Square tubular aluminum handle heavy-duty hacksaw frame

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100 pc
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10000 pc/month

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Item specifice:

shape: square tubular Model .No: 402111 size: 12
handle: aluminum handle

Product Description:

Products name:

Square tubular aluminum handle heavy-duty hacksaw frame 



1. Material: metal

2. Shape:Square tubular

4. MOQ: 100pcs.

5. Sample: contact with our service people for the sample.

6. OEM: Accepted.

7. Production capacity: 10000pcs per month.

8. Payment terms:  T/T, L/c



Please check with our  service person if you need samples.


Advantage and Innovation:

1.Aluminum handle with rubber ,comfortable to use it 

2.Durable in use

3.Heavy -duty hacksaw,fluent to cut

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Square tubular aluminum handle heavy-duty hacksaw frame

Square tubular aluminum handle heavy-duty hacksaw frame


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Q:What are the types of curve saw blades?
Know a little. BOSCH curve saw, BOSCH blue handle, for thickness metal cutting.
Q:What can the marble sawing blade
The length of diamond saw blade varies with the size of the saw, and 4300mm, 4350mm and 4400mm are more common. Its width is 188.smm (including diamond cutter head) and the thickness of saw blade is 3.smm. Diamond cutter head shape is square cone (cross section is trapezoidal), long as 20mm, high 8.smm, the upper and lower width, the width of the upper part of 4.7MM, the lower part of the width of 5.7mm. The reason for taking a narrow, wide shape is to prevent 4350mm stone plate clamping blade.
Q:What does "antialiasing" and "vertical synchronization" mean in the game options? What's the function?
Vertical sync: the refresh rate of the picture is the same as the refresh rate of the desktop. For liquid crystal display, is to make the picture frames does not exceed the maximum 60 frames /s.
Q:What's the password for a heroic electronic saw cadmatic4?
First, there are many manufacturers of computer cutting saw has done very well, such as a crossbar, Shunde Bernie, the manufacturer of computer panel saw are good, have their own R & D team, produced a better mechanical. Secondly, many foreign brands of mechanical properties and the operation is not good for the Chinese master. The employment situation, many workers' cultural level is low. So the computer panel saw to practical, or the need for domestic workers to better development.
Q:What kind of oil do you use to cut the aluminum material with double head saw?
Emulsion by special formula does not contain chlorine, specially for solving problems of aluminum metal and its alloy during processing (such as chip bonding, tool wear, surface accuracy and surface contamination etc.).
Q:Domestic electronic material saw, which quality comparison, the price is cheaper? May I trouble you for your recommendation?
The computer can be used for various plate materials saw cutting such as: high density board, particle board, acrylic melamine plywood and wood, plastic and other materials, Aluminum Alloy verticaldissection crosscutting, is to overturn the traditional sliding table saw automatic machinery, is the furniture industry, advertising industry, plate cutting industry required mechanical.
Q:Why do you want to repair concrete road pavement saws
It is not when sawing, pouring concrete pre isolated, concrete expansion is relatively large, easy to crack in the process of cold expansion on the road tile, you saw the so-called joint is actually the expansion joints, avoid high temperature in summer when the damage of asphalt pavement. In fact, you see what we can know, the asphalt will often muster a package in the innate, but not because of the asphalt pavement toughness was far better than that of cement concrete pavement
Q:What are the brands of imported German band saw blades? What's the performance like?
Germany Eberle (Eber), Wikus (Wekus), there are some true or not to say
Q:Sawing machine blanking, the length of general leave how much processing allowance?
If you get on the train, it's better to go down to 20mm, and leave a larger diameter.
Q:What angle should the woodwork use to see the corner of the ceiling when it is decorated? 90 degrees
Use a cutting machine to change different saw blades to see different materials. I'm not your father doing this, so I don't know about the tools, you can go to the hardware market around, ask those shops have this type of portable tools, if there are some of them.

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