Standard Mould Base for Plastic Injection Moulding Factory

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Our company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of plastic standard and non-standard mold, die-casting mould, stamping mould and all kinds of Euro HASCO mould frame.

The accessories are all made of standard guide pillar & bushes. 

Thickness tolerance are processed according to requirements of 0.00 to 0.02.

High surface finish and roughness of standard.

Various types of formwork could be processed according to figure.

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Q:What is a mold bite
Make pattern, can make the surface of product surface and cavity surface can hold a small amount of air, do not form vacuum adsorption, make it easy to get out. Anti-skid, anti-roll, good handle. To make hemp or subsurface, prevent light reflection, eliminate eye strain and so on.
Q:What does a factory do?
The mold factory is to make the mold, the stamping injection moulds what It also has milling and heat treatment
Q:What type of mould is the tooling
The definition of "tooling" : the short term for the process of manufacturing process of mechanical manufacturing, is the general term for the various tools used in the manufacturing process. Includes tools/fixture/mould/tools/tools/tools/tools/tools/tools
Q:Where is the mould industry in our country?
Mould industry is mainly concentrated in ningbo and taizhou, zhejiang province, ningbo, ninghai, yuyao, cixi and yinzhou mainly produces plastic mold, beilun is given priority to with die casting, xiangshan and zhoushan is given priority to with casting and stamping die. Taizhou main mould manufacturing enterprise focuses on huangyan and road bridge, plastic mold is the majority. Zhejiang mould industry has some obvious characteristics. One is that the mold manufacturing enterprises are almost all private enterprises; Secondly, the mould enterprises have been relatively concentrated and have formed the mould market. Three is that the mould can meet different needs at different levels, and the high level of molds develops rapidly and has a large proportion. Fourth, we have created a number of high-caliber key enterprises through entrepreneurship. Fifth, the division of specialization has been formed by nature, and the main enterprises have obvious features. Sixth, the development of the mould industry is obvious to the local and regional industries.
Q:How to open the exhaust in the plastic mould exhaust, should notice what?
The effect of the exhaust tank The exhaust tank has two main functions. One is to exclude the air in the cavity when the fuse is fused. The second is to eliminate all kinds of gases produced during heating. The more thin wall products, the more distant the part of the gate, the opening of the exhaust slot is especially important. For small pieces or precision parts also should attach great importance to the opening of the exhaust slot, because in addition to it can avoid products surface burns and injection quantity is insufficient, also can eliminate the various defects of the products, reduce the pollution of the mould and so on. So how does the exhaust of the cavity be sufficient? In general, if the injection rate is injected at the highest injection rate, it is not left in the product, and it is considered sufficient to exhaust the cavity in the cavity
Q:The role of cryogenic processing of die material
Cryogenic processing can improve the performance of various materials. In the mould materials, it is mainly possible to improve the wearability, the prolonged impact fatigue strength, the ductility of the material and the internal deformation.
Q:Make cell phone lens what mould material is best! ?
Use the S136 vacuum to make sure you're talking. Besides the quality of the material, the polishing process is also very heavy, the material will be burned with orange peel
Q:What does the mold slow wire do
Because the wire cutting machine is adopt the method of continuous line electrode wire, wire electrode in the process of movement to finish machining, so even if the wire electrode loss, also can continuously complemented, it can improve machining precision parts. Processing of the workpiece surface roughness by wire cutting machine usually can reach Ra = 0.8 mu m and above, slow wire cutting machine of the roundness error, linear error and size error is fast wire cutting machine, so in the high precision parts machining, wire cutting machine has been widely applied. Easy to operate, suitable for small and medium enterprises, with a slight advantage
Q:What are the advantages of using a hot runner?
Choose the right heat flow. The easiest thing to do is save money and save a minimum of labor.
Q:What mould steel can make injection mold?
5 crnimnmovsca crsca (5) the using S - Ca compound free cutting steel pin and jet metallurgy technology, improve the morphology of sulphide, distribution and the anisotropy of steel, and can ensure the distribution of sulfide in the big cross section is relatively uniform. 5 crsca steel has high hardenability, high toughness, easy cutting, advance again hard (42 HRC) are still has good processability, has a good mirror polishing performance, surface roughness after polishing can reach Ra0.040 ц m, repair welding performance is good Suitable for plastic injection mould cavity complex, compression molding, require large deformation of the plastic molding die, etc 3 cr2mo the steel is from the American AISI P20 translating into the rigid plastic die steel, and has been incorporated into the national standard (GB1299-1985) can be in 29.5 under the condition of 35 HRC hardness supply, good machining performance, excellent polishing performance. It is widely used in various countries to apply a kind of plastic mold to the compression mold and injection mould 3 cr2nimnmo the steel is a new developed on the basis of P20 steel, the steel is with strong high toughness and good machining and polishing performance can be polished to 0.020 ц m (), can be in advance hard state (30-36 HRC) processing. Apply to large plastic mold or cavity complex, request mirror polishing molds

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