Standard Mould Base/Plastic Injection mould base

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This product USES S50C material.Accessories are all made of standard guide pin guide bush.The thickness tolerance are processed according to the requirements of 0.00 to 0.02.High surface finish and roughness of standard.Heat resistance and corrosion resistance is very strong, It is used in plastic mold development and manufacturing,composed of various steel plate with parts,It is a complete set of the mould size to make it easier for mold into the injection molding machine installation.specific parameters according to customer requirements.


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mold base, LKM standard mold base, HASCO standard mold base, DME standard mold base, LKM mold base, HASCO mold base,mould base, LKM standard mould base, HASCO standard mould base, DME standard mould base, LKM mould base, HASCO mould base

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Plastic Injection molds. tools making Clear acrylic Injection molding Prototyping and model making  Plastic Printing & Welding & Assembly  Product 2D&3D design.Reverse-engineering.etc


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High quality is the only factor we consider Innovation reduces the cost,increase capacity One-stop solution assures the satisfaction of customer.


We expert in development and fabrication of various high quality moulds with advanced technology and tooling equipments.

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We provide one-stop solution from drawings design to final parts

PMMA.ABS.PP.PC.PS.PBT.etc Injection machines equipped with robots Feeders & Dryers. Temp. controlers Assembly line with silk-screen & painting 


Advanced CAD and CAM software is adopted in the tool making process.Operated by our experienced engineers.

Moldflow Pro-Engineer Solidworks Unigraphic Auto-CAD

Pictures of the mould base:

Standard Mould Base/Plastic Injection mould base

Standard Mould Base/Plastic Injection mould base

Standard Mould Base/Plastic Injection mould base

Standard Mould Base/Plastic Injection mould base

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Q:What is the cooling system of the mold
According to the product shape, people in different templates design with cold water or hot water in and out of the loop, especially near the mold core, cavity and port more requires constant cooling. In a working cycle, the molds have a large cooling area and need to be cooled for a long time, about 80% of a cycle. The design of cooling system should consider the following factors: mould steel variety, length of cooling channel, melt temperature of injection materials and solidification temperature. It should also consider temperature control device, cooling medium flow condition and pressure. The cooling system is designed according to the heat that the mould absorbs heat and the cooling water pipes. Studies have shown that a good cooling design reduces cooling time by about 20 percent.
Q:Where is the mould industry in our country?
Shanghai Shanghai has more than 1, 500 molds enterprises, with more than 70,000 employees and annual output of nearly 10 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20 percent. By 2010 the total output will be around 20 billion yuan. Imports from the current 290 million yuan based on compressed 30%, will increase 700 million yuan output value of industry, exports reached $130 million, and will increase 600 million yuan output value of industry. Shanghai mold industry will face six major industries and key industries, especially the information (IT) industry and automobile industry, vigorously develop the IT industry precision magnesium alloy die casting, precision injection mold; The auto industry covers molds, large parts die-casting molds and precision stamping parts. In 2010, 85 percent of the molds in the IT industry were manufactured and 90 percent of the auto molds were produced.
Q:What type of mould is the tooling
The definition of "tooling" : the short term for the process of manufacturing process of mechanical manufacturing, is the general term for the various tools used in the manufacturing process. Includes tools/fixture/mould/tools/tools/tools/tools/tools/tools
Q:What does a factory do?
The mould is used with die casting mould plastic mould. Most of the articles around you except paper are very wide open
Q:The function of die water board?
Plastic mould is divided into two plate mold, three board mould, three board mould is two open mold, mold has a nozzle plate, nozzle plate is used to open mold for the first time the shuikou material pull out from water mouth, and then move back as the mould, due to the limit lever pull nozzle plate, injection molded parts and runner plate on the dynamic model of shuikou disconnect, complete the whole process of open mould.
Q:What are the main problems of the mold?
In theory, you can have a hardness that is stronger than the one you are working on and the material you want to change Ice cream, for example
Q:What do you mean by the side of the plastic mould
If there is a hot flow in the mold, the hot channel groove is usually on the side of the sky, and there is not much requirement on the non-operating side 4. The slider is in commonly day side nor desirable, inevitably will put the day side slide block increase the sliding distance, slip out of, if the slider with inclined guide pillar slider need to increase the slider spring and preloading is sufficiently large, oil cylinder oil cylinder or sliding out to you as far as possible self-locking mechanism, prevent unloading to slip sliding block, have the place to add the slider spring double insurance
Q:What is the difference between a mold and a handboard?
Hand refers to do manual model, general use plastic stick on machine tools or machining centers or in the form of a similar casting, made by hand, not mass production. And open mode is to point to the processing mould first, then use mould injection molding or blow moulding moulding to produce the product. In general, it is used to confirm the shape of the customer by hand plate mould.
Q:Injection mold. What does the soft mold mean? What's the difference between a quick one?
A soft die is a concept that is relative to a hard mold. In the process of component design generally need to verify the design of plastic parts is reasonable, can meet the requirements of the assembly and product design changes may need to be kept. This way, we need to open a sample molds before mass production. Until the design is no longer changed, the initial mass production is limited to a single hole of capacity, which requires a large cavity. In the comparison between soft and hard models, the soft mold is not as good as the hard mold (which is the die life), except for the steel choice. What do you mean by a quick form that you don't understand? Is it a plastic block? If this is the case, then a quick form is not needed, but only a few or dozens of samples can be done, and the cost is high. The average life span of a soft mold is no less than 50,000 modules, even higher. If batch not small plastic parts, often one a hole to use soft model completely can satisfy capacity.
Q:What does the mold slow wire do
Walking wire electrode is used copper wire, fast wire with molybdenum wire, and fast wire is used in reciprocating, slow wire can only be a one-off, slow silk machine, of course, price is high, the processing fee is high also, processing product quality is high

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