Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication with Zinc Plating

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$0.05 / pc
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TT or LC
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2000pieces pc
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5000 Piece/Pieces Per Month pc/month

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Quick Details Of  Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly


Material Stainless steel, iron , aluminum alloy, red copper, brass, bronze alloy are available.
Quality ControlISO9001:2008


Specification Of  Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly


Material Stainless steel, iron ( SPCC, SECC, SPTE, tinplate), aluminum alloy, red copper, brass, bronze alloy are available.
 Surface TreatmentPowder coating, zinc plate ,polish
workshop for mnufacture CNC Laser Cutting ,Stamping, Punching , Bending, turning ,Welding, roll-in, surface treatment, and other General Fabrication Service
processing center

Stamping machine;

Rolling machine;

Turning machine;

Milling machine;

Grinding machine

 Workmanship for manufacturing CNC Laser Cutting ,Stamping, Punching , Bending, turning ,Welding, roll-in, surface treatment, and other General Fabrication Service


Our Advantage For  Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly

1. Handling components of very tight tolerance and very complex geometry

2. Low MOQ (1pc is even acceptable in some special conditions)

3. Offering free and quick prototyping ( normally 1 week)

4. Delivery on time

5. Top quality guaranteed by skilled workers, managing system and status of facilities.

6. A series of secondary service available, like casting; forging; welding; heat treatment etc.

7. Offering consultancy service on components machining

8. Customized size and spec /OEM available

9. Near Ningbo and Shanghai, convenient transportation


Packaging & Delivery Of  Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly


1.Packaging:with the pallet  or do as your need .


2.Delivery : according to your order quantity .



