Stairs for frame Scaffolding

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(1)Stairs for frame Scaffolding


(3)Features:Welding by Robot

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Q:What is the fire stairs in the civil works?
High-rise buildings are generally the most worried about fire problems, and set up fire stairs can solve unexpected problems, fire stairs are generally closed, need to install fire doors in the entrance, if the fire door intact, pyrotechnics is simply not get, The stairs are separate channels separate from the residence and can be used as an emergency evacuation channel when a fire occurs.
Q:Stairs foot Wei, and how to do?
Wei feet, people are often encountered in life things, medicine called "ankle sprain." This trauma is an external force that makes the ankle more than its maximum range of motion, making the muscles around the joints, ligaments and even the joints are pulled tear, pain, swelling and claudication of a damage. As the normal ankle varus angle than the valgus angle is much greater, so Wei feet when the feet are generally twisted inward, injured parts in the lateral ankle. Many people are the first hard to rub the pain of the place, then wash your feet with hot water, blood swelling, and finally resist the pain to walk, activities, as is not "save the tendons." But the practice has proved that the disposal of Wei injury foot is not appropriate.
Q:The door is a downstairs stairs, the first floor is the living room, the second floor is the bedroom, this house feng shui ok
Q:Will the door of the closed staircase usually closed? Thank you!
Oh, can it, the recent fire brigade always crowded places in the application of B fire door to find fault, so the memory is deep.
Q:4 meters tall is designed to run three stairs good or two stairs is good, that specific point?
2 single steps do not need very high, upstairs easy steps high, every step up and down are strenuous
Q:What is the meaning of the building in the building, between the room and into the deep, staircase between the room,
If your house is north-south direction, then the distance between the walls of the room on both sides of the room is open, the distance between the south and the north wall is deep. Stairway also with the same.
Q:The elderly can climb the stairs to play the effect of fitness?
Climb stairs exercise should pay attention to: Climb stairs exercise, first of all to combine their own actual situation. In the elderly have varying degrees of osteoporosis, some people are too obese, the greater the pressure on the knee. Therefore, these people must master the relationship between speed and duration. At the beginning, should take a slow, adhere to a period of time, you can gradually speed up or extend the time, but not too violent, otherwise it will increase the burden of heart and lung. In the process of climbing stairs found discomfort, should immediately stop exercising. It is important to note that people with old knee injuries are advised not to climb the stairs as much as possible. At the same time, to master the correct method of exercise. Downstairs, in order to prevent the knee to withstand the pressure to increase, should be the first foot before the first landing, and then to the whole foot to the ground to cushion the knee pressure. After climbing the stairs can be local massage on the knee, usually the best often do squat, standing and static squatting and other exercises, so that the knee to get full movement to prevent its stiffness and rigidity. 【Note】: climb stairs when to prevent wear and tear on the leg to play bandages and bundles, there is no need for normal or young people to climb the stairs is not worn, but also can achieve the effect of strong gluten Zhuanggu, But the elderly with knee joint disease should try to take the stairs as much as possible.
Q:How high is each staircase?
Indoor staircase due to space constraints, the general depth of 25cm, high in 18-20cm.
Q:In order to earthquake, stairs should be set where?
Second, the staircase components seismic capacity calculation requirements: 1. The frame columns and frame beams connected to the stairway shall be included in the additional internal forces (especially axial and shear) of the stairway members; 2. The frame column, frame beam, which is not connected to the staircase member, can be designed according to the case where the staircase component is not included; 3. Ladder board should be included in the impact of seismic axis and in-plane bending moment, according to eccentric tension, eccentric compression components, according to double reinforcement design; 4. The resting platform beam connecting the risers and frames shall be included in the influence of the seismic axial force, and the bending beam or bending members shall be designed. The platform beams supporting the risers shall be designed according to the bending and bending members; 5. The ladder of the platform beam should be designed with the axial force of the platform beam as the shear force.
Q:What is the relationship between the beam and the staircase and the staircase
In general, the beam plate staircase reinforced steel along the stairs horizontal layout; plate staircase reinforced steel along the stairs longitudinal layout.

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