Stainless Steel Investment Casting Lever Handle

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Stainless Steel Investment Casting Lever Handle

1.Simple design is highly popular

2.Competitive price with superior quality

3.Material: Stainless steel



A, variety types for selection

B, competitive price (China mainland )

C, good quality (more than 8 years experienced technical )

D, excellent service(years of export )

E, prompt delivery

F, different designs are available according to customers' requests

G, OEM, ODM orders are acceptable


*Material:SS316, SS304

*Spec (mm):Variety dimension


A) polished stainless steel

B) satin stainless steel

C) polished stainless steel +satin stainless

D) as customer’s requests

*Serviceable range: villa, home, hotel, office, apartment, public facilities and other facilities

*Export experience: more than 8 regions and nations

*Package: polyfoam bag / pair with inner small box finally in carton

*Payment terms: D/P, T/T and western union

*Delivery time: About 30 days after receiving deposit

*MOQ: Small order is available


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Q:Encountered a very strange thing, I would like to open the door when the door handle actually have electricity, and called other people actually feel no electricity, but I determined that there are electricity
Static, it is a quiescent charge. In the dry and windy autumn, in daily life, people often encounter this phenomenon: undress in the evening to sleep, the dark often hear the crackling sound, and accompanied by blue, meet the handshake, the finger just a touch The hair will often "floating" up, the more chaos chaos, pull the door handle, when the faucet will be "electric shock", often issued by the hair, "Snapped, snapped" sound, which is happening in the body of static electricity.
Q:Nissan sun inside the door can not open the door which parts are broken
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Q:Nissan Qiao customer how to dismantle the door handle
1, and the door contact with a black screw cover, buckle down, with the inner plum to remove the screw 2, with a screwdriver open the outer handle behind the small paragraph 3, the front handle in front of a pull back, and then pull out Yes. Car door is generally composed of doors, door accessories and interior cover three parts. The door includes the interior door, the door outside the board, the door window frame, the door reinforcement beam and the door reinforcement plate. Door accessories include door hinges, door opening limiters, door locks and internal and external handles, door glass, glass lifts and seals. Interior cover, including fixed plate, core board, interior skin, internal handrails.
Q:Plastic window handle loose how to tune ah
Is it flat window? The The You can change the place on the ah, up or down the net point of the screw in the line on the line. Hard glue is made after the glue is hard and hard texture
Q:Pressure cooker handle this valve in the stew when the leak, how to deal with?
There are two possibilities for this phenomenon, one is the float valve float pad failure, there is a handle of the slide is broken, first of all you will check the lid after the handle at the front of the round hole whether the float valve Core exposed If so, OK, handle problems can be ruled out. Will the lid in turn, look at the bottom of the float valve float pad (that is, set in the small metal rod above the small pad) is not damaged? If so, for a set of float valve can be. If the float valve is too dirty will leak, you need to thoroughly clean the job. I am a pressure cooker senior R & D engineers, please please ask
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What is the use of tangled? [Car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:Anti-theft door handle double live handle can use double fast handle? Is the original double live, replaced by double fast what impact?
Can put on no problem, double fast talk about the lock body, double live is the handle! Single handle (outside the handle is fixed, inside the handle can only be pressed down) double live (inside and outside the handle can be pressed down) double fast (outside the handle can be raised to achieve fast lock door, inside the handle Can be raised to achieve fast lock door can also be pressed down to achieve a quick open the door, but the double fast handle must be used together with the double fast lock to achieve fast lock function). This lock is not convenient to use, but there is an advantage that is faster than the double fast single live lock failure rate, double fast failure rate high. If you need to replace the general professional lock stores can be replaced, must be a complete set of double lock function structure is not the same. The quality of the door is divided into Grade A and Grade C, Class A is the highest level. And the lock level, the current national standard only A-class B-class, A-level for the most common level B is 5 minutes to open the level of technology, according to this level lock factory to create a longer time to open the lock, such as: Class C Super C is also known as Enterprise. Super Bc-class brand is very complex to recommend the replacement of regular manufacturers products.
Q:Whether the lock outside the door can be twisted
There are three kinds of: 1. The outside handle is dead, the door closed as long as the key to open the door. 2. Outside the handle and the inside of the same, you can press down but can not put up, this lock must go out with the key lock, otherwise there is no door with no door difference 3. Just like your home, outside The handle on the mention but can not under pressure, on the mention of your home when you look at the lock body is not a lot of pillars pop up, this situation is called on the lock door, do not have the key to lock the door of the situation,
Q:Broken bridge aluminum door and window handle installation method
This is not covered ah ~ This is Noto, the screw from the back of the twist! It 's best to take your handle
Q:Can the security door handle be changed to a single open?
Double live can be changed to a single open I can help you change
We focus on offering a wide range of hardware products. Our high quality products with competitive prices always meet the demands of the global market. We are proud of our successful export markets in Europe, South Africa and other regions. Furthermore, we are confident in our capacity as we have professional technicians in our factory. Based on superior quality and timely delivery, we maintain a stable production capacity of stainless steel casting lever handles and tubular lever handles.

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