Stainless Accessories System For Ceiling

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Product Description:

1,Structure of (Suspension System) Description 

Steel keel system:
Stud (vertical keel) :QC 70X40X0.60MM, 75X40X0.60MM
Track :QU 70x35x0.60MM

Steel keel system:

Include two parts: Accessories System for Ceiling and Accessories

Stainless Accessories system for wall partition:

1. Track ( Keep along the top(floor)): Style: QU75

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.8m/M2

2. Stud ( Vertical Keel ) : Style: QC75

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2.5m/M2

3. Link-up keel: Style: DU38x12x1.00mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.8m/M2, 3m/PC

4. Supporting block: Style: 75

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2pcs/M2

5. Paper Tape : B50XL45 45M/ROLL , WIDTH 50MM

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2m/M2

2,Main Features of the Suspension System


Stainless Accessories System for ceiling:

1. Main keel: Stype: DU38x12x1.00mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1.0m/M2, 3m/PC

2 Secondary keel: Style: DC50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 3.30m/M2

3. Second juncture: Style: DC50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.5pc/M2

4. Level fitting: Style: 50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.8pc/M2

5. Second rail: Style: 38back50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2.5pcs/M2


3,(Suspension System) Images


Stainless Accessories System For Ceiling

4,(Suspension System) Specification

Stainless Accessories System For Ceiling


5,FAQ of (Suspension System


6. Light steel chief juncture: Style: DU38

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.99pc/M2

7. Hanging rod: Stple: 8mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.75m/M2, 3m/PC

8. Expansion bolt: Style: 8mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1pc/M2

9. Chief rail: Style: 38

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1pc/M2

10. Angle: Style: 15x20x30x0.50mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.5m/M2

14. Connecting nut: Style: 6mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1pc/M2



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Q:Light steel keel partition wall fire retardant coating shabu several surface
Best four times, at least twice. I hope my solution will help you
Q:Light steel keel wall cheap or cheap red brick
Now the sand is soaring, if the area is large, short-term is certainly selected light steel keel, if it is their own long-term use, it is still a brick, expensive on your point!
Q:House decoration, the designer said the wall with light steel keel good, but the construction told me that this low efficiency can only be maintained for 4,5 years so I do not know in the end listen to who
Mainly to see the use of the environment, if used in a humid environment, the life must be short, so the bathroom wall is best not to use light steel keel search.
Q:Home to decorate the ceiling, playing the wall, I learned from the market can be resistant, dragon card, Saint Gobanchenko these brands of light steel keel gypsum board which good point?
With the development of social market economy, the market spread of various industries. Decoration materials are the same, the current market in the circulation of many brands. In fact, each brand has its corresponding value advantage. In accordance with the brand value and the overall quality is concerned, decorative ceilings currently Jieke Knaufort is the same high-end international brands, Long card is the domestic first-line brand, the real Taishan can, but Taishan many fried in the market. Other domestic small brands countless. And ultimately to see their specific positioning.
Q:Lightweight wallboard light steel keel how to construction
Damp room and steel plate plaster wall, light partition board keel spacing should not be greater than hundreds of millimeters, the installation of supporting keel, the support card should be installed in the direction of the vertical keel opening, partition wall card should be four hundred To six hundred millimeters, from the keel at both ends of the distance should be twenty to twenty five millimeters, should be fixed according to the location of the ball along the edge, along the keel and border keel, keel line should be coincident with the line.
Q:Light steel keel wall waterproof
The grass on the surface of the gray skin with a knife to remove, with a broom to dust, sand and other debris clean, especially the root, floor drain and drain and other parts to be carefully cleaned. If there is oil, apply wire brush and sandpaper brush off. The base surface must be flat, the depression should be filled with cement putty.
Q:75 series of light steel keel wall double-sided double-layer 12 thick plaster board filled with sound insulation noise can reach the number of decibels
Light steel keel gypsum board system is usually double-sided wall structure, that is, "plate - keel (cavity) - plate" structure, each side of the wall board for the single or double gypsum board, Light steel keel. In order to obtain better sound insulation effect, in the cavity filled with rock wool board or glass wool.
Q:Light steel keel wall can be installed sliding door
Can press, but the wall material is not good, no, can pull the wall bad
Q:Light steel keel with what screws fixed gypsum board
2.5cm self-tapping screw! Do not matter where you can use nails. In foreign countries, taking into account the factors of the earthquake, heaven and earth keel and vertical keel can not be nailed.
Q:Light steel keel gypsum board wall height is how to determine
According to the British standard BS5234, different use of the partition wall has different stiffness requirements, the maximum height of the partition wall to determine the criteria for a certain surface load W conditions, the wall of the maximum deflection y does not exceed L / 240; The maximum deformation can not be greater than the L / 240 well system under the 200Pa uniform load. The wind load is superimposed and the uniform load will become larger

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