Solution of Large-scale Ground PV Power Station System

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It is applied in coastal beaches, Gobi wasteland and suburban open areas without shade, and it is an important part of the distributed generation system.



The large-scale ground PV power station is composed of PV power generation system, inverter system and grid access system. Power generation system basically includes PV cells, PV array bracket, DC combiner box, DC distribution cabinet, grid-connected inverter, AC distribution cabinet, step-up transformer, etc. in addition to the power station monitoring device and environmental monitoring device.

In the large-scale ground PV power station, solar module array outputs the electrical power under the solar radiation, and the power flows through the DC combiner box into the DC distribution cabinet and is converted into AC by the grid-connected inverter, and then the power is stepped up by the step-up transformer and connected into the grid and finally transported to the end users by the grid.

Solution of Large-scale Ground PV Power Station System


Energy storage is unnecessary for the entire power generation system, and the maximum utilization of electrical energy may be achieved with the grid support;

Reliable system, easy construction and maintenance;

Centralized and large-scale power generation by solar energy, energy-saving and environmental, contributing to the national energy-saving tasks;

Help to protect the good ecological environment, and adjust the structure of energy consumption;


Solution of Large-scale Ground PV Power Station System

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