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Iron Ore fines mineral Stockpile of 54,000 MT  63.2% Fe bulk ready for export through Saldanha Bay


Acting in accordance with instructions received from , on the 26th of March 2013, we,

NESOSYS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD performed the following;

  • Identification of a stockpiles

  • Sampling of a stockpile

  • Photographic evidence

  • Sample Preparation and Analysis

  • Results

On a stockpile said to be Iron Ore.

On a site of Potsmansburg, Northern Cape, South Africa

On which we report as follows

Identification of the Stockpile

On instructions received from our principal to sample a stockpile. Upon reaching the site a compact

stockpile situated on surface was identified, the quantities available of the current stockpile are

estimated to be approximately 52,000 metric tons.

Sampling of the Stockpile

Samples were drawn in compliance to ISO 3082: 2009/ SANS 3082:2011 for Iron Ore.

Sample Preparation and Analysis

The samples drawn, riffled, split and divided into a representative portions, one for analysis and the one

retained, reserve for testing physical properties if required.

The sample was submitted to an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for chemical analysis.  


Element      %

Fe    63.2

Mn  0.07

Cr  0.05
V  0.003

Ti 0.003

Ca 1.135

K  0.009

Cl 0.012

S 0.001

P 0.169

Si 6.7
Al 0.008

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Q:What are the major differences between ilmenite and ilmenite?
Used as a purifying agent for iron and steel. High carbon titanium iron containing 17% titanium, 7% carbon and residual iron is used as a ladle additive for purifying steel. Low carbon titanium ferroalloy containing titanium 20% ~ 25%, carbon 0.10%, silicon 4%, lead 3.5%, more than iron, as a reducing agent, are used ilmenite smelting in the electric furnace. Its price per ton is more than 10000 yuan.
Q:How did the sedimentary pyrite form?
Pyrite belt is not stable in oxidation, decomposition of ferric hydroxide form such as goethite, lepidocrocite, after dehydration, which can form a stable limonite, and often in pyrite into illusion.
Q:What's the weight of a cubic iron ore?
Iron ore is an important raw material for iron and steel production enterprises. Natural ore (iron ore) is gradually selected by crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, gravity separation and other procedures. A mineral aggregate containing iron or iron compounds that can be economically used.
Q:Metallogenic regularity of iron ore
Iron ore deposit is mainly produced in Liaoning, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Anhui and other places of Archean Anshan group, Qianxi group, Taishan group, Huo Qiuqun and metamorphic rocks of Dengfeng group, the equivalent in different layers; Shanxi, Inner Mongolia five Taiwan group, Lower Proterozoic metamorphic rocks and Lv Liangqun quite, most belong to the metamorphism greenschist to amphibolite facies and granulite facies in the individual. The provinces of Hunan, Jiangxi and so on are formed in stream group or Sinian group. The iron bearing metamorphic rocks in most areas are affected by varying degrees of mixing and mineralization.
Q:Where is iron ore made from iron?
Iron ore used in iron smelting is the main component of iron, when it contains a certain amount of impurities, such as SiO2, Al2O3, CaO, MgO and so on. Domestic iron ore, in general, SiO2 is the main impurity elements.
Q:Excuse me, what is the competitive power between the iron ore mine and the mine now?
Iron ore outside the mine compared with the internal competitiveness is: domestic iron powder generally exceeded impurities, mainly silica.
Q:What's the difference between iron ore and meteorites?
The meteorite has a layer of hard fusion crust, probably around 1mm, usually with a layer of shiny luster, this is no ore, ore polishing is the only metallic luster. The meteorite does not necessarily have a gas seal, and whether this meteorite explosion, but Air India stone is not necessarily the meteorite. Desert like agate. But molten shell surface are generally melt marks, inside there will be a lot of sulfides, such as the Nandan iron meteorite.
Q:What iron ore does the cement plant use?
Cement is made up of limestone, clay and iron ore in proportion, and the mixture is called raw meal. Then calcined, the general temperature of about 1450 degrees, calcined products called clinker. The clinker is then ground with gypsum and mixed in proportion to cement. The cement at this time is called ordinary Portland cement.
Q:What is the current cost of iron ore production?
Don't worry. Anshan Mining several years ago to cut down a lot of waste of resources. Although the state import branch, but there are still hand resources. I am also mills, the national demand for imported iron ore large, pollution, requires all close extra small businesses. Don't have to add.2007 export tariffs in May, exports of steel products is to enjoy the tax rebate
Q:What does magnetite do to humans?
The Southern Song Dynasty and the "Yan Ji Sheng Fang" (1253 AD) medical book told by a cure ear hearing is not good, this is a big magnet with new cotton beans into the ear, and then with a piece of iron in the mouth, it can improve the listening ear disease. In general, medical records of various diseases are often used in medical books of various dynasties. Famous pharmaceutical Ming Li Shizhen the "Compendium of Materia Medica" on medical record content a rich and summary, the magnet shape, indications of disease, drug preparation method and various application described in great detail, such as the treatment of ear diseases are a fulminant deafness deafness, the elderly kidney closed, deafness, virtual old man loss, eyes faint cataract in children, epilepsy, uterine prolapse, undertake not to close, e., blood, intestinal tumors swallowed needle iron, Ding swollen swollen poison toxic heat, all 10 kinds of diseases, the use of medicine made of a magnet Cizhu pill, Zixuesan Erlongzuoci pills and etc..

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