Standard three phase asynchronous motors

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NORD production of 4 very ordinary three-phase ac motor and three-phase ac braking power range 0.12 kW to 200 kW.Production of motor by NORD for independent brands, the production process does not involve the subcontractor, so there will be no bottlenecks, our customers can enjoy the shortest delivery time.If you use a NORD energy-saving three-phase motor, the maximum can save up to 40% of the energy consumption.NORD efficiency three-phase motor is also in line with the 1992 rules in the energy bill (EPACT) in the United States. 

Any applicable national, local and system-specific regulations and requirements must also be observed! 

Special designs and design variants may differ with regard to technical details. If anypoints are not clear, it is urgently recommended that you consult the manufacturer stating the type designation and motor number or have the maintenance work performed by NORD.

2.1 Field of Application 

Use of the motors: 

The motors may only be used for their intended purpose. The motors are designed with at least IP 55 protection (for degree of protection see name plate). They may be installed in dusty or damp environments. The necessary degree of protection and any additional precautions required always depend on the operating and environmental conditions. For outdoor installation and vertical designs, 

e.g. V1 or V5 with the shaft pointing downward, NORD recommends the use of the double fan hood option [RDD].   The motors must be protected against intense sunlight, e.g. by means of a protective shield. The insulation is tropicalised.  

Installation altitude: £1,000 m Ambient temperature: -20°C...+40°C. With standard motors, a greater ambient temperature range is permitted from -20°C...+60°C.  The rated power must however be reduced to 82% of the catalogue value.  If the maximum value of the ambient temperature is between +40°C and +60°C, the power consumption can be inversely interpolated linearly between 100% and 82%. The motor connection cables and the cable inlet glands must be suitable for temperatures ³ 90°C. 


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Q:How to judge a three-phase ac motor
Three-phase resistance line resistance is measured with meter, first to see if there is resistance, and then to the equilibrium value is decrease (maximum minimum), general corporate control within 1% resistance unbalance degree, resistance unbalance affects a relatively high fever, insulation damage easily.
Q:Three phase ac synchronous motor is different from three-phase ac asynchronous motor
use Synchronous motors are used mostly in large generators, while asynchronous motors are used almost exclusively in motor situations. The synchronous motor can adjust the power factor by the excitation. The power factor of asynchronous motor is adjustable, so in some large factories, application of asynchronous motor is large, can be added a synchronous motor for condenser, used to adjust the plant and the power factor of power network interface. However, due to the synchronous motor of high cost, maintenance workload is big, now commonly used capacitance compensation power factor. Synchronous machine with exciting winding and the slip ring, need the operator had a higher level to control excitation, in addition, compared with those of asynchronous machine maintenance free maintenance workload is bigger; So, as an electric motor, most current asynchronous motors are chosen.
Q:60W regular ac motor needs to be fast and slow before stopping, how to control?
You want to know how fast you're talking, how long does it take to stop the process and how long does it take to complete the process?
Q:The same power ac motor is more expensive than the dc
Is the same power ac motor more expensive or more expensive? The price is of course the dc welder. But you welding, non-ferrous metal or welding have special requirements that you must use dc welding machine, because it has high no-load voltage. The arc easy. Wide range of welding current. Steady arc. The weld appearance, etc. If you weld a regular iron plate that's all you need to do with the ac welder.
Q:Why does dc motor reduce the voltage regulating ac motor?
To understand "why do dc motors reduce voltage regulating ac motors?" The first thing you need to know about their speed is what the parameters are. Three-phase ac motor speed formula: n = (1 - s) 60 f/p, can be seen from the formula, the speed of the three-phase ac motor with slip s very logarithmic p, power frequency f, motor, voltage has nothing to do with work. Dc motor speed formula: n = (U - IaRa)/(Ke Φ), can be seen from the formula, the dc motor speed related to the armature voltage U and excitation flux Φ. From the above two formulas, the dc motor can be used to adjust the armature voltage or adjust the excitation voltage to achieve the speed adjustment. Not while ac motor, ac motor can only by adjusting the slip s of wound rotor motor, asynchronous motor power frequency f, multi-speed motors of logarithmic to achieve speed control purposes.
Q:Can alternator speed improve power generation?
As long as the network is connected, the speed of the generator is synchronous with the electromagnetic system, not fast or slow. The amount of power generated is determined by the torque of the rotor. From the physical structure, the stator and rotor of the generator are completely independent and non-interference parts. Generator stator active source, produce inductive electromotive force, current and drag of the rotor, the exporting of alternating current (ac), by a prime mover (oil, gas, air, water, etc.) determines the amount of active power. Reactive power source, winding of generator rotor is direct current (dc) is introduced from the external magnetic field, under the impulsion of drag, outward flow of reactive power alternating current (ac), determined by the input of rotor dc size the size of the reactive power.
Q:Single phase single capacitance ac motor three wires wrong
Two of the three wires are connected to the capacitor, the other is connected to the power supply, and the motor can be operated by a single connection on the two capacitors. When another power source is replaced with a capacitor, the motor will reverse.
Q:The ac motor doesn't have a brush so how does the rotor rotate?
The rotor generates a magnetic field based on the induction of the magnetic field. There are also some of the three-phase ac motor is a brush and winding, but the winding is on the rheostat, used to control the strength of the induced current, to control the speed of the rotor.
Q:The voltage must be, what is the speed of the motor
Voltage must be associated with the frequency of alternating current and turn.
Q:What effect is the capacitor on the ac motor?
The capacitance of the three-phase motor is reactive capacitance, and the capacitance of the two-phase machine is the start-up capacity and the operating capacity.

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