Stairs for frame Scaffolding

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(1)Stairs for frame Scaffolding


(3)Features:Welding by Robot

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Q:Is there a staircase as long as there is an elevator?
In the vertical arrangement should pay attention to: First, the evacuation stairs should be kept up and down smooth. The evacuation staircase of high-rise civil buildings should lead to no fixed, so that when the evacuation of the channel is blocked or the smoke is cut off, the staff can go to the roof for temporary shelter, waiting for firefighters to use the car or helicopter to rescue. Second, should avoid different evacuation flow of people cross each other. For high-rise civil buildings, the high-level part of the evacuation staircase should not be with the public part of the lower part of the traffic hall, staircase or escalator mixed cross, so as not to evacuate when the two parts of the crowd crowded crowded, causing blockage caused casualties. In addition, the evacuation staircase should be clearly marked and should be placed in an easy to find location. Ordinary stairs can not be used as evacuation stairs. The number of evacuation stairs can be determined by the number of safety exit points combined with evacuation routes.
Q:Would like to ask, 3DMAX inside the spiral staircase order
I use the English version, do not know whether it should be translated into open or open, anyway, is the type of the first, side by side with three of that,
Q:I would like to be a staircase, Shanghai Which staircase manufacturers do better
Hello, we are walking stairs, factory in Qingpu Xujing town.   We have a staircase factory, the factory has a staircase exhibition hall, Jiuxing market stores, specifically what kind of stairs you can come to our factory or to the store to visit the consultation.
Q:Fire: the number of square meters of rice, a few layers need to set up two stairs?
In principle, regardless of the size of the area, should handle the relevant fire inspection procedures, including drawing approval, fire facilities construction or renovation, fire and other work. How many square meters above the need for fire permits
Q:How can the stairs turn the stairs when the stairs are painted?
1. When you insert the stairs, look at the following command bar can be prompted to change the direction of the!
Q:Stairway smoke and smoke
The following is to do positive pressure air: The following are the same as the " Smoke-resistant parts: Stairwell 2, the use of natural smoke before the room or the combination of the former room and do not have the natural smoke conditions of the staircase. Smoke-resistant parts: Stairwell 3, the use of natural smoke stairwells and do not have the conditions of the natural smoke or the former room before the room. Anti-smoking parts: the former room or the combination of the former room 4, do not have the natural conditions of the stairway and the combination of the former room. Anti-smoking parts: staircase, combined with the former room 5, do not have the natural smoke of the fire elevator before the room. Anti-smoking parts: the front room
Q:Shanghai 2000 quota, staircase template and concrete how to calculate? What is the difference between the list and the list?
The list of templates and concrete calculations are the same as above, but the difference is that the list template is included in the measure fee.
Q:In order to earthquake, stairs should be set where?
Placed in the building of the internal space, is to do the program, try not to stairs on the edge of the building only, there is no specific requirements where to put, by the design staff to consider, pay attention to the fire evacuation it wants. However, generally not very high or what is particularly important to the building, on the edge or corner can also be, after all, not on the edge, after entering the building but also people take a road to the stairs.
Q:Stairs TL1, TL2, TL3, respectively, which parts
2, the stairs and ladder stairs: , Beam staircase: arranged on both sides of the stairs and platform, used to support the ladder beam and platform plate. As for the TL after the value of the layout of the entire staircase structure with different cross-sectional size, different reinforcement, etc. to classify and number.
Q:Do you have to set up a door for a closed staircase in a multi-storey residential building?
5.3.11 is to explain the situation can not be set to close the staircase, but if set, then it should comply with the provisions of 7.4.2, so do not consider, if it is closed staircase so that is willing to set B-level fire door of.

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