Sprayer Set with Diesel Engine

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120 Sets watt
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10000 Sets per Month watt/month

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All models include: Heavy Duty Stand, 50-mtr Delivery Hose, 2-Sprayer Guns, Hose Reel, 5-mtr Suction Hose with Strainer, 5-mtr Overflow Hose, Tool-Kit.


Model                      Diesel Engine                           HTP


PSD-22                   Z165F(2.5HP/2600rpm)          22A3


PSD-30                   Z170F(4HP/2600rpm)             30A3


PSD-45                   Z175F(5HP/2600rpm)             45A3

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Q:Audi a6l2012 30fsi technical 4S shop maintenance, said the engine water pump leakage needs to be replaced, but not leaking,
1, FSI refers to the fuel stratified injection. The emphasis is on stratified jets rather than stratified combustion. Fuelstratifiedinjection technology is EFI engine with electronic chips through calculation and analysis, precise control of injection quantity into the cylinder combustion engine, in order to improve the mixing proportion of fuel, and a technique to improve the efficiency of the engine. The main advantages of the FSI engine are as follows: the dynamic response is good, the power and torque can be increased simultaneously, and the fuel consumption is reduced compared with the traditional technology of injecting the fuel into the intake manifold.
Q:What does ACC mean in a car?
The adaptive cruise control system is an intelligent automatic control system, which is developed on the basis of the already existing cruise control technology.
Q:What kind of engine is oil efficient?
Drag coefficient - the new models tend to be smoother, but in addition to improving visual performance, it is also important to reduce wind resistance. Many people think that wind resistance is only a tiny technical parameter, but in practice it has a lot to do with fuel consumption. Generally speaking, when a vehicle travels at high speed, the biggest resistance comes from the air. Therefore, even if the drag coefficient is reduced by 0.01, fuel consumption will also bring about great difference.
Q:Is the engine body aluminum and iron big?
It is well known that aluminum is susceptible to chemical reactions with water generated during combustion, and therefore corrosion resistance is far less than that of cast iron cylinders, especially for supercharged engines where temperature pressures are higher.
Q:What is the difference between AT and MT engines, please?
MT (manual transmission), is a conventional gearbox, it is the use of different gear for the power transmission and gear collocation, collocation transform can only rely on hand foot clutch lever to realize, this is the so-called manual transmission.
Q:Seeking Brilliance China engine all models
Brilliance owns: Brilliance Jinbei, brilliance commercial vehicle, Brilliance China, brilliance BMW! Brilliance Auto: FRV, FSV, CROOSFRV Chun Jie, Jun Jie, zunchi, kubao! At present, there is a FSV'FRV'Junjie zunchi some models are equipped with MITSUBISHI engines (1.5'2.4)
Q:What are the systems in the car engines?
The difference between a diesel engine and a gasoline engine is that there is no ignition system, and the diesel engine is a compression ignition type
Q:Does the car engine start or start?
From the grammar that should be "Kai", there is open, wake up the meaning.
Q:Why do diesel engines vibrate with noise?
We also know that in the gasoline engine, knock is fault phenomenon. To produce motion power and engine piston in the opposite direction is called detonation combustion of combustible gas, not only bad detonation engine damage, increased fuel consumption, and will have a lot of noise. In the EFI gasoline engine, with a knock sensor, through the critical point ECU ignition timing control for engine knock and knock out. And in the diesel engine, the fuel itself is by compression ignition, the gasoline engine and compression ignition detonation conditions when the same, so inevitably will produce a lot of noise.x0d in addition to the combustion of different causes more than noise. The other mechanism of diesel engine will produce more noise, such as the fuel pump of diesel engine. Unlike gasoline engine, the compression stroke when the gasoline engine is A mixture of oil and gas compression, while the diesel engine is a compression of pure air. Because, in order to make the diesel in cylinder combustion more fully, and will not cause unnecessary knock, the diesel engine is a piston in nearly reach the start vertex of the injection compression. You want to in such a high pressure environment, must choke a very large supply pressure to ensure the normal operation of the engine.
Q:What does the engine CC stand for?
Engine displacement is one of the most important parameters, it can represent more than the number of engine and the cylinder bore size, the engine of many of the indicators are closely related with the displacement.
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Location Zhejiang, China
Year Established 1997
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Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Domestic Market
Company Certifications SONCAP;SONCAP

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Nearest Port NINGBO
Export Percentage 31% - 40%
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Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered
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