Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

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Product Description:


High quality spunlace nonwoven fabric:



Specification of high quality spunlace nonwoven fabric:


Material: polyester+viscose



Technique: Parallel lapped / Cross lapped
Surface pattern: big dot, small dot, diamond,mesh, wavelike




Feature of spunlace nonwoven fabric:



.Smooth on the cloth surface, special spunlace processing ,lint--free;

.Soft texture, strong sense of wipes, tissue, cloth;

.Sanitary and purified,harmless,no allergy.



Application of high quality spunlace nonwoven fabric:



.Antibaterial wet towels,wet wipes;  

.Wet towels used in hotel,restaurants; 

.Wet towels used in furniture; 

.Electrical appliance towels,wipes;

.Medical wipes,alcohol swab,medical wiping fabric;

.Soft rolls,cosmtic rolls,pad; 

.Pet towels,cleaning wipes,

.Household wiping fabric ; 

.Feminine towels; 

.Mop towels,household wipe cloth. 

.Vice face film, eye film, nose film, hand film, feet film; 

.Vice discharge makeup cotton, make up cotton; 

.Skin clean towel, beauty took towels.


 Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric  Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

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Q:What kind of fabric is polyester fiber with spandex?
Polyester fiber refers to polyester fabric (the fabric does not fade, no deformation, and volatile moisture), elastic fiber refers to spandex (the fabric costs more, do not fade, sweat absorption, ventilation, non deformation)
Q:How can you tell what fabric is made of?
Clothing fabrics are divided into: A. cotton, B. linen fabric, C. wool fabric, D. silk fabric, E. chemical fiber fabric, F. knitwear fabric, G. fur and leather fabric
Q:Will mulberry silk shrink if it is washed?
Silk washing as follows:1, anyway, silk clothes must be in accordance with the requirements of the cleaning, the water temperature can not be too high, not more than 30 degrees is appropriate, too high water temperature will damage silk, also can cause shrinkage.2, when we clean the silk, choose cleaning agent is also very important, must choose neutral detergent.3, silk, of course, is to hand wash, do not use the washing machine to clean, or else silk clothes will have silk or "turn silk" and other phenomena appear.4, if the silk clothes stained with too much stains, and can not handle their own, or to take the professional dry cleaning shop to deal with cleaning.5, silk Liangshai is particularly careful, after cleaning is not twisted, only the silk clothes carefully picked up again on the towel neatly put good after the above. Dry naturally in the shade.
Q:What fabric pilling?
Generally blended fabric is easy to pilling. For example, polyester cotton fabric, if the proportion of polyester and cotton is not reasonable, long after wearing, it will easily pilling. And acrylic fabric used to make sweaters, too long for a long time.
Q:What are the advantages of modal fabric?
Modal fiber is characterized by the natural fiber luxury texture and synthetic fiber combination of practicality. With the soft cotton, silk luster, Ma's smooth, and the water absorption and air permeability are better than cotton, has high dyeing rate, fabric color bright and full. Modal fiber and multiple fiber blended and interwoven, such as cotton, linen and silk, in order to improve the quality of the cloth, the fabric can keep soft and smooth, play to their respective fiber characteristics, to better take effect. 1, Modal fiber fabric, soft, good drape, comfortable to wear. 2, Modal fiber fabric moisture absorption and permeability better than pure cotton fabric, is ideal for close knit fabric and health care clothing products, is conducive to human physiological cycle and health. 3, Modal fiber fabric surface, smooth and delicate, with natural silk effect. 4, Modal fiber fabric bright colors, light amount, is a natural mercerized fabric. 5, Modal fiber fabric has stable performance, tested compared with the cotton fabric after 25 times washing, feel will become increasingly hard, while the Modal fiber fabric on the contrary, modal fabric after washing many times, still keep the original smooth and soft feel, soft and bright, and more wash more soft, more wash the more beautiful. 6, Modal fiber fabric garment effect, shape stability, has the natural crease resistance and easy care, make people more convenient and natural.
Q:How can TR fabrics and TC fabrics be distinguished?
T/R fabric is polyester viscose blended fabric.Polyester viscose blend is a kind of complementary blend. Polyester and viscose are not only of cotton type, wool type, but also medium length. Wool fabrics, commonly known as "fast bars"".
Q:Compared modal fabric and cotton fabric, which is more expensive? Modal and Audel the same?
Modal fabric defect is Tingkuo difference therefore generally don't fiber blended the underwear and used more
Q:What exactly is the ingredient of iced silk fabric?
The cellulose content of more than 99.5% in the ice. Cotton fiber and wood fiber in 95--97%, silk fat and waxy cotton fiber accounted for 0.2--0.3%, accounting for 0.5--0.6%, ice free chlorine containing substance. Chlorine content in cotton fiber accounts for 1--1.1%. The ice does not contain pectin and reducing sugar up. And cotton fiber contains 1.2%. The content of other trace silk ash, ash content of cotton fiber was 1.14%. In several mainstream fibers. The ice has the nature of cotton, yarn quality is a typical ecological fiber, derived from natural and superior natural.
Q:What are the features and advantages of the slub yarn fabric? What are the main selling points?
Main selling point:1, a wide range of varieties, is one of the most kinds of fancy yarn, there are slub slub yarn, knot shaped slub yarn, short fiber slub yarn, filament yarn and so on;2, when used to dress fabrics or decorative fabrics, flower patterns prominent, unique style, strong sense of three-dimensional.
Q:What fabric is kaschmir cachemire?
It's cashmere fabric.Cashmere is known as cashmere, English cashmere, Kashmir is transliterated words, because in the history of Kashmir was distributed cashmere, cashmere cashmere, cashmere is divided into green, purple cashmere cashmere to 3, the highest value.
ED specialises in the production and sales of spunbond,spunlace and thermobonded nonwoven fabric. Since the establishment of our company, we devoted ourselves providing good product and satisfying service, not only for the domestic customers, but also for the customer abroad.So far, we have wide range of customers, such as Europe,American,Middle East and Asia etc, with export percentage 40%.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China
Year Established 2007
Annual Output Value Above US$3 Million
Main Markets Mid East,Europe,The America,Southeast Asia
Africa ,Oceania ,Mid East
Company Certifications ISO 9001

2. Manufacturer Certificates

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Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shenzhen,Shekou
Export Percentage 10%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 4
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average,low