Stainless Steel Bunk Bed

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Product Description:

Specification of Stainless Steel Bunk Bed

Material:steel tube


Leg:50mm round tube

Main Beam:25*50mm square tube

Branch Tube:25*25mm square tube

Bed for home or school furniture

Production technique:

cold compression,

high-temperature painting

phosphating,deoiling, derusting,

Package of Stainless Steel Bunk Bed:

Foam plastic bags inner,standard export carton outside.or as per your kind request.

Loading quanity:230sets /40’HQ

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Q:Why do we make our beds?
I don'tmake a bed until later in the day once the sweat and condensation from the night before has had a chance to dry out and air out, Ilike the windows open too, clean out the whole room, then make the bed, it looks nice and it's nicer to get into when you go to bed.
Q:How can I arrange and display the bed in the soft bedroom, such as the bed position and the bedside cabinet?
Bed head + bedside table + wall to bed as the center, three-dimensional design, bedside auxiliary tools, so that you feel more comfortable and comfortable. 1, the bedside of all kinds of furniture use frequently, pay attention to cleaning problems, it is best to choose dark color or easy to scrub material. 2, if accustomed to the bed as entertainment center, should be carefully decorated in the design of the bed behind the walls of color, so that it is unified with furniture, forming a complete visual effects. 3, the wall plate installation height is sitting on the bed with the person as a reference, a little bow will be able to. And the large bedside cabinet, suitable for more items. Around three, more duties around the bed, there is a computer desk, and not able to manipulate TV, the computer also has a shelter. Frame design 1, round like an island, let love Laichuang more attachment to it. 2, spacious bedstead set aside enough space to put things. 3, no matter what kind of position you are, the three small table boards ensure that you reach your fingertips. It is very convenient. Four, bedside cabinets, storage cabinets, conjoined design, since the bed for the life of the center, then the bedside cabinet and storage furniture as one, is the most practical design. You can get books and things in one step. It's extremely convenient. 1, the thin differentiation cabinet provides the suitable storage space for each kind of fragmentary articles. 2, the bottom of the cabinet used sliding door design, lying on the Couch Sofa, take goods more convenient. Bedside cabinets with a very detailed program, you can practical.
Q:can you wash ferret,guinepig,rabbit bedding?
Well, considering the fact that they should have old clothes as bedding (and not have the bedding that rodents have), then YES you need to wash it. Weekly, as a matter of fact.
Q:Can I use a hammock as a bed?
No,they are not at all comfortable for long stretches you would probably find yourself on the floor the first time you turned in your sleep.I have what we call a King single bed in Australia.It is longer wider than a normal single bed(I think you Americans call them twin beds,why I'll never know,lol) It is a very comfortable bed doesn't take up as much room as a double.
Q:Should i buy a toddler bed or a twin bed?
I would go with a twin bed. I have 3 kids, and we've never used a toddler bed for just the reason you mentioned -- I felt like a toddler bed would be a waste of money. My oldest was just 17 months when her baby sister was born. Baby sis started in a bassinet in our room, and we moved big sis into a twin bed (we already had one) when she was 19 months old. The bed was pushed against a wall with a rail on one side so that she wouldn't fall out, and she did great. My younger daughter moved into a full size bed that she shared with big sis when she was 18 months old. And my son moved into a twin bed at 22 months. They both did great with the transition as well.
Q:How do you grow mushrooms at home?
The cultivation of mushrooms in the winter fallow field with straw, manure as the main raw material for mushroom cultivation, can greatly increase the income, mushroom cultivation after the residue can be directly returning or as a biological organic fertilizer raw materials. Under normal circumstances, 1~2 days after sowing will be able to produce fluffy mushroom silk, 3 days began eating". 3 days after sowing, with mushroom silk growth, should increase the volume of mushroom room ventilation. 7 ~ 10 days after sowing, mushroom silk covered surface. Mushroom silk after eating, growth is not fast, may be too wet, ammonia and other reasons, you can from the back of the bedstead poke holes". Increase the aeration of the material layer, eliminate harmful gas, and also insert tweezers into the material next to the mushroom to pry the material and reduce the temperature. General 20 days or so, mushroom silk in the end, it can be covered with soil. Cover soil thickness of 2 cm, how to grow mushrooms, hand scratch, so that the thickness of uniform. After filling in the surface drilling, proper ventilation.
Q:How do I haggle on a bed?
Check the posted price for the bed and ask the store manager if they would consider selling the bed for X amount of dollars less. Try telling him/her that you can buy the same bed elsewhere for less but would rather do business with that particular company therefore you'd like them to give you a better price. If the haggled price is still too high, make an offer that is less than posted price but a little more than you'd really like to pay etc. Good luck!
Q:Where to find a cheap white bed?
Q:Which is more comfortable, a day bed or a futon?
Definitely a day bed. Futons have that big bar in them that you can feel through the cushion. They're ok for over-night guests, but every day use would be awful!
Q:Are platform beds as comfortable as box spring beds?
Platform beds don't necessarily have to have a futon-type mattress--and if you do use one, they're likely to be rather hard. Also futon mattresses generally have a shorter lifespan than a regular mattress--they tend to compact quickly. You can use a regular mattress with a platform bed, and if so, the bed should be as comfortable as a regular bed with a box spring, although the appearance would not be quite as low and sleek as a bed would with the futon-style mattress.

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