Stearic Acid

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Product Description:

Product Name:  Stearic Acid

CAS NO:  57-11-4  

HSCODE:  38231100


Product Name: Stearic Acid 1842

AppearanceWhite , bead typeComplies
Iodine value0.30.25
Sapon value209-211210.25
Acid value208-210209.4
Moisture %   0.20.08
Inorganic %0.001Pass
C18, %40-4443
C16, %53-5856
C14, %1.00.5
C12, %00
Inspection: Sun jianqiaochecked by: Wu yaguangAuditing: Zhang guobing

Product Name: Stearic Acid 1820 :

AppearanceWhite fine beadComplies
Iodine value0.1-0.20.15
Sapon value214-216215.2
Acid value213-215214.3
Moisture %0.20.08
Inorganic %0.001Pass
C18, %17.743
MFT.DATEJuly, 20th, 2010
EXP.DATEJuly,20th, 2011
Conclusion:Up to the Standard for Export.
Inspection: Sun jianqiaochecked by: Wu yaguangAuditing: Zhang guobing

Product Name: Stearic Acid (1838)

AppearanceWhite , bead typeComplies
Iodine value0.30.22
Sapon value211-212.5212.2
Acid value210-211.5211.1
Moisture %   0.20.08
Inorganic %0.001Pass
C18, %36-3837
C16, %59-6461
C14, %2.01.4
C12, %0.50.1

Usage:  It is an important chemical raw material and additive, widely used in rubber, plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemical auxiliary agent industries etc.

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