Stairs for frame Scaffolding

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(1)Stairs for frame Scaffolding


(3)Features:Welding by Robot

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Q:Fantasy Westward Journey Expression Buns Piggy Stairs How to play?
In the fantasy Journey to the West, want to play a pig ladder expression, then the need for the following methods of operation: 1. first issue a pig expression (# 29),
Q:Tianyi CAD in the middle of the stairs in the middle of the rest of the platform how to draw?
At this time the platform board has been done (you can enter the 3DO to see the effect), but then the platform board is under the stairs in the straight. - Double click on the platform board - click on the elevation or enter the T - input elevation (if the staircase height is 3000, the plate thickness is 200, the input elevation is 2800) - Enter. again See 3DO effect came out.
Q:How many calories do you consume calories for 30 minutes?
Please do not think that 78.7 kJ of energy consumption is negligible, if you go downstairs 5 times a day, it will consume 391 kJ, this exercise to play 10 minutes of football (football consumption per minute consumption of 37.25 kJ energy) , Or run 13 minutes off-road (cross-country run per minute consumption of 29.7 kJ) even more. If the number of climbing stairs every day more, or are climbing higher, of course, energy consumption will be more. According to the daily up and down the stairs consumption of 37.25 kJ calculation, 1 month can consume about 378 grams of fat, and consumption of excess fat at the same time, will also get a strong muscle and robust cardiopulmonary, long-term, the body will be too Full and become extraordinarily slim.
Q:How the sky is the picture of the staircase plane converted into a ratio of 1 to 50
Scar set the inside of the scale to change it can be friends
Q:Upstairs children rely on the side of the stairs? Downstairs by the side of the children?
The second should be no doubt the right. Because the first question two questions are asked in the direction of the stairs, and the left or right side of the stairs and depends on the observer's position, the observer is downstairs or upstairs, then according to the picture shows, it is clear, observation Is downstairs, that is, downstairs children are on our left, and upstairs children are on our right. So, the correct fill method should be: left, right, right.
Q:Is the door right for the stairs?
Entry should have three not see: 1, open the door to see the stove, "Yangzhai integrated" cloud: "open the door see the stove, money and more consumption." That entry to see the stove, anger hit people, so that money can not enter. 2, open the door to see the toilet, a door to see the toilet, it is like a bad gas welcoming, there is a "Yan Zi Chu Chu" allusions: Spring and Autumn Period, Qi Guozhi Yan Pingzhong ordered Chu Chu, Chu Wang Bully him short, deliberately to tease him, ordered not to let him from the tall gates pass, and dig a dog hole in the gates let him enter, the results of great wisdom Yanzi said: "If I am visiting the country, please let me leave the hole; if I was to the dog country to visit, then I go dog hole ok. "Made the king is very embarrassing ... ... 3, open the door to see the mirror, the mirror will be reflected in the gas out, if not the door straight to the evil or dirty things, etc., should not be on the door. Kitchen layout Kitchen stove to sit faint to Kyrgyzstan can be achieved feng shui principle. If located in the Kyrgyzstan, the home population health, husband and wife feelings of harmony. On the contrary, marriage is happy, often quarrel or frail Sick. Second, the kitchen furnishings, such as stove, dishwasher, dish, etc. should be placed in the correct position. Stove is most bogey by the water head, it is easy to stained with dysentery and gastrointestinal disease. If dishwashing Pots and stoves into a straight line, then the fire and water can not affect the couple feelings and health. If the stove placed in the position and the cages into a curved type (L-type), you can avoid fire and water fire, also meet the feng shui The way. Bogey in the kitchen washing clothes, washing machines can not be placed in the kitchen, the kitchen as the stove where the king, very sacred, in the meantime cleaning unclean clothing, affect luck.
Q:The elderly can climb the stairs to play the effect of fitness?
It is better to practice qigong Like the spirit of the good Climbing the legs demanding high, detrimental to the foot bones, not necessarily a good way to exercise Can go to the gym Or a good walk
Q:What are the general materials used for solid wood stairs?
European beech, American maple. Low-end rubber wood, pine, Zamu. I know that Shangyi staircase is done in the high-end.
Q:Above the stairs in the form of physical exercise there is no harm?
There are disadvantages, roughly enumerated: Up and down stairs have damage to the knee and wear. The upper stairs have little damage to the knee and wear, but in the downstairs, the knee needs to be bent 80 to 90 degrees, the legs to bear the equivalent of twice the usual weight. If repeated this action, the knee joint pressure also increased. Therefore, there are "upstairs fitness, downstairs wounded" argument. Up and down the stairs for a long time prone to osteoarthritis such as knee arthritis and the like. Up and down the stairs on the meniscus also there is a certain pressure and wear. Up and down the stairs easily damaged ligaments.
Q:What is the difference between the list of cast-in-place concrete stairs and the quota calculation rules?
The list calculation and the quota calculation, the list calculation: according to the design icon size to the horizontal projection area calculation, do not deduct the width of less than 500mm stairwell, deep part of the wall does not count. This is the fixed calculation: the whole staircase, including the rest platform, platform beam, inclined beam and stair beam, according to the horizontal projection area calculation, do not deduct the width of less than 200mm stairwell, into the wall part of the increase, the staircase and floor connection, Stairs to the outside of the stairs beam. The arc-shaped staircase includes a circular curved section, an arc-shaped side beam and a platform connected to the floor, calculated on the horizontal projection area of the stairs.

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