stainless steel wire rope for building industry

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 hot selling 8x19 stainless steel wire rope




Product Detail
Wire diameter0.03mm-2.0mm
Grade200 series,300 series,400 series
SurfaceBright,Cloudy,Plain, Black, as your request
TypeSpring, Welded,Tig,Migetc soft and hard
Tensile Strength630N/mm2 —900N/mm2
Production Process
  1. Bright hard wire-hydrogen draw

  2. Soft wire—hydrogen annealed

PackingPlastic film inside and woven bag or hession cloth outside ,25kg/50kg each coil ,25ton/20'' FCL
  1. Flexible and high tensile strength

  2. Low cost and economy

  3. excellent anti-corrosion property

  4. good preventing and anti-radiating property

  5. good after sales service

  6. if you have any question will be replyed on time


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Q:How to distinguish invisible security net 304 stainless steel wire?
Function: as an anti-theft safety product, it relies on intelligent alarm system. When the invisible anti-theft network is forcibly destroyed, the scene will trigger 120 dB alarm, drive the thief
Q:What is the difference between stainless steel taps and ordinary taps?
If it is made by tapping machine, the reasons are as follows:1, the tap material is not good;2, tapping machine precision is not enough (especially when machining small specifications thread hole, easy to break tap);3, tap chuck and inappropriate selection (tap chuck are now generally used in torque protection, but must choose imported torque to achieve effective protection of the tap collet effect. Like Italy Aisimu SCM torsion chuck is a very good product, he is the inventor of the collet torque);
Q:Is it necessary to make barbecue with argon arc welding wire (stainless steel)?
Stainless steel (Stainless Steel) is referred to as the stainless steel, the resistance of air, steam, water and other weak corrosive medium or with stainless steel known as stainless steel; while the resistance to chemical corrosion (acid, alkali and salt chemical etching) corrosion of steel called acid resistant steel. Because of the difference in the chemical composition of the two, and make their corrosion resistance is different, ordinary stainless steel is generally not resistant to chemical medium corrosion, and acid resistant steel are generally stainless steel.
Q:Stainless steel screws do not move
Stainless steel will rust, although not very strong, you can spray a little rust remover to see if it will be better;
Q:Do stainless steel springs need heat treatment?
Is the working environment of chemical machinery and electronics and many other industries in the requirements of corrosion resistance, high temperature, without a magnetic elastic element using the stainless steel spring can produce large elastic deformation under load, the kinetic energy is converted into mechanical work or deformation, and the deformation disappears after unloading and stainless steel spring back. The deformation can be converted into mechanical power or energy.
Q:Which is better, such as stainless steel wire drawing board and rose gold drawing board, such as moisture-proof effect, abrasion resistance and so on?
Refers to the air, steam, water and other weak corrosive medium and acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosive medium corrosion of steel, also known as stainless acid resistant steel. In practical application, the steel which is often corroded by weak corrosive medium is called stainless steel, and the steel which is resistant to chemical medium is called acid resisting steel. Because of the difference in chemical composition between the two, the former is not necessarily resistant to chemical medium corrosion, while the latter is generally stainless. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel depends on the alloying elements contained in the steel.
Q:The difference between high gloss wire drawing and stainless steel drawing panel
High light the drawing, I dare not to use the original evaluation, drawing is to increase the visual area, enhance the material texture effect, but also is of high light, this is not a little more effort, you can find some pictures on the details of a clear, ha ha, I hope to help you!
Q:It is welding welding of stainless steel welding stainless steel pipe and stainless steel wire 4mm
Low temperature welding, and soldering.Choice of materials: WEWELDING88C temperature of 250 degrees soft solder, because of low temperature, so the minimum thermal effect for stainless steel pipe and stainless steel wire, basically there is no color change, if it is a simple structure connection we can choose this to take just temperature.Welding method: you can use the electric iron or liquefied gas welding gun, the maternal pre preheating, when heated to a certain temperature, wire with flux applied to the welding parts, completely rely on the parent heat conduction wire melting molding.Scope of application: more suitable for the medical industry or food industry, for welding deformation and color changes in particularly small occasions apply.
Q:Consult an expert, 304 stainless steel wire diameter 0.8mm how to weld? Thank you first!
This is a hard point but absolutely strong diameter will be the same for welding wire connected to the half - pole connection + adjustment good start with the welding current and voltage naturally stuck together in a gas protection case two is connected to the wire (this method depends on how long the current welding time the experiment can achieve the best quality of weld after welding, grinding) to be good
Q:How many square meters does steel roof of steel structure workshop need?
Commonly used steel wire mesh size is 200mm*200mm, so a square about 10 meters of steel wire, about 0.09Kg

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