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Iron Ore fines mineral Stockpile of 54,000 MT  63.2% Fe bulk ready for export through Saldanha Bay


Acting in accordance with instructions received from , on the 26th of March 2013, we,

NESOSYS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD performed the following;

  • Identification of a stockpiles

  • Sampling of a stockpile

  • Photographic evidence

  • Sample Preparation and Analysis

  • Results

On a stockpile said to be Iron Ore.

On a site of Potsmansburg, Northern Cape, South Africa

On which we report as follows

Identification of the Stockpile

On instructions received from our principal to sample a stockpile. Upon reaching the site a compact

stockpile situated on surface was identified, the quantities available of the current stockpile are

estimated to be approximately 52,000 metric tons.

Sampling of the Stockpile

Samples were drawn in compliance to ISO 3082: 2009/ SANS 3082:2011 for Iron Ore.

Sample Preparation and Analysis

The samples drawn, riffled, split and divided into a representative portions, one for analysis and the one

retained, reserve for testing physical properties if required.

The sample was submitted to an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for chemical analysis.  


Element      %

Fe    63.2

Mn  0.07

Cr  0.05
V  0.003

Ti 0.003

Ca 1.135

K  0.009

Cl 0.012

S 0.001

P 0.169

Si 6.7
Al 0.008

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Q:How much iron content in domestic iron ore has qualified?
The iron ore resources China has two characteristics: one is a lean, lean ore reserves accounted for 80% of total reserves; two is a multi element compound ore more symbiotic. In addition, the ore bodies are complex. Some of the iron poor deposits are hematite and the lower part is magnetite.
Q:How are the grades of iron ore mills located?
The above given only general standards, each manufacturer may have different requirements for some specific parameters, especially the size, also because of the need of ore blending, may need some non conventional iron ore.
Q:What's the weight of a cubic iron ore?
Because the density of iron ore is 4.8 tons / cubic meter, the weight of a cubic iron ore is about 4.8 tons;
Q:What is pyrite used for?
The most common crystals of pyrite are six - body, eight - body and five - angle, twelve - body. There are fine stripes on the crystal faces of six square crystals. Sometimes many crystals join together to become a variety of polycrystalline crystals. Sometimes a golden yellow, sometimes brass, and Huang Liang Huang Liang, with a metallic luster. Specific gravity 4.95 - 5.20. Hardness 6 - 6.5. Green black streak. Brittle, easily broken by beating, and broken surfaces are uneven. When burning blue flame and a pungent smell of sulfur:
Q:The difference of iron ore in white iron ore
Crystals often appear in tabular form. A collection of nodular, spherical, stalactitic, crustified etc.. White to pale yellow copper ore, with light gray or light green color, fresh white tin surface approximation, streaks of gray green, metallic luster. Opaque, hardness of 6 ~ 6.5, the proportion of 4.8 to 4.9, brittle, cleavage parallel, {101} incomplete, the fracture is jagged, with weak electricity.
Q:What do iron and steel have to do with iron ore?Iron ore prices 10%, then how much steel prices?
In addition, iron ore prices did not rise by 10%, steel prices at least 60 yuan / ton
Q:What are the common types of iron ore?
It depends on how it is divided. According to the chemical structure, there are hematite, limonite and magnetite. In accordance with the division of production, there are mainstream mines, non mainstream mines.
Q:Where is iron ore made from iron?
Iron ore used in iron smelting is the main component of iron, when it contains a certain amount of impurities, such as SiO2, Al2O3, CaO, MgO and so on. Domestic iron ore, in general, SiO2 is the main impurity elements.
Q:Does iron ore have radiation on the human body?
You said it should be radiation? Iron does not have radioactive, harmless to the body, but in the iron ore work must bring a mask, otherwise the pneumoconiosis.
Q:Characteristics of hematite
Three Fang system, arh=0.5421nm, alpha =55. 17'; Z=2. Ah=0.5039nm, ch=1.3760nm; Z=6. Corundum type structure. When the substitution of Ti in the component, the volume of the unit cell will increase; and the substitution of Al will reduce the volume of the unit cell. Complex three party partial triangle body crystal class, D3d-3m (L33L23PC). Intact crystals are rare. Common single form: parallel double C, six square column a, rhombohedral R, u, e, six party biconical n. In the crystal surface, there are three sets of stripes parallel to the cross direction and the triangular concave or growth cone. In accordance with the poly twin, in accordance with (0001) for the introduction of double or contact twin. Chang Chengxian is crystalline, plate-like, scaly, granular and crystalline, dense, blocky, oolitic, bean like, kidney like, powder like, and other aggregates.

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