Square Concrete Column Formwork

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H20 Timber Beam Formwork for Rectangle, Square Concrete Column Formwork


1. Structure sketch

H20 Timber Beam Formwork for Rectangle, Square Concrete Column Formwork

TBC system-A is a kind of formwork for pouring square or rectangle column, it is composed of four pieces of Tim-formwork, yoke, tie rod, wing nut, etc.

It will be designed according to column’s size; the formwork’s dimension is not adjustable.

Competitive Advantage:

1. Prefabricated connection, convenient and efficient.

H20 Timber Beam Formwork for Rectangle, Square Concrete Column Formwork

2. Light weight but high bearing capacity.

For conventional design, its load bearing capacity is 80KN/m2 with weight of 55-65kg/m2.
If required, the formwork can be specially designed for higher concrete pressures.

3. Timber is easy resized, so the Tim-formwork is relatively easier to change self’s size and shape. This approved formwork’s economical efficiency.


H20 Timber Beam Formwork for Rectangle, Square Concrete Column Formwork

H20 Timber Beam Formwork for Rectangle, Square Concrete Column Formwork

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