Stainless Steel Wafer Type Check Valve

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Stainless steel check valve

DN100 ~ DN2000

Technical Specifications

- Design and manufacture: EN593, EN1074-1 and 2

- Face to face dimension: EN558-1 Series 14 (DIN3202 F4)

                                              EN558-1 Series 13 (BS5163)

- Flange dimensions and drillling: EN1092-2 PN10/16/25

- Size range: DN100 - DN2000

- Max. working pressure: 1.0/1.6/2.5 MPa

- Inspection test: EN12266

- Working temperature: -15°C to +80°C

- Suitable medium: water

Main Fetures

- Double eccentric disc reduces seal wear and torque

- Body seat ring is welded directly on the body

- Bi-directional flow and low head loss

- Disc sealing ring to be replaceable on pipeline without dismantling the valve

- Body and disc inside and outside epoxy powder coated (min. 250 microns)

- Opening and closing indicators are provided

- Coupling flange for electric actuator in compliance with ISO5211

- Gearbox and electric actuator operation available

Main Parts and Materials

Body and disc: ductile iron EN GJS500-7/400-15

Shafts: stainless steel AISI 420

Body seat ring: stainless steel AISI 304

Disc sealing ring: EPDM or NBR

Retaining ring: stainless steel or ductile iron

Shaft bearing: Du bushes (self lubricating bushes)

Shaft bush: gunmetal

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Q:how many valves does a human heart have?
Biological valve is made of human or animal tissue. These valves last 12 - 15 years, but you may not need to take blood thinners for life. Human body has a tendency to reject foreign material such as porcine valve. Medication can be used to retard this effect, but is not always successful. Biologic porcine heterograft - harvested aortic valve of pig that is preserved in glutaraldehyde and mounted on specially designed sewing ring.
Q:what is the difference between a pressure control valve, a temp control valve, and a flow control valve?
Q:I need to replace the multi-turn valve for the cold water my kitchen faucet. I have CPVC Flowguard Gold pipes
If the old valve is plastic it may be glued . It is probably chrome plated brass and could be a compression type which most plumbers I know don't use on cpvc but on copper. there may be a male iron pipe thread adaptor (mip) you would need a backup wrench and unscrew the fitting. You may have a sharkbite fitting , with this you need a special tool to remove the fitting, once you have this tool figured out it is real simple to use. it is a type of slip compression fitting a pic may help us to identify it As long as it has a compression nut use a backup wrench and unscrew it and make sure the nut on the new valve will fit the old valve as some brands use an odball thread and that the debth of the protruding pipe is not to long so the new valve will seat against the compresion ring. and of course make sure the water main is off and the water is drainded as best you can.
Q:Low water pressure from Orbit valve.?
Its possible the valve stem is corroded with stuff not letting it actuate properly open. Turn water off and unscrew the valve then actuate it electrically while watching for a full stroke. Make sure flow control is all the way open when inspecting valves stroke. Remember where you had it set when done or readjust. Also check the solenoid for corrosion and clean linkages. I would clean and coat with petroleum jelly. My guess is valve seat is gummed up so lube the stem and work it manually till it slides open and closed easy then test with the solenoid. Good luck!
Q:How to remove the valve springs on a1991 jaguar xj6?
Do NOT do what banit said, if you did his technique once you remove the keepers the valve would drop to the bottom of the cylinder and require a tear down. You must get the piston be at top dead center on the cylinder you intend on removing the valve springs from and you cannot do any other valves besides the ones on the cylinder you brought to top dead center. You can take the rocker arm off the top and take the push rod out then when at top dead center using a spring compressor you can take the keepers out, or if you do not have a spring compressor (proceed at your own risk) you can get an oversized socket and a dead blow hammer and place the socket over the top of the valve spring with the octagonal side towards the spring and give it a decent hit, but be aware the keepers will pop out and you may lose them if you are not careful.
Q:Cleaning trumpet valves?
Remove the valves, wash them and the horn in warm (NOT hot) water with liquid dish soap. Dry with a clean towel, then oil and reassemble.
Q:97 Neon - Canister Purge Valve?
Could you describe this canister purge valve? Not sure what you are talking about here. Is it part of the emissions, part of the radiator, or what. I am just guessing it's part of the emissions. In which case, I need to know if it has a smog pump. Could be the pump, could be a clogged up cat, could be a bad EGR valve. Need some more info to help beyond this point. Good luck.
Q:Motorcycle Valve Seal (When to replace?)?
A leak down test won't tell you anything about the valve stem seal. It will about the actual valve face sealing in the valve seat, but the valve is closed when performing a leak down test. The best way to diagnose worn valve stem seals is if you get a lot of oil smoke onstart up, but it goes away in a few minutes. A real giveaway on bikes is after the bike has set on the side stand overnight and when you fire it up, you get more oil smoke out of the left side muffler than on the right side muffler. That's because the oil in the valve area runs to the left side when parked on the side stand.
Q:Will schrader valve tubes work at 110 psi?
The valve will hold the pressure, the rest of the tube is the same as a presta valve tube. The tube does not contain the pressure anyway, it is the strength of the tire casing that allows higher pressure. Pressure ratings are more related to tire width than tire construction. If your new tires are narrower, that is the reason why they are rated for higher pressure. If you see a tire model available in various widths, the wider ones usually recommend lower pressure. This is not because the tire casing is any weaker, it is because a wider tire doesn't need as much pressure to hold you up due to the larger internal volume
Q:mitral valve surgery?
Doctorspecializing in mral valve repair

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