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we provide low price steel structure workshop,power plant,
industrial plants, logistic warehouses supermarkets,


steel construction


C purlin, H beam, sandwich panel(EPS ,PU, rock wool )


1.Steadiness frame :light and flexible frame provide safe and fulfill


2.Easy to install and dismantle:several reuse ,simple tools worker could install 20-30 square meters per day,

six workers could work out 3KX10K house in two days.

3.Beautiful decoration:beautiful materials ,brightly color,flat surface

and art  decoration.

4.Flexible composition :Doors and windows could be install at any

position,separate wall could be built at any transverse axis.stairs

are outside the house.

5.Waterproof:water structure ,there is no other waterproof


6.Longevity:steel materals have been stainless processing,

its usage is over 10 years

7.Environmental:professional design ,easy install,recycle using,

no construction craps.

8.Extensive application ,it is widely used in road ,railway,and

other wild temporary house,also in govermment planning,business

and others,such as office, headquarters ,shop,dormitory,park,

school,hospital,exhibitionand gas station

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Q:How do I get a license to sell real estate internationally?
Q:How do you get started in real estate?
Ditto. I agree with Glenn. Flipping is very hands on best learned from someone actively doing it in today's market SUCCESSFULLY. Let them mentor you through the process as there are many facets to working the full scope of this type of business. While it is not required to have a license in real estate to flip houses, the benefit of a license is the info access you have in pricing and marketing the finished product. For that, you could affiliate yourself with a Realtor as many investors and flippers do.
Q:How much commission do real estate brokers in CA charge?
This Site Might Help You. RE: How much commission do real estate brokers in CA charge? In California, the commission to real estate salespersons is generally 6% (3% to selling agent + 3% to buying agent). After the real estate salesperson (either selling / buying agent) gets his 3%, how much does the broker keep and how much does the salesperson himself keep? I was told that broker...
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A Realtor generally works for a real estate company. The real estate company watspn realty will make money if you go work for them. There may be a contract to sign if you go in there course. They will advertise their company to you as you attend the course. I am not in real estate so you should go talk to someone who is in real estate. If you want to be wealthy, talk to someone who became wealthy from real estate. They are more approachable than you think. I would go with the course and start selling right away. By the time you finish your college course, you will be 2 years ahead financially and have more practical experience. Donald Trump says now is the time to get into real estate. You can be a real estate agent or you can buy and sell homes like an investor. Investors have a higher risk and also make more money.
Q:what kinds of jobs are their in real estate?
John, Please keep ur day job. you may not remember the crash of the Saving/Loans of 80's try finding a Realtor from then. the average realtor doesn't make a 'real income ' the first 2- 3 yrs. National Realtor Assoc. they stay 'pt/tm'. keep ur day job. we work with 'realtors' that are becoming real thin, lately. real estate inspector, appraiser, agent, loan processor ,broker, lots of them fighting for slim pickings.
Q:I am looking into becoming a real estate agent?
Tonya, are you financially, emotionally and intellecturally ready to become a business owner? Have you prepared to own your own business? Do you have capital (money saved)? Can you begin this new business without having another source of income? Is the timing right for you to start your own business? If you answer yes, then here's the scoop; You take whatever classes your state requires and probably have to pass a state exam. If you pass, you are licensed, but you have to find a Broker to park your license with. You can not operate as an individual (that requires a Brokers license). Once you have a broker, part of this is to negotiate the terms of your business relationship with the broker. Most will take trainee's such as yourself, but you have no bargaining power. Most places the split will be 45/55 until you reach a certain quota, or dollar volume. You will have to pay for all your advertising, office supplies, and any education required, plus you'll have personal expenses, such as a car, insurance to carry people in your car, other business expenses, E&O Insurance... Then you have to pay full bore on your taxes and health insurance, and more...have money to live on day to day. In today's market you can expect it to take up to 6 months or more before you make a paycheck. And remember you don't get the whole 6%! If you're lucky you'll get 45% of 3%, then have expenses for marketing that property if it's your listing. You're somewhat better off with buyers, except for car/gas expenses. Now don't get me wrong, I am not trying to discourage you. If anything, I want you to have all the facts up front before you take your first class. You need to know before you decide. And I'm telling you straight. Good Luck!
Q:CT real estate license?
everything is blue
Q:What do i need to become a real estate agent?
To become a real estate agent you need to a peoples persons. You should love socializing, keeping long term relations and have strong interest in satisfying other people's need. These days no business works without IT knowledge. So you need to be tech savvy else you will be thrown out of the business, sooner or later. Real estate industry is quite volatile industry and sometimes agents go without any deal for months. One the agent who has steady income can afford to be a real estate agent. The rewards in the business are big, so when deals happen a lot of money comes. For that to happen you need loads of patience, commitment and intelligence. The sad part is that the entry barrier is so low that almost all become real estate on the side. So you face a lot of competition. But a good agent doesn't suffer when the market goes down, he captures market share.
Q:Real estate license in california?
If you can get Century 21 to give you the necessary courses to pass the state exam without paying a school. They have to teach you the classes that the Real Estate Board requires. Are you sure the classes at Century 21 are not the two classes you need after you get a conditional sales license? I went through the whole process of taking the right classes at Anthony Schools live, then took the state exam and passed. But I went to a few real estate companies and could not get hired because at the time in 2001 I did not have a computer or a car and I did not know how to generate my own leads. I thought they would provide leads but they didnt. I went to Prudential, Pacific Union and Howard Allen. These are in the bay ara.
Q:What can you tell me about a career in real estate?
Go for it. Take the classes to be a real estate agent, its about a 3 month course, then a test, then get sponsored by a broker. Its not a steady income but if your good at it you can make good money.

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