Stayed-cable Cantilever Traveller

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Stayed-cable cantilever traveller is applicable to large-scale stay-cable
cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck, heavy and long segment. Most of
the componants concentrates on bottom frame and walking system. It has no main
frame, at the same time, the lift is done by the stay-cable of the bridge. Comparing
with other types, the sigle weight of stayed-cable cantilever traveller is heavier.

●Low gravity of front trancerse beam

●Applicable to large-scale stay-cable cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck

●Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

●Big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation and removal

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Q:How does the prestressed tensioning in the construction of the bridge hanging basket?
Simple introduction of hanging basket construction:1 steel cable-stayed bridge construction, most of the factory welding, transported to the site, with the crane as a whole lifting, or block lifting, in place after the formation of high-strength bolts.2 construction of concrete cable-stayed bridge with cast-in-place and precast assembly and other combinations of construction technology.
Q:What's the meaning of the main truss in the basket?
H ngli ng trussThe [brace girder] is composed of a plurality of slats of the web and the two sides of the connection of the girder
Q:Operating rules for hanging baskets
The above adjustment process, on-site construction management personnel and engineering and technical personnel must grasp the seven technical problems o A1 pay attention to the relationship between the turning point elevation, to coincide with the design of 2B1 through the side of the mold bottom to adjust the tension screw
Q:What are the specific steps of hanging basket construction and hanging basket construction
First, to navigation, two is the cost of setting up a high bracket. So people think of the bridge in the river is not set up under the premise of the construction of the bridge beam, so hanging basket construction method appeared. Is the use of the construction of the anchor anchor in the shape of the former section of beam and slab concrete above to the beam plate of the next section of beam slab concrete cast-in-place construction. Because the stent is hung in a molding on the concrete, the two bracket also bear after a period of concrete construction of the template function, like a basket, so we hang this called "hanging basket in the concrete pouring molding template has been"
Q:The post tensioned prestressed anchorage of suspension bridge can be reused?
Prevention of shrinkage and stress loss of prestressed reinforcement
Q:How to choose the kind of hanging basket
The other is to fit the actual, anyway, so many hanging baskets did not change to the scene. Some even have to cut the injured all over the body...... Heartache.
Q:What is the use of hanging basket
The continuous beam segment by stage construction, each section of concrete pouring the template with anti truss hanging in the previous section beam, gradually forward, finally realize the goal of the transaction closed, anti force truss and template system called the hanging basket.
Q:The difference between cast in place and hanging basket construction
I have not seen the cast-in-place cast-in-place scaffold.
Q:On the problem of hanging basket preloading procedure
Install side span closure section, installation of hanging mold closure segment skeleton, formwork, steel banding, installation of prestressed pipe and the core concrete pouring, side span closure segment and maintenance - tension closure segment longitudinal, transverse and vertical prestressed grouting, removing the side line and cross - - side span closure segment construction support the landing gear box girder.
Q:Cantilever pouring construction should pay attention to what
The hanging basket generally adopts universal rods, Bailey truss and beam in the group together, complex structure, high quality. The rhombic hanging basket and the triangle hanging basket are often inconvenient to operate, and have the advantages of simple structure, few nodes, small deformation, convenient operation, etc..

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