Sprayer Manufacturers Swan Watering Pot Agriculture Hand Sprayer

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Description Of Sprayer Manufacturers Swan Watering Pot Agriculture Hand Sprayer

1. Material of tank:  PP. very durable fresh material.

2. Capacity: 12/16/18/20Liter

3. Working pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa

4. Max working pressure: 1.0Mpa

5:Fiber glass lance +Plastic nozzle +Plastic switch (regular)

One sprayer come with three different kinds of nozzles.

There are different kind of sprayer lance can be chose

Brass lance ,fiber glass lance, Stainless steel lance, Telescopic lance et

6.Hose: 1.2M PVC hose

7.parts :some free parts go along with sprayer

8. LOGO:Your logo are print on as long as reached the quantity

9.Packing :1pc/color box packing.

Sprayer Manufacturers Swan Watering Pot Agriculture Hand Sprayer


1.PE hand sprayer 

2 Fully adjustable nozzle and trigger lock 

3.6L tank volume 0.15-0.3Mpa 

4.1.58gallon compression sprayers


1.Made of PE hand sprayer

2.Fully adjustable nozzle and trigger lock

3.6L tank volume 0.15-0.3Mpa

4.1.58 gallon sprayer 



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