical with conditioned G1, G2, G3. Besides, their useful durability are ranged from 3500cycles to 9600 cycles.


Clean: blasting cleaning; pressure casting cleaning; casting fettling; Steel plate cleaning; steel products cleaning;
Derusting : shot blasting; derusting casting; forgings derusting; Steel plate rust removal; steel products rust removal;

Intensify: shot intensifying; heat-treated pieces surface intensifying; gear surface intensifying;
Sand processing: use for sand processing;
Pretreatment: pretreatment before painting; surface; ship plate pretreatment; steel plate pretreatment; steel product pretreatment;

Steel Cut Wire Ball, Steel Balls, Stainless Steel Balls, Steel Shot
Technological Index


Cut Wire Shot

Chemical Composition












1.0mm:51~53 HRC(525~561HV)
1.5mm:41~45 HRC(388~436HV)

Hardness Deviation

Max Deviation ±1.0HRC or ±40HV

Tensile Intensity

1.0mm:1750~2150 Mpa
1.5mm:1250~1450 Mpa


portrait             Landscape
even deformed perlite



Apply to equipment
Steel Cut wire Shots are typically used for the blasting machine with drum type, chain type, lifting hook type, crawler type, pass type, rotating table type, accumulation type, marching type and car type. Also can used for shot blast equipments, pretreatment of the production line, and sand blasting room.

25kg per bag ,40 bags in one pallet 25kg per bag ,40 bags in one jumbo bag 25kg per paper bag ,40 bags in one plywood pallet.Our company can carry out woven bag packaging, ton bag packaging, wood tray packaging, plastic packing packaging and the like according to customer requirements.

Advantage of Steel cut wire shot
Compared with steel grit, you can get 30% reduction on cost. According to our experience, steel cut wire shot will turn into round shot after long-time use.bright appearance, no dust and long durability is the advantage of our steel cut wire shot.

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