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Product Description:

Key Features:
* Stackable 2000mAh Power bank.
* Patent pending : Stack feature design
* It is a high cumulative capacity rechargeable battery that allows you to charge any micro USB
  device( DC5V).
* It is light and handy.
* It can be working by one or group.
* Power capacity:2000 mAh,1 +1=4000 mAh
* Rated input:DC5V/1A
* Rated output:DC5V/1A
* Battery  type:Lithium Polymer
* Input port:MICRO USB
* Output port : USBA2.0
* Ripple voltage:<250MV
* Quiescent current:<40UA
* Transformation rate: >85%(VIN=3.7V,VOUT=1A)
* Approval / Certification: CE,EMC,LVD,FCC,Rosh
size of product :75mmx13mm
Packing information:

* QTY: 60pcs/ctn
* G.W.:9.0kg
* N.W.:8.2kg
* MEAST: 38x23x32cm

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Q:How does the mobile power charge?
You re-plug the first to determine the plug to plug the good.
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535W x 7 hours 3745 watt hours (or 3.745kWh) a day 3745wh / 6 sun hours (amount of time total the panels will output their full rated potential. 6 is possible in the middle of summer depending on where you are) 624W / .67 (system losses) 931 Watts of panels needed. five 200W panels would do it. 3745wh / .9 (inverter inefficiencies) x 2 (never use more than half the power in a battery bank) / 24V battery bank 346 amp hour 24V battery bank. eight 100ah 12V batteries would do it, 2 in series to make 24V, 4 parallel strings of them for 400aH. 931W / 24V 38.79A from solar array x 1.25 safety factor 50A minimum solar charge controller 535W air conditioner, but what is the surge when it turns on? That is the number you need to make sure your inverter can handle.
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That is a rather idealistic and naive point. The power of the banks in most western nations but in particular the United States of America and Great britain is truly awesome and both governments tread on very thin ice when negotiating with these very clever and utterly ruthless crocodiles. In many ways the senior directors of the major banks and other financial institutions wield more power and have greater influence in decisions affecting the nation than the 'here today gone tomorrow' politicians.
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Q:Do you seriously believe a government/banking monopoly over our money is a good thing?
The government should just give us all free burritos before it collapses and screws the whole world.

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