SP-H Beam Automatic Assembling Machine

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The wing plate, the web plate, the clamping and centering device, locating device and in the proves of spot welding are controlled automatically with PLC technology; the host drive is controlled by AC frequency converter, which ensures the stable and reliable operations; the upper fixing beam is equipped with four sets of rail assistant guide on both sides to ensure the stability when using the clamping device for a long period.

Technical Parameters:


Specification of web plate

Specification of wing plate

Specification of wing plate


Assembling Speed


















1. Where is your factory located?

   Our production Base is located in Shangdong Province, which is the center of machinery production of  China.

2. Are you responsible for installation?

   Yes, our technicians will go to your side to set up the machine as well as training.

3. Do you have experience of export?

   We have been in export business since 1984, now, we have more then 50 employees who are responsible  for logistics

SP-H Beam Automatic Assembling Machine

SP-H Beam Automatic Assembling Machine

SP-H Beam Automatic Assembling MachineSP-H Beam Automatic Assembling Machine

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