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Q:What is the difference between mould design speciality and material molding specialty?
Both belong to the mechanical engineering, the biggest difference is the material forming method, mechanical engineering mainly research cold processing (machine processing), material forming and control is focused on welding, casting, pressure processing, etc..Mechanical major for cold processing of materials, such as machining, the professional more concerned about the shape of the material on its performance, it focused on the design of materials under different requirements, that is, mechanical design. Both belong to the mechanical specialty, because the molding pays more attention to the material itself, often delimits the discipline to the material institute, takes the material specialty.Material forming and control engineering is the influence of microstructure and macroscopic properties and surface shape in the process of the relevant technological factors of thermal processing change material for molding process, solve the development, theory and method of optimizing process, molding equipment; design theory and method of the research of mold, mold manufacturing, heat treatment, the material processing method.
Q:What's the future of the mold?
Learning a skill will at least be respected. The older the industry, the more valuable it is
Q:PLC programming in mold design and automation control
This piece of automation has a better future. And this piece is a sure way of social progress. Now all walks of life are looking for automation, reduce manual efficiency, reduce costs and improve quality
Q:What are the prospects for NC machining and die design and manufacture?
Just graduated, all apprentices, wages hundreds of pieces. Mold factory NC processing master wages are not high, Shenzhen 2000 to 2800 range, look at the technology, the longer you do, the higher the salary. NC programming salary of more than 3000, will not be higher than 1W, Shenzhen market price of about 4000, need to understand the die structure, knife, road, geometry, processing staff more in-depth knowledge of the mold. I read your courses, what schools are, even UG are not taught, you know, MasterCAM are almost eliminated, and if it is designed, but also to understand UG, PLO/E can design, but many factories are using UG. Learn mold design graduate apprentice apprenticeship assembly master fitter wages three thousand or four thousand. Sitting office design, you must be proficient in the structure of the mold, so just graduated is not competent, the software will be UG, CAD, of course, other software will be good, more than 3500 of wages. I was in accordance with the Shenzhen market, the person you are at school and professional think clearly, do not love the profession do not report, don't look at the design and programming of high wages, they are fitter from ah CNC operator step by step up, even after the employees do not stop learning, because the school did not learn what (that we graduated eighty percent students left). For your choice, you think you are a man of perseverance, as far as I say, consider it. I wish you happy.
Q:Mould design and manufacture. It's no use learning it. Hurry up! Who will introduce you?
Following is a software, you can understand how the mold and our lives are related: in 1985, PTC founded in Boston, began parametric modeling software research. In 1988, V1.0's Pro/ENGINEER was born. After more than 10 years of development, Pro/ENGINEER has become the leader of 3D modeling software. Pro/ENGINEER2000i2 has been released. PTC's software covers many functions, such as industrial design and mechanical design, including management of large assemblies, functional simulation, manufacturing, product data management, and so on. Pro/ENGINEER also provides the most comprehensive and integrated product development environment that can be achieved at the moment. Here is a brief introduction to the features and main modules of Pro/ENGINEER. The main feature is all relevant: all modules of Pro/ENGINEER are fully related. This means that in the product development process, a modification can be extended to the entire design, and automatically update all the engineering documents, including assembly, design drawings, and manufacturing data. Full correlation encourages modifications at any point in the development cycle without any loss, and makes concurrent engineering possible, so that some of the functions in the later part of the development can be implemented in advance. Feature-Based Parametric Modeling: Pro/ENGINEER uses user familiar features as the construction elements of product geometry models. These features are common mechanical objects, and can be easily modified by preset. For example, the design features arc, fillet, chamfer, and so on...
Q:Am I allowed to skip the process and die as a mold designer? I have been working for a month and have a good knowledge of the machining process
I suggest you should do the processing for a period of time, because the basis of die design or manufacture of all kinds of parts should be very familiar with, there is ambition is a good thing, but to lay a good foundation, can be done in the processing at the same time, more attention, how to design out needed to pursue the parts, you can also in my spare time in learning to say, maybe one day you'll find that you have no need to apprentice, and can be designed and manufactured!
Q:What are the types of moulds? What is the main job of mold design? Does mold design need to be opened, such as machining centers, CNC machine tools, or design before a single computer?
Mold types are: stamping die, injection mold, casting mold, drawing die, die casting, and so on.The mold design mainly take a product of his abrasive finishing 2 out of the picture, and 3 dimensions.The mold designer just needs to draw a picture in front of the computer.
Q:Attention should be paid to improvements in die design as well as improvements in EDM
The discharge processing on the mold is a lot of processing sharp corners, narrow groove, deep hole what, in order to ensure the accuracy of processing, roughness, in the size of the electrode, and finally finishing the current parameters on the next effort! It is better to read a book than to read it. Go to the original school database and find it convenient
Q:Ask: "mold design and manufacture" and "numerical control technology" are easier for new people
Design and manufacturing of CNC technology and mould are engaged in work and office work, if you are new entrants, the two level is not professional, personal interest and ability to adapt to the knowledge points, mould design and manufacturing CNC technology relative to learn widely, to understand the mold manufacturing process the others are engaged in mold manufacturing, some people engaged in mould design
Q:What are the necessary skills in mold design and manufacturing?
First of all, a wealth of mechanical knowledge, such as metal materials, mechanical coordination, engineering mechanics, mechanical manufacturing and so on.Manufacturing must have extensive experience in machining and fitter assembly.The core curriculum design and manufacture of professional mold and main practice: mechanical drawing, mechanical design, engineering materials and heat treatment, numerical control technology, mold manufacturing technology, plastic mold design and plastic mould design and stamping process and die design, plastic molding machine, mold, CAD/CAM mold price estimation, machining practice, fitter skill training, CNC machine operation training, mold skill training and graduation practice (Design), and the main characteristics of courses and PracticeMold design and manufacturing to master the basic training of mold design and manufacturing expertise, has strong practical ability, in the production of the first line in mold design, process design, mold manufacturing, mold maintenance, quality management, to adapt to mechanical mold industry production, management and service needs of the first line, high quality professional skills talents with good occupation ethics and innovative spirit.Training target of mold design and manufacturing specialty is to cultivate all-round development of morality, intelligence, body, beauty, good occupation quality, manufacturing industry, advanced technology and specialized personnel engaged in mold design, process design, mold stamping and plastic molding processing, CNC machine tool operation and production management work. For manufacturing, to achieve the level of mold manufacturing technicians, design to achieve the level of assistant designers.
MOULDSZ is a versatile manufacturing factory - we specialise in supplying products made to customers` specification. The most important areas of our business are: manufacturing of stamping parts,hardware parts,shrapnels,stamping parts made of aluminium, copper & stainless steel, etc. Also auto parts,household applience spare parts like wash machine,air condition,refrige etc.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Suzhou, China
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value Above US$ 2.5 Million - US$ 5 Million
Main Markets Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe, Central, America, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, South Asia, Domestic Market
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 51% - 60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department less than 50 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: about 500 square meters
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range High; Average