Stainless steel net tortoise shell,Stainless steel high-temperature tortoiseshell net

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Stainless steel net tortoise shell

The tortoise shell net production range hole spacing: 2cm-6cm, net thickness 1cm-2.5cm, thickness 1mm-3mm

Characteristics of tortoiseshell net: Hexagon mud pawl hexsteel, used in power plants. The cement factory. Oil. Smelting plant at steelmaking plant. The pipeline of large furnace casting amorphous lining material, significantly enhanced the ability of anchorage and lining material. To effectively improve the link performance of lining material itself, can control the heat insulating layer is easy to be peeled and shedding phenomenon, improve the bonding strength of lining material. First use the tortoise shell dot welding in boiler or hot air duct on the inner wall, and then apply the refractory material.

Uses: used widely in large-scale petroleum chemical device, especially one of the main parts of the structure to the catalyst device of the main equipment lining, it can improve the wear resistance and strength wear-resistant lining, lining reinforcement hexsteel, general locations for carbon steel (A3F) network, such as the tortoise a reactor and the one or two stage cyclone separator, U type tube regenerator flue, high temperature parts with alloy (1Cr13) tortoise shell network, such as the regenerator and the one or two stage cyclone separator etc..

Stainless steel high-temperature tortoiseshell net

Temperature: the degree of resistance to high temperature is 700 DEG -1600 DEG

The product is a big mud pawl hexsteel newly developed especially for export, the bearing capacity can reach a square 7400 Newton, high temperature resistant unshaped lining materials are generally used tortoiseshell net reinforcement, carbon steel (A3F) hexsteel, special circumstances to use the 0Cr13 material, first use the hexsteel is spot welded on the inner wall of the boiler or hot air, and then apply the refractory material. Hebei Sengong metal products Co., Ltd., the former Anping County Sanyang Hardware Wire Mesh Factory Anping County, is the largest professional production of tortoiseshell net manufacturers, the production of tortoiseshell net, steel lattice panels at reasonable prices, beautiful appearance, durable, is in the leading position in the similar product, the product put into use since to win the majority of users and construction units alike. Hexagon mud pawl hexsteel, significantly enhanced and the anchorage capacity of lining material, thereby effectively enhance link performance lining material itself, can control the heat insulating layer is easy to be peeled and off phenomenon, improve the bonding strength of lining material. For casting amorphous lining material, on the anchorage effect of lining material. Can choose the material is A common low carbon steel Q235 material, stainless steel material: 0Cr13, 1Cr13, 0Cr18Ni9, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 2cm-6cm pitch, net thickness 1cm-2.5cm, thickness 1mm-3mm. Mesh size, the buyer's custom of various specifications of custom processing, there are many OEMs supporting cooperation in producing all kinds of metal accessories, have a number of petrochemical equipment manufacturing enterprises supporting supply all kinds of lining of metal structure, the products are widely applied for large petrochemical device, especially one of the main parts of the structure for catalyst device of the main equipment lining, it can improve the lining abrasion resistance and strength, abrasion resistant lining are reinforced with tortoiseshell net, general locations for carbon steel hexsteel, such as reactor and the one or two stage cyclone separator, U type tube regenerator flue, alloy hexsteel high-temperature parts, such as the regenerator and the one or two stage cyclone separator etc.. Hexsteel flat is 20*17.5 mm with washed into the hexagonal lattice, fixed on the insulation nail end plate.

Low carbon steel tortoise shell net

Characteristics: This product is a metal matrix, internal welding hexsteel is the skeleton of corundum, high wear-resisting lining material for composite pipe wear layer. Manufacturing is especially suitable for large diameter high temperature, wear resistant pipeline.

Uses: mainly used in coal-fired power plant pulverized coal conveying and petrochemical, metallurgical, mining gold and other material conveying system. High temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. Strong heat and impact resistance, good mechanical processing performance. The use of temperature - 50 degrees to 1500 degrees without any effect.


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