Solid Wooden Composite Door for New Design

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2000 m²
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200000 m²/month

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Product Description:

1.Material : Door is made of composite material : Fir+MDF +Nature wooden veneer+painting.

2.The factory has advanced equipment and skilled team , use raw material in good quality

each door got 5 times painting to ensure it has excellent appearance.

3.Payment : T/T or L/C at sight.

4. Lead time : 45 days after deposit or L/C reached.

5. Packing :

inside : pearl paper+ foam

outside: standard carton


6.Output : 150 sets each day .

7. Port: Ningbo or Shanghai port.

8.Certificate: ISO , CE , SGS.


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Q:If you have an automatic garage opener does the door look automatically?
If you are installing new automatic opener it will hold it self down till you press the button on the opener. If you have a Handel on the garage door that you twist to open the door do you self a favor and remove the latching plates on the garage door rails. If you don't remove them when it closes it will latch in place and when you open it it could damage the garage door or it will not open at all.
Q:Electric revolving door sometimes does not work what is the reason
Sensor protection device start, under adjustment
Q:Garage automatic door remote control with a how much money
You want to see how far the road, run 100 miles to go with a remote control 100 dollars did not go
Q:Automatic garage door won't operate?
Check your springs on the door. If one broke, the motor would not be able to lift your door and would just hum. Check for any misalignment or ****** rollers. If the motor is humming then your circuit board is likely working right. The motor may be bad but it did work this morning. Tap the motor or CAREFULLY use something to turn the motor, while it is trying to run. If it works while doing that then you probably do have a bad motor.
Q:Electric door is not in place, there are 2 cm how to do
Please look at the professional staff to avoid the future impact of bad
Q:Automatic door translation how to achieve the phone to open the door
Hello, with the phone (Android or IOS system) is able to control the automatic door sliding door, as long as the sliding door motor to install the signal receiving module, in addition, the phone (or IPAD) and then install a matching with the automatic door signal receiver module The APP application can be achieved automatically remote control mobile phone door, even if dealing with different places or even foreign, as long as the automatic door has a normal power, can also be used to achieve remote control mobile phone. Installation of APP applications, but also can control the garden doors, home doors, lights, electric curtains, air conditioning, television, pet feed machine, coffee machine and other remote signal to receive the power supply facilities (according to control control requirements may need to add a Central control host). If in doubt can be privately to the account, will give you a more detailed answer.
Q:does anyone know how automatic doors work its my homework i need help?
There are many types of automatic doors (roll up, sliding, swinging). All have a signal input that, once activated, sends a signal to a control unit that will actuate the motor. The motor then turns how ever fast the control unit has been adjusted to make it turn. The motor will slow down when it either hits a limit switch (a mechanical switch that tells the control that it has been activated) or when the control tells the motor to slow or stop because it has a revolution counter (a counter on the motor that communicates how many turns the motor has made so the control can know where the door is) and it communicates with the control. This is commonly known as a micro processed system and it is what prevents a motor from making a door slam open or closed. There can be many ways to activate an automatic door (key switch, handicap push button, sensor, a reception desk type switch, or even a timer) There are also several different types of sensors, safety sensors, activation sensors, and inside of those two categories there are many more. Hope this helps :)
Q:Estimated cost of installing automatic garage door?
Check out lowes for what kind of garage door/what size/design. I'd say about 1k if you want someone else to do it
Q:Automatic revolving door clip wounding shop has no responsibility
The shop has civil compensation obligations
Q:My 2000 Mercury Cougar has self locking automatic door locks?
Most Ford's from the 1990's on that have power door locks have this feature. When the car is in gear and achieves a speed higher than I believe 3 mph the doors lock. My 2000 Mercury Mountaineer does the same thing. And I'm sorry your boyfriend is an idiot who doesn't know anything about simple mechanics of an automobile.

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