Stainless Angle Steel Bar ASTM 316l with Customized Surface Treatment

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Product Description:

ASTM 316l Stainless Angle Steel Bar

Main Structure of Angle Steel Bar

1.Surface:Bright,Polished,Turn smooth(Peeled),Brush,Mill,Pickled

2.Length:3m, 6m,9m,12m

3.Use:These products are widely supplied to areas of machine-made industry,chemical industry,spin,shipping industry,architecture,food industry,household products etc

4 ISO9001:2008 


Data Information of Angle Steel Bar 




Q195, Q215, Q235, Q345, SS400, A36, S235JR, ST37, etc


Technical parameters:


1) Material: Q235B , Q 345B, SS400 ,SS540, S235JR ,ETC.

2) Usage: structure construction and electronic tower building
3) Weight tolarance: -4% TO -10%
4) Size tolarance :
ANGLE STEEL SIstructural steel angleE TOLARANCE (MM)
SIstructural steel angleE cmWIDTH b/mmTHICKNESS d/mmLENGTH /m
5) Payment terms: TT or LC
6) Delivery date: within 30 days after receiving the LC or TT prepay
7) Packing: Export package
8) Inspection: accept third party inspection


Specification of Angle Steel Bar

1.Square bar:Size: 4mm*4mm~100mm*100mm

2.Round Bar:Diameter: 3mm~800mm

3.Angel Bar:Size: 3mm*20mm*20mm~12mm*100mm*100mm

4.Flat bar:Thickness: 2mm~100mm,Width:  10mm~500mm, 

5.Hexagonal :Size: 2mm~100mm


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Q:2520 stainless steel main properties
For Ni (Ni), chromium (Cr) content is high, with good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature performance, high temperature resistant steel dedicated to the manufacture of electric furnace tube and so on, increase the amount of carbon austenitic stainless steel, due to the solid solution strengthening effect to the strength improved, chemical composition characteristics of austenitic stainless steel is chrome, nickel based addition of molybdenum and tungsten, niobium and titanium elements, as its face centered cubic structure, and strength and high creep strength at high temperature.
Q:Which brand produces 304 stainless steel better?
Look at the stainless steel trough process: welding method and one forming method. We see some brand sinks, the same size, but the price varies greatly. There are material factors, as well as the cost of the process. Of course, be sure to say, forming method of stainless steel sink timber is definitely better than the welding method, the first-class tank generally use a stamping method, of course, famous inside there are many low-end products, welding method, touch me. The two brands: crown Franke Geneva X series
Q:Which is better, stainless steel angle steel or ordinary angle iron?
Stainless steel angle iron bears good force. Because the stainless steel angle is constructed with carbon structural steel, is a simple section of steel, mainly used for metal components and plant frame.
Q:304 what does angle iron stand for me?
304 is the most widely used stainless steel, heat-resistant steel. Used in food production equipment, chemical equipment, nuclear energy, etc..
Q:What are the use of stainless steel angle?
Such as angle steel, channel, which are used for buildings, staircases, handrails, pendants for decoration, fasteners, kitchen utensils and other machinery parts
Q:What is the difference between stainless steel angle steel tungsten steel
Carbon steel, also called carbon steel, refers to an iron carbon alloy with a carbon content of less than 2.11% Wc. Carbon steel, in addition to carbon, usually contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur and phosphorus.
Q:What are the standards for stainless steel angles?
Standard specifications for stainless steel angles are indicated by dimensions of side length and edge thickness. At present, the domestic stainless steel angle specifications for 2 - 20 cm, to length number number, the same number of stainless steel angle steel is often 2 - 7 different edge thickness.
Q:Can stainless steel be ground?
Some people think it can, because the intuitive view that as long as the metal conductivity pit can be, but ignored, especially in the ground floor technology, the harsh grounding resistance is only 1 ohms. How high is the contact rent of stainless steel contact with the soil?.
Q:Stainless steel angle weight calculation, stainless steel angle gauge table, stainless steel angle model, who knows?
Stainless steel is the abbreviation of stainless acid resistant steel, weak corrosion medium such as air, steam, water, or stainless steel. It is called stainless steel;
Q:Now, what's the price of the 201 stainless steel angles?
The bigger 8# costs 12 yuan a kilo, and the 10# costs 13 yuan a kilo.The price is not including tax, weighing price.

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