Standard Mould Base/Plastic Injection mould base

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This product USES S50C material.Accessories are all made of standard guide pin guide bush.The thickness tolerance are processed according to the requirements of 0.00 to 0.02.High surface finish and roughness of standard.Heat resistance and corrosion resistance is very strong, It is used in plastic mold development and manufacturing,composed of various steel plate with parts,It is a complete set of the mould size to make it easier for mold into the injection molding machine installation.specific parameters according to customer requirements.


mold base, LKM standard mold base, HASCO standard mold base, DME standard mold base, LKM mold base, HASCO mold base

mold base, LKM standard mold base, HASCO standard mold base, DME standard mold base, LKM mold base, HASCO mold base,mould base, LKM standard mould base, HASCO standard mould base, DME standard mould base, LKM mould base, HASCO mould base

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Plastic Injection molds. tools making Clear acrylic Injection molding Prototyping and model making  Plastic Printing & Welding & Assembly  Product 2D&3D design.Reverse-engineering.etc


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High quality is the only factor we consider Innovation reduces the cost,increase capacity One-stop solution assures the satisfaction of customer.


We expert in development and fabrication of various high quality moulds with advanced technology and tooling equipments.

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We provide one-stop solution from drawings design to final parts

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Advanced CAD and CAM software is adopted in the tool making process.Operated by our experienced engineers.

Moldflow Pro-Engineer Solidworks Unigraphic Auto-CAD

Pictures of the mould base:

Standard Mould Base/Plastic Injection mould base

Standard Mould Base/Plastic Injection mould base

Standard Mould Base/Plastic Injection mould base

Standard Mould Base/Plastic Injection mould base

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Q:How long is the life of die casting die?
A: die casting materials used in aluminum, zinc, magnesium, copper, die die core materials also have domestic 3 cr2w8v, 4 cr5mosiv, Japan imports of SKD61, DH - 31, DAC and so on, such as the United States have H11, H13, Sweden's 8407, 8418, etc., and W302, 2344 and so on various brands, production materials used and the mold core materials affect the service life of mould, even with the same kind of alloy and mold core material, affecting the service life of die and the structure of the product shape and so on, so can't general said that the service life of die mold how much, die from tens to hundreds of thousands of times. Aluminum: 120,000 models Copper: 20,000 times Magnesium: 200,000 modules Zinc: half a million Three: base, the product structure adds and reduce die life.
Q:What is the "KO hole" on the injection mold?
General mould, the greater the KO hole design of the KO hole, the more it but the location of the KO hole mold must be according to the plunger position of injection molding machine is used to open, or mould thimble can't top up!
Q:What is suitable for moulding steel
Plastic moulds include thermoplastic moulds and thermosetting plastic moulds. The plastic mould requires certain strength, hardness, abrasion resistance, thermal stability and corrosion resistance. In addition, it also requires good manufacturability, such as heat treatment deformation is small, processing performance, corrosion resistance, good repair welding, grinding and polishing performance is good, good performance, high roughness, good thermal conductivity and working conditions have stable size and shape, etc. In general, the injection molding or extrusion die can be used for the heat making die steel. Hot solidification and the requirement of high wear-resisting and high strength mold can be used in cold making die steel.
Q:Can glass steel molds make resin products?
I think my answer is that glass steel can be made. Imitation jade is very similar. 2 resin products are mostly made of resin mold, most of the glass fiber reinforced plastic abrasive and glass fiber reinforced plastic products are made by resin raw materials, such as trash. Stool and other civilian products and their trash abrasive abrasive tool stool mould is made of resin. But some products without rules By other materials to replace Such as silica gel, gypsum, etc Some glass fiber reinforced plastic relief also do grinding tool with mud. Their use and their advantages are now in full play. If you use a glass and steel mold, I suggest you use the yellow wax and you can buy the imported towing water.
Q:How do you play the continuous stretch mold
Don't listen to that one, he only understands the words in the paper, he can't use it! First, the outside big circle is in pull small circle perhaps dead fixed! How high is the large circle? How much is the smaller circle? Tell me the data and contact me again!
Q:Basic knowledge of die fitter
4. The fitter species along with the development of mechanical industry, the widening scope of work bench, professional division of labor is more thin, so is divided into ordinary fitter fitter (assembly fitter), repair bench, die locksmith tools (bench) and so on. (1) the general fitter (assembly bench) is mainly engaged in the assembly and adjustment of machinery or parts, and the clamping of some parts. (2) the repairman mainly engages in the maintenance of various kinds of machinery and equipment. (3) tool fitter (tool manufacturing fitter) is mainly engaged in the production of moulds, tools, measuring tools and samples. 5. Fitter basic operation skills including line, chisel cut cut cut (), sawing, drilling, reaming, counter boring, reaming, tapping and set of silk, straightening and bending, riveting, scraping, grinding, and basic measuring skills and simple heat treatment, etc. Either fitter, first of all should grasp the fitter in all kinds of basic operation skills, and then according to different division of labor further study to grasp the good parts of the bench processing and assembly of products and equipment, repair and other skills. Fitter skills require strengthening basic skill practice, strict requirement, standard operation, practice and innovation. Basic operation skills are the basis of production, is the basis for the machinist's professional skills, therefore, must first master, can be achieved step by step in the future work with ease, with ease.
Q:What does the mold and the flying model mean
It's the match model. If you know what to do with the fitter, you will know that it is the place where the higher ground is polished and the uneven ground is polished. Fly mode to use to the red lead, similar to Indonesia, the two sides laminating will have red mark, where sealant plane if there is no stamp, just sign here has a problem, will need to be polished. And this process is called the flying model. You still need to see it on the ground.
Q:The processing method of the mold cavity processing center
Is the mould inside the groove, and the cavity. Now more than a touch cavity more and more, and most of the high precision, high mould has the characteristics of complexity. Higher up best precision machining center, if the volume is big, also have to gantry machining center, pentahedron gantry machining center, will not have what problem
Q:How is the die in the manufacturing industry
Mold entry should be separate: If the period of use is over one year, the fixed assets shall be credited, and the depreciation shall be gradually recovered from the period of time. entries Borrowing: fixed assets -- molds Loan: bank deposit/inventory cash/accounts payable 2) use fixed number of year within a year, or easy to loss, recorded in the packing materials and low-value products, you can use the double fifth amortization method (recipients when cancel after verification 50% cost, scrap again when the cost of cancel after verification of the remaining 50%)
Q:How does the die rod work? Is it through the press?
The rigid push device usually consists of a rod, push plate, connecting rod and push piece.

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