Square Concrete Column Formwork SF120-A

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Adjustable SF120 System for Rectangle / Square Concrete Column


1. Structure sketch

Adjustable SF120 System for Rectangle / Square Concrete Column Formwork

SF120-A is a kind of formwork for pouring rectangle & square column; it is composed of formwork, props, adjustable steel clamp, etc.

Competitive Advantage:

1. High-precision production line guarantees the perfect products.

Adjustable SF120 System for Rectangle / Square Concrete Column Formwork

2. Special hollow steel frame covered with WISA-plywood, light weight but high strength.
Its allowable pressure from fresh concrete is 80KN/m2 with the weight of 65KG/m2.

3. Easy connection with adjustable steel clamp.

Adjustable SF120 System for Rectangle / Square Concrete Column Formwork

4. The system is easy to change the cross section.

Adjustable SF120 System for Rectangle / Square Concrete Column Formwork


Adjustable SF120 System for Rectangle / Square Concrete Column Formwork

Adjustable SF120 System for Rectangle / Square Concrete Column Formwork

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