Sound Proof big Mouth Plastic Crusher Wet Crusher for Plastic

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Product Description:

1.Description of Plastic crusher

plastic crusher machine can crush many kinds of plastic and rubber plastic.such as plastic special-shaped material, tube, rod, tire, film, waste rubber products.


This plastic crusher machine is suitable for crushing plastic bottle and film, this strong plastic crusher is made of strong welding steel, the crushing chamber has two parts with hydraulic device, it is easy to open the cover.


2.Specification of Plastic crusher

The inside blade is made of high quality steel material. The hole size of screen can be designed according to customer's requirement. The bearing is installed outside of the crusher to avoid the dust, it prolongs the life of service.

3.Images of Plastic crusher

 Sound Proof big Mouth Plastic Crusher Wet Crusher for Plastic

 Sound Proof big Mouth Plastic Crusher Wet Crusher for Plastic

Sound Proof big Mouth Plastic Crusher Wet Crusher for Plastic

4. Features of Plastic crusher

.Specially made of imported excellent tool steel,the cutter is very durable.Its installation is adjustable and it can be used for a very long time.
.Main body of the machine is made of A3T quality structural steel.
.The front and back parts of the crushing chamber are double soundproof and the intermediate is also stuffed with soundproof material,whick can reduce the noise to a very low one.
.The machine is designed to be disassemble and its discharging lid,main frame and the stand of filter net are all fixed as per datum bores.So it is very easy to disassemble and clean.It is also equipped with a washing chamber and a protection brake for cutter adjustment to ensure safely while cleaning and adjusting.
.It is featured in electricity-saving and excellent crushing effect.Rollers are fixed on its bottom to provide convenient moving.It is small in size and occupying less space.

5.FAQ of plastic crusher

. The standard voltage 380v-3phase-50hz voltage,  if the supply power for your location using if not this, please tell us in advance, we can change the voltage according to your using, eg: 220v/280v/380v/415v/480v-3phase-50Hz/60Hz and so on.


. The screen mesh is the standard size, if you want change it, we can customize it for you.


. MOQ: 1set


. Payment: T/T, 50% advance, 50% before shipping


. Warranty: 12 months


. Packing requirement: International wooden packing


.Which plastic material will you need to crush, pet bottle, pvc pipe, plastic film, profile or others(it will be best if you can provide the pictures)?


.How many kg/h material do you need to crush(100kg/h, 200kg/h..... )?Or you can provide the power you need.


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Q:What kind of material is used for plastic hairpin?
If you use recycled plastic, then in the larger plastic market there, if you need raw materials, then go to that kind of special plastic particles sold inside the shop.
Q:What are plastic particles? What's the use?
Two vinyl chloride, bananas, water and other organic solvents. PVC is a PVC, bright color, corrosion resistant and durable. Due to an increase in the manufacturing process of plasticizer, anti ageing agent assisted a number of toxic materials, so their products generally do not store food and medicine. ABS is composed of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene polymerization the plastic, it eye-catching colors, heat resistance, firmness, outer surface of chromium, nickel and other metal films, making keys, buttons, knife, TV shell, umbrella handle. PA nylon plastics, its characteristic of tenacity, firmness, wear resistance, commonly used in the production of comb, toothbrush, hook, fan, rope, net fruit bags. No toxicity, but not long-term contact with acid and alkali. The use of ordinary life, renewable particles can be used to manufacture all kinds of plastic bags, cans, pots, toys, furniture, stationery and other living utensils All kinds of plastic products...... Clothing industry: recycled particles can be used to make clothing, ties, buttons, zippers...... Building materials: recycled particles can be used to make all kinds of building blocks, building tools, plastic doors and windows, mortar barrels...... Agriculture: renewable particles can be used for plastic, pump tube, farm machinery, fertilizer bags, cement packaging bags...... Machinery industry: recycled granules, after special formula, can be used to make machine parts: all kinds of bearings, gears, cams, different wheels, sealing rings, all kinds of blades, all kinds of pump impeller...... [
Q:Which industries will buy crushers?
Gravel factory, sand making factory. Will buy a crusher. I suggest that we buy a crusher and buy Xin Yun heavy industries. Quality assurance is king..
Q:How should the plastic crusher blade be ground?
Plastic crusher blades generally need to grind when it is relatively blunt
Q:Plastic crusher, food box, plastic crusher, plastic crusher how much money
According to the price of different sizes are also different, generally about Jiqianyiwan.
Q:What's the difference between a plastic crusher and a particle machine?
Compress and extrude and make plastic granules of mung bean size for easy use. Manufacturing of recycled plastic particles must have plastic crusher and plastic granulator, equipment according to advanced level and quality requirements, the price varies greatly,
Q:Plastic crusher is slow to eat. Why?
Sharpen the knife quickly. Grind the coarse sand with an angle grinder.
Q:How do plastic particles agglomerate?
As long as there is a source of goods, you can sell, you come, I have a few do
Q:What heating machines are better in the recycled plastics factory?
Are you talking about an extruder particle? If I heated it with coal
Q:Classification of equipment for plastics mills
Motor power selection, high design accuracy1, after repeated experiments and practical use, the results show that the choice of motor power, design and efficiency of the machine matching is high, so as to ensure the constant force of the whole series of products with low energy consumption, high efficiency and long service life and so on.Reasonable design, excellent performance1, the whole body of scientific and rational design, the imported materials and high work efficiency; steel body, compact structure, strong, suitable for operation in the work environment, mechanical performance is stable and reliable, not by the crushing materials for a long time and affected.2, the separation of design, feed mill main body filter base according to the reference holes and washable screen assembly.Low noise, environmental protection, clean and pollution-free1 、 equipped with heavy load bearing and design double seal device crushing room, effectively isolate oil pollution, ensure the processing material clean. Unsafe factors resulting from unstable running and excessive motor load to prevent pulverizing powder from entering the mechanical transmission mechanism of the bearing housing.2, double deck sound insulation device, can effectively prevent vibration and noise, with high environmental protection effect.3, power consumption, energy saving, high efficiency, simple shape, easy to move.Seiko carved, superior quality1, all the parts have set the benchmark for the hole and the surface of coarse and fine multiple machining process, and execute the testing procedures according to strict standards to ensure reliable accuracy of each component, while ensuring the interchangeability of parts, greatly facilitate the use of maintenance products in the process of replacement parts.Safe and reliable handling

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