Stairs for frame Scaffolding

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(1)Stairs for frame Scaffolding


(3)Features:Welding by Robot

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Q:When building construction, the angle of the stairs has no standard requirements?
Stairs: angle at 20. ~ 45. Between the comfortable slope of 26.34 ', that is, the aspect ratio of 1/2. Stairs location to determine 1. Stairs should be placed in the obvious and easy to find the site 2. Stairs should not be placed on the corners and sides of the building to facilitate the delivery of the load 3. Stairs should have direct lighting and natural ventilation 4. Five floors and above the staircase of the building, the bottom should be set up entrance; in the four floors and below the building, the staircase can be placed from the entrance is not greater than 15m Step width (b), high (h) should meet one of the following relationships: B + h = 450 mm b + 2h = 600 to 620 mm The width of the ladder is preferably not less than 150mm
Q:What are the benefits of walking stairs?
Climb stairs can prevent and reduce gastrointestinal disorders such as gastrointestinal disorders Office workers work, eat from time to time is not quantitative, individual because of intense work or even devouring, in this case the intake of food in the stomach is not easy to digest, the stomach load is heavy, plus a long time Office, lack of exercise, gastrointestinal motility slowed down, resulting in chronic gastropathy, constipation and other illnesses. Climbing stairs to slow down this type of disease have a positive help in the process of climbing the stairs, the body to bear their own weight load, legs alternately rise, his arms swing naturally. These actions promote gastrointestinal motility, gastrointestinal motility helps to promote the promotion of digestive juice secretion, improve food digestibility, but also to promote the operation of chyme in the intestine, the end result can prevent or reduce stomach, constipation and other digestive tract Disease.
Q:Staircase stepping practice 200 wide wave line is what it means
Three, when the bench to change the direction, do not exceed the minimum width of the platform armrest less wide width. When dealing with large objects need to be appropriate. Four, or each ladder generally should not exceed 18, should not be less than three. Five, net high aisle landing in the upper and lower part of not less than 2m. Not less than 2.20 meters high net bench. Note: The amount of time between the lower edges above the net height of the front edge of the stepped deck line (including the minimum and maximum levels of stepping outside the leading edge of the line within the range of 0.30 m) is highlighted at a straight vertical height unit. Six, at least on the side of the staircase handrail, the long width of the three shares should be the abutment on both sides of the abortion handrail, abortion should be the central armrest up to four additional shares.
Q:What is the location of the stairs?
A single beam refers to a beam that is not poured with the plate. Staircase single beam should be used to hold the prefabricated ladder section of the ladder (TL), prefabricated on the beam left slot gap. Used in masonry houses.
Q:How to determine the depth of the staircase between the stairs
This should be based on building fire, disaster relief, evacuation of the functional requirements to determine the different architectural features of the staircase between the opening and the depth is not the same, in general, the stairs between the primary and secondary schools into the deepest.
Q:General basement and ground connection on the stairs on the fire barrier to what material
Fire barrier material preferred: ① ordinary clay brick, double-sided plastering 150mm thick, burning performance is not burning body, fire limit 4.5 hours,                                 ② concrete wall, 120 thick, burning performance is not burning body, fire resistance limit, 2.5 hours,
Q:Fire: the number of square meters of rice, a few layers need to set up two stairs?
In principle, regardless of the size of the area, should handle the relevant fire inspection procedures, including drawing approval, fire facilities construction or renovation, fire and other work. How many square meters above the need for fire permits
Q:What is the open staircase?
Second, residential buildings (open staircase can be used as evacuation of residential buildings): ① one, two-story corridor-style residential buildings. ② non-high-rise open corridors (inner corridors) residential buildings (such as dormitory). ③ unit type and tower type residential building layer is 6 layers and below, and any layer area is not more than 500 square meters. ④ any form of non-high-rise residential buildings, when the household door with a fire door B (hereinafter referred to as B-door), can be used as an open staircase staircase. ⑤ unit-style residential, when the use of B-door, and the staircase between the natural lighting and ventilation, the number of layers 11 and below, can be used as an open staircase staircase.
Q:How can the stairs turn the stairs when the stairs are painted?
Use the day to draw the stairs, it is a block, you first blast the stairs (X command, named full name do not remember), and then you can edit it separately. Maybe I did not understand your meaning, but I think the mirror should be able to command, it may be your reference axis did not choose a good?
Q:Smoke staircase front room, fire elevator front room exhaust smoke What are the requirements?
Smoke exhausted mechanical exhaust and natural smoke in two ways, when the smoke staircase front room, fire elevator front room with natural windows of natural smoke,

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