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Applied for installation of motor, electric appliance and meter circuit of AC
rated voltage 500V. working temp -60c --180c




Model and name






Main technical reuirements

1. As specified in the table, the wire can bear the spark test of AC 50hz, dip in water for 6h, or subject to withstand voltage test 1 min, without any breakdown.

2. Heat test: at +200c an 96h, the winding show no crack

3. sealing resistance: at -60 and for 2h, the winding show no flaw.

4. Paint resistance test: +135c, dry for 12-14h first, then ip in the paint of +20c for 30 min, after taking it out to dry up, repeat this operation as per prior test steps, at last, dry it at +135c and for 12-14h and wind, the insulated layer has no crack and brittle failure.

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