Special Inflaming Retarding Fire Resistant Flexible Cable

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Six types are included: copper core inflaming retarding PVC insulated flexible cable (ZA-RV).copper core inflaming retarding PVC insulated inflaming retarding PVC sheathed flexible cable (ZA-RW),copper core inflaming retarding PVC insulated steel tape armored inflaming retarding PVC sheathed flexible cable (ZA-RW22).copper core fire resistant low smoke and halogen-free polyolefin insulated flexible cable (WDNA-RY),copper core fire resistant low smoke and halogen-free polyolefin insulated low smoke and halogen-free polyolefin sheathed flexible cable (WDNA-RYY),copper core fire resistant low smoke and halogen-free polyolefin insulated steel tape armored low smoke and halogen-free polyolefin sheathed flexible cable (WDNA-RYY23).

 YD/T 1173-2010 "Inflaming Retarding Fire Resistant Flexible Cable Used for Communication Power Supply"
GB/T 5023 'PVC Insulated Cable with Rated Voltage of 450/750V and Below"


Operating characteristics

 (1) Rated operating voltage of cable: 4501750V (ZA-RV, WDNA-RY),600/1000V (ZA-RVV, ZA-RVV22, WDNA-RYY, WDNA-RYY23).
(2) The long term operating temperature for cable shall not be more than 70℃.
(3) Minimum bending radius: non-armored cable: inflaming retarding type一six times of outer diameter of cable, fire resistant type -12 times of outer diameter of cable; armored cable: 20 times of outer diameter of cable.





No.of cores

Nominal cross-sectional area


Special inflaming retarding fire resistant flexible cable for China Telecom



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Q:Need a power cable for my Samsung 40 TV?
Samsung Tv Power Cable
Q:Power cable question?
It will work fine on 120 or 250 volts, the grounded outlet is for your safety, most places in Asia are doing away with the round plugs ok.....
Q:Should Ferrite Core be tight on the power cable?
They should be tight or glue to the cable. Many cheap made products ignoring this simple process to speed time consume to produce more. Because those workers were paid by piece work.
Q:Can A bad battery or power cable cause a laptop to Blue Screen?
If the battery is bad and the lap top is shut down from lack of battery or power from the power adapter charger it causes the operating system to crash or causes whats called a hard shut down and this in tern causes the operating system to develop corrupt system files. Fix replace battery or use on the power adapter only and re install or repair the operating system using a set of recovery disc made for the lap top.
Q:Do you have to use the defult power supply cable in PC?
No, as long as it can supply the proper voltage and amperage.
Q:New Build PC. Turns off after 2 seconds when power turn on.?
First thing be sure the CPU cooler has thermal paste between CPU and cooler. Second thing be sure the ALL fans are running properly. Re-seat RAM and power cables. Disconnect all extra items. If you have only add-on video card leave it in. Test it with only vid/CPU/RAM connected to rule out other items. If it stays running then one piece at a time plug in the add-on's after you power off. Then turn on after each item and test to see if it runs. Hope this helps, is a place to start at the least.
Q:Is this the correct SATA cable?
Yes that is the correct cable that plugs into the motherboard SATA ports. Regarding the power cable. Some SATA drives have both the old style 4-pin power connector (like on the IDE drives) as well as the newer SATA power cable. If it has both, DO NOT plug both in at the same time or it can damage your PC. You can use one or the other but not both.
Q:My psu came with a U.S power cable could I use this?
so?? if you want to use it, go ahead baby!!
Q:I replaced my Western Digital hard drive. Can I connect it externally? How? It has no power supply cable.?
Hard Drive cable: similar to a dock, but they are just a cable. Simply plug into an open USB or FireWire port, and plug the other end into the hard drive. They have the same issue as a dock though - no protection for the hard drive itself: it just sits exposed on your desk. (I can't find a link for this one in the couple seconds I checked. Sorry) Things to remember with all those options: * Make sure your choice supports your OS: most options work with both Windows and OS X, but some are only one or the other. * Know what interface your hard drive uses. Is it ATA? SATA? IDE? Make sure you buy the product with the right plug for your HDD. * Look at reviews. Especially if you go with a dock: there are lots of cheap ones that have crappy reviews. Do a little research before you buy. Personally, I prefer the case. They work great and you can always switch the hard drive out whenever you want. I just replaced 3 of my 250GB drives with 1TB and it took me all of 5 minutes! Enjoy! PS - I use NewEgg.Com for most of my HDD needs. They have awesome prices and sweet return policies in case something doesn't work when you get it (although that's never happend to me - knock on wood).
Q:Does nvidia gt 520 require any power supply cables attached to it?
for low end cards, you dont need an additional 6 pin or 8 pin power cable for it. It is only for mid range and high range cards that need additional cable for it. For GT 520, you don't need it.

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