stainless steel wire rope for building industry

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 hot selling 8x19 stainless steel wire rope




Product Detail
Wire diameter0.03mm-2.0mm
Grade200 series,300 series,400 series
SurfaceBright,Cloudy,Plain, Black, as your request
TypeSpring, Welded,Tig,Migetc soft and hard
Tensile Strength630N/mm2 —900N/mm2
Production Process
  1. Bright hard wire-hydrogen draw

  2. Soft wire—hydrogen annealed

PackingPlastic film inside and woven bag or hession cloth outside ,25kg/50kg each coil ,25ton/20'' FCL
  1. Flexible and high tensile strength

  2. Low cost and economy

  3. excellent anti-corrosion property

  4. good preventing and anti-radiating property

  5. good after sales service

  6. if you have any question will be replyed on time


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Q:The difference between brushed steel and mirror stainless steel plate
Mirror stainless steel plate, refers to the surface of the plate in the mirror processing, after the completion of processing, the surface shining, like a mirror, you can take pictures, this is in the shopping malls, high-end elevators are more common.
Q:Stainless steel wire why rust?
In polluted air (e.g., atmosphere containing large amounts of sulfides, oxides of carbon and nitrogen oxides), condensate is formed when sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and acetic acid are subjected to condensation, resulting in chemical corrosion.
Q:What 316 stainless steel wire tapping? What's the best way to do it?
If you really need to use hand tapping, add some lube when you attack (diesel or put some oil in it). To ensure that in the processing not much scum
Q:What is stainless steel wire drawing tube?
Stainless steel wire drawing is a kind of metal processing technology. It is the most popular surface treatment technology in the stainless steel and aluminum products industry. It is the drawing effect of the stainless steel and aluminum products.Stainless steel wire drawing generally has several effects: straight silk, snow pattern, nylon pattern.
Q:Which is expensive, brushed stainless steel or mirror stainless steel?
Mirror panel expensive, mirror processing trouble.
Q:What about the strength of stainless steel screws than ordinary 8 grade black screws or zinc screws?
This depends on the grade ah, stainless steel also has C series 1100 tensile strength, than the 10.9 grade screw strength is high, of course, the performance is high strength and toughness, but the price is expensive. Rustproof.
Q:How about 3 mm diameter stainless steel wire welding?
The DC TIG welding of stainless steel wire is of the best quality. Bending steel wire for general homemade profiling or profiling positioner (usually manually), or a can rely on.
Q:What's the difference between stainless steel screws and carbon steel screws?,
Stainless steel screws are mainly used in food, medical instruments and equipment, and some corrosion resistance and other special environment, and use carbon steel screws on the other hand, of course, sometimes in order to look outside, some machinery or equipment will also use a small number of stainless steel screws, but the effect is not the same, what difference. But the stainless steel screw is more expensive than the ordinary screw, so when you choose, you can master it yourself
Q:M5 stainless steel screws are broken in the hole. They can not be drilled and punched by guns. How can I remove them?
Screw M5, general wire breaking out is not easy to use, I have used such a way before, you see see, find a fine punching head, point grinding, punching in broken wire intermediate proofing, the deeper the higher success rate, hit the red point deeply after use hand twist so small thickness of the flat shovel scour repair like 6 arris, finally in six the wrench screw up.
Q:The difference between high gloss wire drawing and stainless steel drawing panel
High light refers to stainless steel, stainless steel surface fineness reflective processing, and of course materials and postprocessing are involved, the simple point is like a mirror or silver surface like stainless steel, used for decoration, luxury door handrails, etc.,

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