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1)    Pile Material: 100% Polyester

2) Pile Weight : 290g/m2

3) Pile Height: 3mm

4) Back Material:Latex/Non-wowen/TPR/Dotted-plastic-non-woven/PVC

5) Back Thickness :1-2mm

6) Size:  40*60 /50*80/ 44*70/ 60*90cm or customed size

7) Color Fastness : 4-4.5 grade

8) Usage Place: living room , bedroom ,entrance ,kids room, bath room


1)    Competitive price, several different options on material & backing

2)    Unlimited color available

3)    MOQ: 1500m2/Per Color Group


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Q:good loom for rugs and placemats?
I didn't go to your links, but Schacht looms are some of the best made. I would really like to have a 2- harness Schacht to make rugs with! I have a 4-harness LeClerc and it is heavy enough to do what I want all the way from rugs to fine fabrics. I suggest you get some of those link together mats to put under your loom to prevent walking and to dampen the banging we get when making rugs!! Dust vacs work well to get up the lint we make. Enjoy your new loom as much as I enjoy my antique LeClerc! (it has a 4 digit serial number!)
Q:what is the usual width in which carpet is sold?
12 ft
Q:What is the best way to get dried blue nail polish out of a beige rug?
Often nail polish on carpet or a rug is just on the very tips of the fibers. If this is the case you can just snip the polish off with sharp scissors. Just cut the very tips of the fibers. Work slowly. Don't cut a single millimeter more than you have to and pull up while cutting. This will help prevent divots in the rug. Try your best to do just one or two fibers at a time...not a whole clump. This will work unless you have used nail polish remover and have worked the nail polish deeper into the rug. Good luck. -
Q:Should I get Rugs or Carpet?
Truthfully, when it comes to crawling around on hardwood, your little one is much tougher than you might suppose. If she were mine, I would be much more concerned about her vulnerability to the host of chemicals, gases, pathogens, allergens and critters that lurk in both rugs and carpets. The rough texture of rugs and carpets can also cause nasty rashes on her sensitive skin. Hardwood is also much easier to keep clean. Trust me. Your babe really doesn't need the extra cushion of a rug. Toss a blanket and a cushion on the floor for when she wants to lay back but let her crawl all over on that nice smooth, clean hardwood. She'll thrive. I raised 2 healthy boys on hard porcelain tile -- but at least I knew it was clean. About my neighbour's carpeted floor, I wasn't so sure. The only bruises my boys seemed to sustain was from their own adventuresome mishaps.
Q:need to buy ivory accent rug?
target okorder.com/
Q:20 gallons of water leaked onto carpet?
first of all search for the water line going into your water heater and close off the water and then call a plumber and performance them pop out they're going to guard something like checking for mildew and getting it treated considering that maximum plumbers have emergency amenities on p.c. dial. they're going to be waiting to restoration your complications immediately
Q:whats the difference between turnout and stable rugs?
What differentiates blankets are three things; the denier, how the blanket is woven (the shape of the fabric (Weatherbeeta uses diamonds, Rambo are tiny tiny squares, and other brands are large squares) and the fill. IF you READ what both of those blankets say they are both 200g fill. Which is the same exact thing. In America, 200g is considered a midweight blanket. The first link is their older model. The second link was last year's model (which is now being discontinued for this coming year's new model). Shires blankets have one of the highest deniers on the market, and they use balistic nylon (so virtually indestructible). The oh so beloved Rambo brand only goes up to a 1680, but most of their blankets average 1200D. Definitions of blankets: Sheet - NO FILL, Turnout Light - 100G fill, turnout, also known as a California light Medium - 200G fill, turnout Heavy - 300G-500G depending on the country. Stable blankets, sheets, rugs, whatever, are meant for the stable. Like the name insinuates. People call blankets whatever they want. To each person a rug may mean something different. A sheet is not a light, because a light would have fill.
Q:Does a rug pad have to have the exact dimensions as the rug?
A rug pad should always be just a bit smaller than the rug, so you can't see it and so the rug sits on the floor at the edge. If your pad were to big just as big, you'd likely trip on it often.
Q:Fruit punch on a white carpet?
I agree, that it may be too late, but the best thing I have found to take out nasty spots on my berber carpet is Folex. It's almost a miracle in a spray bottle. It's kind of pricy, but well worth it. If you can find it, get it. Good luck. PS-I would have your roomie pay for it :-)
Q:Rug burn on my cheek?
Rug burn is chafing , so neosporinr is perfect. Just wash with soapy water and let it dry first. It will clear up fast if it's just red. If its bleeding or oprn will take longer. Aloe, from a plant will work too.

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