Stainless Accessories System For Ceiling

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Product Description:

1,Structure of (Suspension System) Description 

Steel keel system:
Stud (vertical keel) :QC 70X40X0.60MM, 75X40X0.60MM
Track :QU 70x35x0.60MM

Steel keel system:

Include two parts: Accessories System for Ceiling and Accessories

Stainless Accessories system for wall partition:

1. Track ( Keep along the top(floor)): Style: QU75

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.8m/M2

2. Stud ( Vertical Keel ) : Style: QC75

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2.5m/M2

3. Link-up keel: Style: DU38x12x1.00mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.8m/M2, 3m/PC

4. Supporting block: Style: 75

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2pcs/M2

5. Paper Tape : B50XL45 45M/ROLL , WIDTH 50MM

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2m/M2

2,Main Features of the Suspension System


Stainless Accessories System for ceiling:

1. Main keel: Stype: DU38x12x1.00mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1.0m/M2, 3m/PC

2 Secondary keel: Style: DC50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 3.30m/M2

3. Second juncture: Style: DC50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.5pc/M2

4. Level fitting: Style: 50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.8pc/M2

5. Second rail: Style: 38back50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2.5pcs/M2


3,(Suspension System) Images


Stainless Accessories System For Ceiling

4,(Suspension System) Specification

Stainless Accessories System For Ceiling


5,FAQ of (Suspension System


6. Light steel chief juncture: Style: DU38

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.99pc/M2

7. Hanging rod: Stple: 8mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.75m/M2, 3m/PC

8. Expansion bolt: Style: 8mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1pc/M2

9. Chief rail: Style: 38

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1pc/M2

10. Angle: Style: 15x20x30x0.50mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.5m/M2

14. Connecting nut: Style: 6mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1pc/M2



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Q:Lightproof wall how to fire
These three criteria are three basic requirements for detecting whether a partition can reach a certain refractory limit; Landlord asked if the fire? Very simple to say that fire is built on the basis of thermal insulation to achieve the purpose of fire;
Q:How to install damping sound insulation felt
Keel on the installation of poly-mao acoustic insulation board (two-layer board folder sound insulation felt, sheet and sound insulation stitching treatment), noise board between the seams and sound insulation board and roof, floor joints for construction sealant seal.
Q:9 + 9 double gypsum board is what it means
Gypsum board is a kind of material made of building gypsum as the main raw material. It is a light weight, high strength, thinner thickness, easy processing and insulation and fire insulation and other properties of better building materials, is currently focused on the development of one of the new lightweight sheet. Gypsum board has been widely used in residential, office buildings, shops, hotels and industrial plants and other buildings within the wall, wall panels (instead of wall plaster layer), ceilings, sound-absorbing panels, ground floor boards and the Such as decorative plates. Gypsum board gypsum board (divided into ordinary gypsum board (commonly used), fiber gypsum board, gypsum decorative plate "interpretation") it to gypsum as the main material, adding fiber, adhesive, modifier, Dry from. With fire, noise, heat, light, high strength, low shrinkage and other characteristics and good stability, not aging, anti-moth, available nails, saws, planing, sticky and other methods of construction.
Q:Light steel keel wall cheap or cheap red brick
Now the sand is soaring, if the area is large, short-term is certainly selected light steel keel, if it is their own long-term use, it is still a brick, expensive on your point!
Q:Can the interior walls be made of light steel keel partitions? Bathroom wall and interior wall with light steel keel wall is good or brick wall good?
Light steel keel (generally with gypsum board) wall lightweight, easy construction, low cost, a large number of indoor partitions,
Q:How to construct double - sided double gypsum board partition wall
Line: according to the design and construction plans, in accordance with the keel width of the elastic line, has been done on the ground or ridge to release the wall position line, door and window openings border line, and put the top, wall keel position edge. To cover the panel of the long, wide sub-file, to ensure that the keel position is correct. Heaven and earth keel installation, along the ball line fixed top, to keel, fixed point spacing should not be greater than 600mm, keel docking should remain straight. Fixed keel keel, keel the end should be fixed, fixed should be solid. Wall, column edge keel with nails or wood screws and walls, column fixed, nail distance of 1000mm.
Q:Light steel keel wall Why do not cross brace welding with welding
Horizontal keel is a secondary support role, the panel position is not time to adjust the location, in addition to the function of contraction expansion margin, so not allowed to link the link for the rigid.
Q:Light steel keel with what screws fixed gypsum board
2.5cm self-tapping screw! Do not matter where you can use nails. In foreign countries, taking into account the factors of the earthquake, heaven and earth keel and vertical keel can not be nailed.
Q:Light steel keel partitions and finished partitions
Light steel: the frame and the outer panel should be in the construction site processing, but also brush at least 2 times the putty +2 paint. Finished partition: mainly in the factory processing, in the field just assembled only.
Q:Light steel keel wall gypsum board seams how to deal with? Including smallpox
First with gypsum slit smooth, and then paste the old white leather paste with kraft paper, as long as the joints have to deal with. Better than the kind of gauze belt. My family used

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