Stainless Steel Vertical Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump

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Application: SMV. SMVN is a kind of non-self-priming vertical multiple-step centrifugal pump. The whole pump is composed of an motor, motor base, pump casing and feet etc. The inlet port and outlet port of the pump are at the same line. All pumps are equipped with free maintenance mechanical seals.




1. Delivery liquid: rarefied, non-inflammable and non-explosive liquid with no solid grain or fiber. Liquid shall not cause any chemical or mechanical damage to pump materials. When the density or viscosity of the delivered liquid is greater than that of water, it is necessary to adopt an electrical motor of correspondingly big power. Whether the pump is applicable for a special liquid or not depends on many factors such as chloride content, PH value, temperature and ingredients of liquid.
2. Liquid temperature: -15oC~103oC
3. Ambient temperature: maximum 40��. When an ambient temperature is over 40oC or the elevation above sea level is over 1000 meters, the cooling effect of the electrical motor will not be good due to the low density of air, and the rated output power of an electrical pump will decrease correspondingly. Therefore, it is necessary to select an electrical motor with higher power.
4. Minimum inlet pressure: the inlet pressure shall be computed in case of following conditions.
High temperature of liquid, flow rate is significantly greater than the rated value, suction lift required for liquid is very big, inlet pipeline is too long; inlet conditions are bad.
5.Motor:squirrel cage induction motors,F Class insulation and in accordance with IP 54.50Hz standard voltage:3Ø/380V.

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dethaw LOL! That would mean freeze it right? Apply heat to thaw.
Q:water pump running backward?
See diagram of belt routing on rad cover or hood. Like the others said. Depending on the engine, it may run backwards to the crank, look at the old one to see how it turns. It pulls water from the rad to the block, not the other way round. With the rad cap off and as the thermostat opens, water should flow from the upper hose into the bottom of the rad Edit: water gets sucked up lower rad hose into pump, pushed into engine up to thermostat that controls water temp and back into rad at the top. if it does not over heat and the belt is on correctly , don`t worry. I hope you did the thermostat when the system was drained
Q:2004 chevy impala leaking antifreeze behind pulley of water pump?
it's the seal - it needs to get fixed soon
Q:Camaro Water Pump Issues?
Try a thermostat first. The heater bypasses the thermostat and the engine runs cool. Its a cheap fix and if thats not the fix go with troubleshooting the radiator, colapsed hoses, water pump! Be sure to install it correctly!
Q:What is the most efficient type of hand powered water pump?
You can make this easier to use with a few extra parts to make a shadoof.
Q:how to check water pump?
you can leave the radiator cap off and see if it circulates or you can pull 1 of the heater hoses off and see if anti-freeze is coming out.
Q:97 silverado 5.7L water pump replacement?
those are VERY complicated engines with counter balancing chafts in them.i would not have faith purely anyone with this activity, because of the fact the valves can bend actually from flawed belt installation. ere is a sequence of SPECAIL save strategies tht may be rented fro the HONDA dealership or aother Honda dedicated automobile fix center. Ther are 2 strategies in touch interior the removing of your balancer that maximum automobile shops won't have. One gadget holds the balancer, and the different removes the bolt. call around approximately this, yet understand that this may be a greater activity than maximum human beings automobile cope with actually, and screwing up can advise extra effective undesirable expenses. additionally that throughout basic terms actual HONDA areas and coolant may be used in there. NO Prestone, and no aftermarket pumps or gaskets!!! solid success!!!
Q:Can someone explain how hydraulic ram water pumps work for me?
Q:what kind of water pump do I need to water my lawn? I would like to use water from my lake. 100 ft. downhill.?
Not less than 1.0 horse power pump is needed to lift water from 100 ft down. But, if you want some more power, you need not get more than 1.5 H.P. in any case.
Q:1994 Toyota Corolla strange noise...Is it the water pump again?
You can do a prelimary check on the water pump. The water pump on this vehicle is not internally driven so the pulley is exposed outside the timing cover. Grab hold of the pulley and try to push it back and forth. There should not be any noticeable play. If there is, the pump is bad. Could it go out in three years? Sure it can especially if the pump previously installed was remanufactured and not brand new. If still in doubt, remove the water pump belt and start the engine. If the noise is still there, then the pump is not the problem. I live on a tropical island, so I can't help with the weather question, but I believe if you use the right type of antifreeze in the right mix ratio there should be no additional wear on the pump in cold weather. The thermostat should keep the engine at normal operating temperature regardless of the outside temperature (except for while it's warming up initially). Good luck!!

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