Stainless Steel Pipe for Decoration in AISI 201 202 301 304 316 430 304L 316L

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100000 m.t./month

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Standard: AISI,JIS,GB,BS,DIN,API,EN,ASTM Technique: Hot Rolled,Cold Rolled,Cold Drawn,ERW,Forged,Saw,Extruded,EFW,Spring Shape: U Channel,Square,C Channel,Hexagonal,Round,Rectangular,Oval,LTZ
Surface Treatment: Galvanized,Coated,Copper Coated,Color Coated,Oiled,Dry,Chromed Passivation,Polished,Bright,Black,PVDF Coated Steel Grade: Q195,Q215,Q235,Q215B,Q235B,RHB335,HRB400,200 Series,300 Series,400 Series,600 Series,SS400-SS490,10#,20#,A53(A,B) Certification: ISO,SGS,CE
Thickness: as required Length: 12m Net Weight: as required

Product Description:

Stainless Steel Pipe for Decoration in AISI 201 202 301 304 316 430 304L 316L

Stainless Steel Pipe for Decoration in AISI 201 202 301 304 316 430 304L 316L


1) ProductsS.S round pipe , SS square pipe , S.S. embossed pipe , S.S. threaded pipe
2) MaterialsGrade AISI 304, AISI 201, AISI 202, AISI 301,AISI 316 , AISI 304L , AISI 316L ,  AISI 430
3) StandardASTM A554, ISO9000
4) Product range
a)  Round and embossed tube O.D. (mm)9.5 , 12.7 , 15.9 , 17 , 18 , 19. 1 , 20 , 21 , 22.2 , 23 , 25.4 , 28 , 31.8 , 33, 35, 36, 38.1 , 40 , 41.8 , 42 , 45, 48 , 50 , 50.8 , 56 , 57 , 60, 63.5 , 76.2 , 80 , 89 ,  101.6 , 108 , 114 , 127 , 133 , 141 , 159 , 168,  219
b)Square tube side length (mm)10*10 ,  12*12 , 15*15 , 18*18 , 19 * 19 , 20*10 , 20*20 , 22* 22 , 23* 11 , 23 *23 , 24* 12 , 24*24 ,25*13 ,  25*25 ,  28*28 , 30*15 , 30*30 ,  30*60 , 36*23 , 36*36  , 38*25  , 38*38  , 40*10 , 40*20 ,  40*40 ,45*75 ,  48*23 , 48*48  , 50*25 , 50*50  , 55*13 , 60*40 ,  60*60  , 70*30 ,  73*43 , 80*40 , 80*60 ,  80*80 , 95*45 , 100*40 ,100*50 ,100*100 ,  120*60 , 150*100 , 150*150
c) wall thickness0.25 - 3.0mm
5) Length of tube3000 - 8000 mm
6) Polishing600 grit , 400 grit, 320grit , 240 grit, HL, 2B, BA
7) Term of paymentT / T 30% in advance ,the balance 70% to be paid at delivery .
8) Basic Information
1) Company NameFoshan Zaihui Stainless steel product Co., Ltd
2) Business Type Manufacturer
3) Number of Employees300-500 people
4)Factory Size46,000 square meters
9)Trade & MarketNorth America ,South America ,Eastern Europe ,Southeast Asia ,Eastern Europe ,Western Europe
10) Export Percentage30% - 50%
11)Applicationroad lamp facilities , bridge handrail ,expressway railing ,bus stop ,airport and gymnasium .
12) Attentionproducts all with high quality and competitive price


 Chemical Composition201202301304316430

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  1. Stainless Steel Pipe for Decoration in AISI 201 202 301 304 316 430 304L 316L

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Q:What kind of stainless steel square tube is used in ordinary square tubes?
In the industry of stainless steel tube is mainly used to do some pipelines, of course in the construction industry and its use is more widely used, such as shutters, staircase handrails, railings, road partition and so on, at present, many products are used in stainless steel pipe, such as bicycles, medical equipment, automobile and so on.
Q:What's lined with stainless steel?
Stainless steel lining is a method of trenchless repair of underground pipes.
Q:Under what circumstances can the stainless steel pipe be welded by argon arc, and under what conditions can the arc welding be used?
The quality of argon arc welding is high, the efficiency is low, the efficiency of SMAW is relatively high, the quality of secondary pipe welding, general thick such as 10mm are TIG welding, welding rod filler cover, if the pipe is thin directly by argon arc welding
Q:Ask experts, 304 stainless steel pipe why rust?
Stainless steel is not easy to rust and has a lot to do with the composition of stainless steel. In addition to iron, stainless steel contains chromium, nickel, aluminum, silicon and so on. General stainless steel chromium content is generally not less than 12%, high even up to 18%. Steel added elements such as chromium, can change the performance of the steel, such as the molecular structure of steel more uniform on the surface of the steel is more easily to form a layer of dense oxide protective film, thereby greatly improving the ability of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Therefore, stainless steel can resist fire, water, acid, alkali and various solutions to its corrosion, not rust. The scientists found that the internal structure of the steel is more uniform, various components more closely linked to the corrosion of the more difficult the invasion, also attached to the surface with a layer of oxide film, like iron and steel to wear armor, was not naturally easy to rust.
Q:Stainless steel pipe is mainly used in what areas?
Stainless steel pipe is a kind of hollow long strip round steel, mainly used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, machinery, instrument and other industrial pipeline and mechanical structure parts. In addition, the bending and torsional strength of the same weight is lighter, so it is also widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures. It is also used to produce all kinds of conventional weapons, guns, shells and so on.
Q:Does stainless steel pipe belong to hardware?
Belong to. Hardware: refers to gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, five metal materials called. Stainless steel pipe is a kind of hollow long strip round steel.
Q:Disadvantages of stainless steel tubes
A more traditional but more expensive pipeline material, durable and more convenient construction. Copper is the first choice in many imported bathroom products. Price is the most important reason for its use, in addition, copper corrosion is also a factor.
Q:What wire is used for welding of 316 stainless steel line?
Quality inspection of welding groove preparation, according to requirements of groove size, accuracy and surface quality stipulated in construction instruction and welding process instruction, groove quality including flatness, perpendicularity and cleanness.1, check the groove processing size (height, angle, edge and blunt edge, etc.) and accuracy isDoes it meet the relevant technical standards?.2, check the groove surface roughness and surface defects (cutting gap, crack,Layer and slag) if beyond the scope of the standard should be allowed to defect, repair treatment, such as surface roughness does not reach the standard, can use abrasive grinding.3. Check the surface cleaning quality of the groove. At least 200mm of the groove face and its sidesShould be clean within the scope, without burr, slag, rust, oil, film and paint and other harmful foreign bodies.4 、 nondestructive inspection of groove surface. For welding process documentation, specify the slopeMaterials such as CY-M steel, Fe-CY-N, high temperature steel and alloy steel shall be examined on the surface for nondestructive testing (such as coloring, etc.), and the defects such as cracks shall be removed.
Q:Stainless steel pipe pickling ratio
Usage: used for contaminant removal of various types of stainless steel parts, sheet metal surface and its equipment rust, oxide skin, after welding of yellow blue black spot welding, a silver white metal surface cleaning, and surface passivation, corrosion resistance of stainless steel.
Q:Mirror stainless steel tube 60*60 how much is one meter?
Examples are stainless steel 63 round tubes, solid thickness 0.82 stainless steel tubes, single support 6 meters long, weight (63-0.82) *0.82*0.02491*6=7.62kg, a six meter long 63 round tube, thickness 0.82, theoretical weight is 7.62kg;

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