Stamping outer ring needle roller bearings

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Stamping bearing also known as punching needle roller bearings or stamping outer ring needle roller bearings, needle roller bearings are used for supporting the design of radialload, reduce the friction between the rotating parts, stamping bearings with smaller cross section, can provide the load capacity of the largest in the smallest space, installed only when press in the bearing seat, very convenient, stamping needle bearing with full needleand frame with two design remain, both with stamping outer ring needle roller, as the outer raceway, full needle type stamping outer ring needle roller bearing has the largest number of needle, by stamping outer ring maintain, low cost, radial load carrying capacity is big, the standard to maintain a chip holding the steel frame comprises a frame type stamping outer ring needle roller bearings, needle roller guide for and maintain, which is characterized in that the running speed, the oil film retention capacity.



Outer ring needle roller bearings is formed by thin steel plates, precision stamping, small structural space, and has a large load capacity. Applicable to the installation space is notrestricted and hole as raceway. And press in the bearing seat hole without further axialpositioning.

The main structural form:

Bearing code

Structure characteristics


Keyhole stamping outer ring needle roller bearings

HK... RS

Keyhole stamping outer ring needle roller bearings with single sealing ring

HK... 2RS

Keyhole stamping outer ring needle roller bearings with double-sided sealing ring


Keyhole stamping outer ring needle roller bearings

BK... RS

Sealing type stamping outer ring needle roller bearings with seals the side


Keyhole stamping outer ring needle roller bearings are filled


Keyhole stamping outer ring needle roller bearings (oil filled limit)


Sealing type stamping outer ring needle roller bearings are filled


Sealing type stamping outer ring needle roller bearings (oil filled limit)

The needle roller bearing without inner ring general. If you need to use the ring, you can select the IR inner ring.

DF stamping outer ring needle roller bearings for the two ends of the bearing pointsperforation (HK type) end and a bearing closed type (BK type). Compared with the keyholestamping outer ring needle roller bearing, one end sealed bearing as closed, suitable for shaft end, and can withstand the axial travel power small.

The 2 seal type stamping outer ring needle roller bearings


With the sealing ring to seal the sealing type stamping outer ring needle roller bearings, in general working conditions, can protect bearings from impurities from intruding and greaseleakage. Therefore, in the use temperature range of -20 DEG -120 DEG inside, the long term operation. If can timely supplement of suitable grease or short-term use, can be used for +130 degrees centigrade.

The sealing ring using synthetic rubber lip, good elasticity, and using the steel lining core,mechanical rigidity, in addition, the sealing ring gap to maintain axial guiding role.

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Q:how many bearings in rearend of 2001 Ford Sport Trac ???
your axle seals are gone they are cheap but you must drain the diff to pull the Axel's and replace the seals about a 300-400 dollar job the BRAKES will be ruined as well as the emergency BRAKES if they are the shoe style in the rotor
Q:What skate bearings are better?
ABEC is almost meaningless for skates or boards. It is an industrial standard for VIBRATION (not speed) in bearings on high speed machines that run at speeds that would be over 200 mph on a board. It became important because the previous ones that were used (20 years ago) were a grade called precision which are really sloppy. You can actually see them move them if you twist the center to the side. ABEC bearings were a huge move up and came without the heavy grease the was needed to make the precision bearings not rattle like maracas. However, now that a number was involved, the marketing people get into the idea that they can advertise higher numbers because people assume that higher is better. Almost all the difference in how fast a bearing rolls is in what lubricant is used.
Q:i need some some practice questions related to compass and true bearings?
bearings are just angels taken clockwise and written in three figures as for compass is concernt fix the pencil in it and draw circles
Q:What are good set of wheels, bearings and spacers for outdoor rollerblading?
you can get any number of any parts that you want.
Q:How to put new bearings on a rim? Bmx bike?
Cage bearings are the easiest once you get the right size.
Q:Cost of replacing wheel bearings?
that does not sound like a bearing cause if it was a bearing you would here noise any time you move...if its make a noise when you turn its the u-joints that's an expensive job for sure.i had that same problem with my car and they had to replace the u-joints and the boot covers that go over them...$400 warned that i did not take me car in to shop till it was too late and my front wheel fell off..lucky i was just in town driving slow cause it it would have been on the freeway,wow!!!!! look under the car behind the front wheels there like a black boot cover (like the one the bottom on a shifter in a Manuel shift car) you can see if there torn,if they are its the u-joints for sure...(check both sides)
Q:should I buy new trucks or bearings for my longboard?
If you have $100 you can seriously buy both. But if you are looking for longer roll time, bearings are what you need. NEVER SPEND A LOT OF BEARINGS!!! Bearings should never cost more than $15. If you get a good set of bearings and keep them cleaned and lubed when needed, there will be no difference between $100 bearings and $10 bearings. I recommend MileHighSkate or Magic bearings if you can get them. They are high quality and $9. If not, Bone Reds are easy to find, but arent as nice and cost $15. I also HIGHLY recommend you get bearing spacers. They are $5 and go inside your bearings and allow you to tighten your wheels all the way, giving you a smoother ride. You should also have speed rings too (those 8 rings that come with your current trucks). Trucks will not help you go faster.
Q:Can I put X-TRA HEAVY DUTY GREASE on bearings?
You can, but it would be a bad idea. Bearings require lubricants based on their use. Grease is used where the temperature is high enough to liquify the grease to the proper viscosity. Also, if your skateboard has exposed ball bearings, the grease will collect and hold dirt, which will then act as a grinding compound and wear them out. If the bearing are sealed, no lubrication is necessary.
Q:How do you put new wheel bearings on?
Go to your local library, search under Automotive Repair Manuals: Haynes, Chilton and such, look for the make and model. The manual will explain your husband what tools he will need and give him detailed explanation with pictures and/or drawings. If he find the book useful he can buy it at your local parts shop or bookstore.
Q:where does 2000 2wd chevy tahoe ft wheel bearings get its oil?
wheel bearings on that truck are sealed.....When they go bad, you replace the bearing/hub as an assembly.....They should last at least 100,000 miles if truck is not treated roughly....I owned a 2000 Silverado that had 146,000 miles on it when I traded it in....and still had the original wheel bearings on it and they were still in good shape.

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