Spray-proof Soft Power Cable

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Product Description:

Model Spray-proof Soft Power Cable   and Model AJYFGR Heat Resistant, Spray-proof Soft Power Cable  

Product Description


This product is used in power or control circuit of furnace bulk for iron and steel plant, copper smelting factory, continuous casting machine, uncorking machine and thermal power generation plant, also used in power or control line of high temperature and radiated heat resistant near metal solutions such as molten steel or iron, and anti-spraying of solution.

Executive Standard

Q/AHXYLY05.4-2009 Standard, burning Test as per IEC331

Technology Performance

(1) Cable operation temperature:-40°C~ 500°C,-40°C~ 800°C.

(2)Cable working voltage U0/U:0.6/1kV and 450/750V.

(3)Model AJYFGRP cable has heat resistant coating for protection and steel wire intwined coating. Practice proved that metal solution has in effect formed another outer protection coating, which is favorable for cable protection after spraying onto cable surface in dots.

(4)Cable belongs to a mobile soft cable.

Code and Definition














Silicone   rubber

Soft   core


Product Structure


1. Conductor copper, pickle core

2. Fluoride insulation jacket

3,4,6 Insulation coating and jacket

5. Mica paper

7. Outer shield sheathed

Specification Size

Product Delivery

Minimum length shall be 200m for delivery. Length tolerance shall be no more than 2.5% while quantity shall not exceed 10% of total delivery length.

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Detail:

international wooden drums   or according to your requirement.

Delivery Detail:

In 15days or as the quantity   you required

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Q:What is a PVC Power Cable and what is its application?
Electrical PVC wiring in general refers to insulated conductors used to carry electricity, and associated devices. PVC Power cables may be installed as permanent wiring within buildings, buried in the ground, run overhead, or exposed. PVC Power Cables are used for high-voltage (more than 35,000 volts). Thanks,
Q:What size secondary battery and power/ground cable should I use?
I okorder.com/
Q:Two connectors on the same hard drive cable?
The power supply cable doesn't matter. The master HD is on the second, end, connector.
Q:Graphics cards? Will it matter how much power it uses if it has a power cord/plug thing?
With a power cord, cable, plug thingy? I've never seen such a setup, and I thought I knew a bit about computers. I know I've seen old (mid 2000s) articles about something like that, but it never got market traction as far as I'm aware. I'd say that you would have to replace your power supply - but I guess a separate power supply should be another solution as well - though it might actually be cheaper to replace the power supply rather than having a separate power supply for your GPU. Also, your motherboard doesn't necessarily support the newest GPUs at any rate, so... yeah.
Q:How can I find the optimal length needed for a power cable to connect two poles using catenary concepts?
The web page provides very thorough information and rigorous mathematical treatment relevant to the answer you seek. But it is just too much all at once to digest. So take it piecemeal, one bit at a time! First, you must realize that the sag of the cable is the single most important design parameter and strict attention to cable weight determines the optimal length. The equation of the catenary is the precise model but a parabolic approximation may work. (parabolic approx.) ymax = (3wl²) / ³√(64EA) P = wl²/(8ymax) Where ymax is the maximum sag l is the unstretched length w is the weight/unit length E Youngs modulus A Wire area P axial tension the curve is a parabola, which is a good approximation if the depth of sag is no greater than 1/8th of the span. Use the second equation to derive the induced tension P. H:=WL²/8S S:=WL²/8H L: distance between support S: Sag at mid-span H: tension (horizontal component of tension) The tension depends purely on the loaded geometry and the weight per unit length.
Q:Laptop power cable slightly wobbly, is this bad?
Sounds fine, but if it becomes a problem then take it back to where you got it and explain the problem. They will fix it for you, for a reasonable price. My computer started off like that, then it started refusing its charger, and still does now. When we got it seen to, the fixing chap tried his charger on it, and it worked fine so we now need to buy a new one, but they are pretty expensive things. It may not end up like that for you, but whatever it could lead to, I wouuld get it seen to, because believe me, it stops accepting its charger, hibernates on you- then bang and the work is gone! :-(( Good Luck!
Q:Does anyone have suggestions for shorter length power cables for HP servers?
You could shorten the cables, but you shouldn't use a smaller gauge. The gauge of the power wire is sized appropriate to the power supply of the server. If you use a wire that is to small a gauge you could create a fire hazard.
Q:My xbox has a red light on the power cable?
lol its not the red ring of death as the first answer said and even if it was that CAN be fixed.its obviously something wrong with the adapter (the box with the wire on it lol) and not the xbox itself so if your xbox is still under warranty then you can just send it back to get fixed.if not then you may need to invest in a new adapter/power cable
Q:PCI-E power cable?
A 8300gs does not need power. Anything over a 8600gt needs the external power connector.
Q:imac G4 power cable Question?
specific. the means cords designed for the iMac are what's mandatory to function the iMac. the present twine probably isn't feeding adequate means to function all stages of the device. that could happen. substitute the twine. optimistically, which will remedy your subject. stable success.

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