Stamping Mould Mould Base for Plastic Injection Moulding

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Our company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of plastic standard and non-standard mold, die-casting mould, stamping mould and all kinds of Euro HASCO mould frame.

The accessories are all made of standard guide pillar & bushes. 

Thickness tolerance are processed according to requirements of 0.00 to 0.02.

High surface finish and roughness of standard.

Various types of formwork could be processed according to figure.

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Q:What is the cooling system of the mold
According to the product shape, people in different templates design with cold water or hot water in and out of the loop, especially near the mold core, cavity and port more requires constant cooling. In a working cycle, the molds have a large cooling area and need to be cooled for a long time, about 80% of a cycle. The design of cooling system should consider the following factors: mould steel variety, length of cooling channel, melt temperature of injection materials and solidification temperature. It should also consider temperature control device, cooling medium flow condition and pressure. The cooling system is designed according to the heat that the mould absorbs heat and the cooling water pipes. Studies have shown that a good cooling design reduces cooling time by about 20 percent.
Q:What are the advantages of using a hot runner?
Choose the right heat flow. The easiest thing to do is save money and save a minimum of labor.
Q:In die mold, is it better to use UG or PROE?
If it's a product design it's better to use proe. If you're doing mold design or programming I think it's better to use ug. The ug submodule, which is fast enough to unplug the electrodes, and the ug external technology is very mature, and the unplugged electrode is automated in the way out of the material. Mold design main push UG. There is a high degree of UG promotion. Software updates are fast, and someone might say that software updates are too late. Update quickly indicates that software companies have the money to be able to do so. It's good to learn a version, like 4.0. Although there were 5.0, most of the factory software was not updated, and computer hardware couldn't keep up. The UG mould library is full of information and is commonly used in the dragon card mould library.
Q:What are the five systems of plastic mould?
Good memory, memory in sequence, pouring system, molding system, cooling system, exhaust system, top out system.
Q:The performance requirement of die steel
The hardness is the main technical indicator of the mold steel, the mould is in high stress to keep its shape and size constant, it must have high hardness. Cold is a mold steel which is generally hard at room temperature under the condition of HRC60, the heat is made of steel according to its working condition, the general requirement is kept in the HRC40 ~ 55 range. In the case of the same steel, the hardness is proportional to the deformation resistance in a certain degree of hardness. However, there may be significant differences in the plasticity resistance of the steel species with the same hardness value and different tissue.
Q:How do H13 mould steel heat treatment
1. Preliminary heat treatment in the market supply of H13 steel and die steel billet, in the steel mills have prepared annealing heat treatment, ensure the good metallurgical structure, proper hardness, good processability, and no longer annealing. But factory to change after forging has destroyed the original organization and performance, stress, increased the forging must be annealed. Isothermal spheroidizing annealing process for: 860 ~ 890 ℃ heat insulating 2 h, cooling to 740 ~ 760 ℃ isothermal 4 h, furnace cooling to about 500 ℃.
Q:What is the difference between the p20 mould steel and the nak80-b mould steel
It's completely different, the composition is different, P20 is 3Cr2Mo, and NAK80 is 10Ni3MnCuAl
Q:The difference between wire cutting and mold making
How much do you need for the number of samples? If the number is small, the line cut is cost-effective (low cost). We will not open the mould until the customer has decided to make the batch. The cost of the die will be spread to each product, so the cost of the die will be reduced. If the mould comes up, the mold will be open if the customer is not satisfied. Money spent. I don't know. Do you understand?
Q:The injection molding round box is not satisfied with the molds.
Heat the mold with the temperature of the mould, then speed the injection a little faster, and then cool it when it is full.
Q:Injection mold. What does the soft mold mean? What's the difference between a quick one?
It's soft molds!! Soft mold forming using rubber mold modification, manufacture simple, low cost, the surface is not easy to scratch, but the pressure loss is big, the rounded part of workpiece forming difficulties, not suitable for complex shape and depth of the workpiece. Hydraulic forming can eliminate the above shortcoming, but when the liquid is directly applied to the workpiece, it is very important to solve the sealing problem. Hydraulic - rubber mold forming, can overcome the defects of these two kinds of soft moulds, forming various kinds of complex shapes. When drawing the shape parts of a deep curved surface with rigid punch, there is no free surface area of contact with the convex mold, and the stress state is a tension, and it is prone to wrinkle. The stress state of the molds is bidirectional tensile stress, which eliminates the cause of wrinkling. Soft mold forming and soft concave model two kinds. It is used for forming large flat and small parts, the main disadvantage is that the middle part of the billet is easily thin. When the liquid is convex, the stability of the raw material is not good and easy to deflect because of the frictionless friction between the liquid and the billet. Soft concave die can be used to form complex depth larger workpiece, due to high pressure, the effect of billet is tightly covered in punch, not only accurate positioning workpieces, and have the effect of the auxiliary forming, expanded the possibility of forming parts time; In addition, the mould general use is big, the structure is simple.

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