Stamping Mould Mould Base for Plastic Injection Moulding

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Our company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of plastic standard and non-standard mold, die-casting mould, stamping mould and all kinds of Euro HASCO mould frame.

The accessories are all made of standard guide pillar & bushes. 

Thickness tolerance are processed according to requirements of 0.00 to 0.02.

High surface finish and roughness of standard.

Various types of formwork could be processed according to figure.

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Q:How to choose the injection molding machine when the mould design
If you choose me as a manufacturer of injection molding machines, we will do our best to help you design the equipment you want
Q:Can you tell me how the injection molding machine has a large closing line and the batch front?
If the mould quality is ok, it can be adjusted. Try the following: Reduce injection or pressure pressure properly. 2, appropriate reduction of temperature setting. Increase lock mode high pressure properly. 4, reduce the injection rate appropriately. Reduce mold temperature appropriately. I wish you good luck with only one change at a time.
Q:Is there any way to keep the ice from sticking to the mold and remove it from the mold
It is easy to separate the ice from the mold by simply rushing under the flowing water (tap water).
Q:The wall thickness of the die is affected by the plastic parts
Wall thickness is high, thin wall is not enough, The wall is not uniform, and the stress concentration is deformed The thin wall is easy to hold, fill insufficient, the process is difficult to adjust, poor high
Q:What is the main meaning of die mold?
It is the fractal type, which is to divide the mold into the upper and lower, the block, the living block. That is to say that the product is split into a cavity to make the mold.
Q:What kind of mold do you have?
The mold is known as the mother of industry and the variety is very complex. The type of mould used is stamping die/injection mold/casting mould. Three types of molds are different.
Q:What is a compression mold?
The main equipment used in compression moulds is press and mold. The most commonly used are self-contained hydraulic presses, which range from dozens of tons to several hundred tons. Have lower pressure press and upper pressure press. The molds used to compress moulds are called press moulds, which are divided into three categories. Overflow mold, semi-overflow mold and mould. The main advantage of the compression mould is that it can be moulded by larger planar products and mass production, and its disadvantages are long production cycle and low efficiency.
Q:Is the stamping tool to be used for the precision of the stamping parts? Why is that?
In general, it is possible to look at the precision of the product requirements. This type of mould to the flatness of the main problem is falling materials problem, if the flatness requirement is strict, it must be on the top of the lower die shear engineering with strong spring, shear process ensure the punch material is within the scope of clamping incised, punch height is just right across the material thickness can be half a (theoretical value, can adjust the height). This station is called "half cut back", will fall with CARDS in the next work is expected to bring was taken to a station by the punch shot down, the flatness of the product will be effectively controlled.
Q:Basic knowledge of die fitter
Introduction to the bench The fitter is the method of machining by hand. 2. The characteristics of the bench has three major advantages, flexible processing, processing complicated shape and high precision parts, small investment), two big weaknesses (low production efficiency and the intensity of labor and processing quality is not stable). (1) working flexibly in a machine that is not suitable for machine processing, especially in the maintenance of mechanical equipment, the work of the fitter is satisfactory. (2) for processing complicated shape and high precision parts skilled bench can work out better than modern machine tool parts processing precision and the bright and clean, can work out the shape of even modern machine tool will not be able to process the complex parts, such as high precision measuring tool, mould, beginning complex, etc. (3) the equipment and equipment used for the processing of small fitter are cheap and convenient to carry. The production efficiency is low, the labor intensity is large
Q:What is the cooling system of the mold
Exactly, the thermostat system of the mold should be called. Cooling, it's just part of this constant temperature, and the other part is insulation. In the process of injection molding, according to the material, the requirements for the mould temperature are different. For example, PP material, the temperature requirement of the mold is not high, the circulating water cooling is ok, it is ok to keep room temperature. But some materials, such as PC, require that the temperature of the die need to be kept above 80 degrees, which requires the temperature of the temperature machine to warm up the water. There are some special materials such as PPS (PPS) to demand a higher mold temperature above 150 degrees, also need the oil temperature machine or electric heating rod to heat the mold. Thermostatic system generally is in the mold cavities internal hole, forming one or more than one closed loop pipes, hoses, a into a mission of water flow in the pipeline, to keep the temperature of the mold temperature is constant. This is the die water. The other is the heating rod, which is inserted into the molds of the molds to keep the temperature above 100 degrees. It should be said that most of the moulds should be made by water, and no water will affect the life of the mold, mainly by the effect of injection molding process.

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