SQm Peripheral Warer Pump

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Q:outboard motor not pumping water?
Check and see if the water impeller needs to be replaced. They are only made of rubber. Best of luck.
Q:Where online can we find a small water fountain pump?
Alex - It's best to look for water fountain pump based on there GPH i.e. Gallon per hour ratings - this is the rating that show how many gallons of water is the pump able to recirculate in one hour. First answer to look for is the GPH rating of your original fountain pump. Also, most of the higher GPH fountains have several inlets, so that should not be an issue if you get a higher GPH pump. Just keep in mind that higher the GPH, higher the power consumption, and thereby, higher electric bills. Just look up the sources I am pointing out below and I am sure you would find a good fountain pump for your garden fountain.
Q:1994 Chevy Camaro v6 water pump replacing help!!!?
actually it works better if you leave the belt tight on the pulley, the tension holds the pulley so you can loosen the bolts, and even that big one, I think, you will need a decent pulley puller to get that pulley off, I suggest you buy a new water pump if you can afford it, otherwise you will but putting water pumps on every year or so, as rebuilt are not long lasting, best of luck, be careful around that radiator with the fan.
Q:how to check water pump?
If your radiator has a cap you can take it off when engine is cold. Start the car and notice the gently flow of coolant and then after the engine warms and the thermostat opens, about 10 minutes at idle, the upper hose should start feeling warm and the coolant should flow faster past the radiator opening. If you don't see the rushing coolant the impeller of the water pump isn't working. Hope you don't have a leak but you can lose the bearing in the water pump without losing the seal, so there is no leak.
Q:How do you rate rotary water pumps?
Either from the HP needed to run or the output in GPM.
Q:can i drive my car to a service center 5 miles with a blown water pump?
i guess you mean it leaking water like crazy from the pump. yes you can drive 5 miles. start out with a cold eng, leave the radiator cap loose plan a route where you dont have to set at stop lights. And drive slower as to not heat up the eng , not 60 mph. Take 5 gallons of water with you to add if you need to. what ever you do dont let it over heat. the shop should come and tow you cheap, like $35 , that would be safer. but if it is just leaking water as long as you keep water in it you can go 5 miles. i have done that sort of thing several times. 5 miles id easy if your not stuck in stop and go traffic.
Q:toyota prius 2002 inverter water pump?
Go okorder.com/
Q:doubt about water pump..?
Is the motor of the pump built-in so that the pumped fluid flows through the motor also? If the answer to the question is yes then do not use the pump for pumping kerosene. However, if the pumped liquid does not come in contact with motor then you can use the pump for pumping kerosene. But ensure that the pump shaft seal is of mechanical type (so that kerosene does not leak from the shaft sealing area) with parts (specially any rubber parts) compatible with hydrocarbons (use viton rubber parts instead of EPDM)
Q:Replace the water pump on a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird LE?
The best thing you could do is maybe run to a library and they might have a Chiltons or Haynes repair manual you can make some copies of, check it out and decide for yourself, but a timing belt is a pretty involved process, not so much for a water pump.
Q:99 Ram 1500 5.2 Leaking below the water pump?
pump bad or a hose above pump leaking 90% of time pump bad get a flashlight to see more or get a better look have it put on a lift at a shop but most likey water pump gone

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